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Here’s everything Infinity Ward just revealed about the HUGE SEASON 6 UPDATE in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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Modern Warfare: All CONFIRMED CHANGES For SEASON 6! -
Call Of Duty WARZONE: Infinity Ward Details The SEASON 6 METRO UPDATE! (Map Changes) -

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In this video, we’re breaking down everything Infinity Ward just revealed about the HUGE SEASON 6 UPDATE for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! Modern Warfare Season 6 and WARZONE Season 6 has now officially been revealed as the Season 6 Roadmap is nowlive alongside a ton of new information regarding cod MW Season 6 Multiplayer maps, The Warzone map changes, the new DLC Weapons, & more! Season 6 of Call Of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare is said to be final season for the regular game, meaning it should include a lot of surprises throughout the next few months!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Modern Warfare and WARZONE Season 6 is nearly here! Today we're diving into the Road map and reveal trailer to see what content we can expect! Thanks for tuning in!

    • DeadeyeKing255 X
      DeadeyeKing255 X

      I’m sitting here on my game and there’s no update but it won’t let me go online my network is working perfectly

    • gary conway
      gary conway

      Another well presented action filled vid with all the latest content what more could we ask one stop shop right here cheers zac.

    • bigboychurro 88
      bigboychurro 88

      Love what you do bro keep up the good work

    • Puma TheGod
      Puma TheGod

      My guy you are goated

    • NpNE

      Unistalling mw literrally instantly, as it broked my hard drive. Imma installing mw3 and mw2 again fuck this game

  • Wingnut438

    what’s that class?

  • JairCraft

    When is the free weekend multiplayer?

    • JairCraft

      WhosImmortal i thought was today :/

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Obtain

    When is free multiplayer coming out?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Jayant Choudhary
    Jayant Choudhary

    No free to play multi-player weekend?

    • WhosImmortal

      not as of now

  • Marco de Mesa
    Marco de Mesa

    when is free multiplayer weekend? have they announced it?

    • Marco de Mesa
      Marco de Mesa

      ok thanks for the response

    • WhosImmortal

      no word on it yet

  • Hishan-

    is anybody else multiplayer not working

  • White Nigerian29
    White Nigerian29

    Bruh somehow my update took only 15 minutes wtf

  • Eternal Dani
    Eternal Dani

    When will we get free multiplayer weekend

    • Eternal Dani
      Eternal Dani

      WhosImmortal thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      no word on it yet

  • BG68 x NK
    BG68 x NK

    When will they do a 72 H free to play multiplayer which they do every season?

  • Stamsweack


  • troublekick

    Well they screwed up the update again, it says datapack2 and survival pack not downloaded/ installed - manually downloading it now! Let’s see what other sh#t I’ve to do, to just get this game working

  • aye J
    aye J

    I think the Third operator is Griggs

  • sama

    Pc is double the size of ps4

  • MightyPeppers

    All I want, is a full auto x16 conversion. They could even do it like dragons breath rounds and just have it as a MOD to unlock under a challenge

  • Shogun Shien
    Shogun Shien

    Tactical sprint became weird

  • abdel farraj
    abdel farraj

    It’s garbage they really need to fix the lag in this piece of shit

  • Leo

    I'm genuinely through the roof that there is no AA12

  • TheDudeInTheRedHotHatch

    Congrats IW. Another 20 GB added to the gamefile (227 GB now!!! - seriously an ENTIRE entry level SSD for your game) and completely free of charge random crashes on top of it. 17 years of developing CoD games and they still can't get the basics right. Congrats. Looking really forward to dumping MW when Cyberpunk releases.

  • Devastation OfMankind
    Devastation OfMankind

    Last update literaly broke my game...i spend 6 months playing this after 5 days of trial and error of error 6068 but I FIXED THAT SHIT and was able to play...3 days ago after downloading last update i get this bad feeling...30 seconds into the first match BOOM! ERROR! come on activition i had to modify the game in several ways just to play at the lowest settings just for it to broke after 6 months of gameplay feelsbadmen

  • Jacob

    Why did they reset my rank from 155 to 55 or 56? And i have to download data pack 2 to go online?

  • João Matos
    João Matos

    Will there be free multiplayer?

  • M Law
    M Law

    Bat finishing move coming like COVID

  • Captain Hyena
    Captain Hyena

    They should replace all of the npcs that keep respawning on spec ops to zombies keep the missions the same i like taking my own loadout from multiplayer

  • Benny Shinobi
    Benny Shinobi

    So basically more lag?

  • MRShoalinHunk 55
    MRShoalinHunk 55

    So is Griggs gonna be in season 6?

  • Luca Luca
    Luca Luca

    I would reallt love if they added zombies in warzone .

  • G

    Your coverage is good, the update content lacking I feel as a warzone player

  • Corey Amagula
    Corey Amagula

    Hope we get thermal nightvisions

  • sikoo31

    It's not out. Idk what's happening but it didn't release when it was meant to. And, the store won't open now. Trying to go to that tab just takes you to the main tab.

  • li Hairo
    li Hairo

    Wheres my boi Griggs

  • Pinoteau

    4:14 VSS Vintorez variant yeeeeeeeessss

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage

    I pre downloaded season six its sick, the train literally teleports you to different parts of the map and the battle pass looks crazy, and the armoured truck is only in a LTM and not in the actual battle royale

  • TheGamerLeo

    The r700 Is a marksman rifle Slower but harder than the kar98 but the other way round for the ax50 The asval is chambered in like 9.89 or some shit so yeah if you can’t get on that’s the two weapons

  • TheGamerLeo

    I get being in the us and tired but why like bearers not doing it cs I’m awake it’s only 7

  • KevinGAMER// Nevick Kevin
    KevinGAMER// Nevick Kevin

    Whosimmortal, I have a question. What is your support creator code for mw, if you have one?

    • KevinGAMER// Nevick Kevin
      KevinGAMER// Nevick Kevin

      WhosImmortal aaawww man 😢. I was ready to put you down😂. Just let us know when you have one so I can support you. Thanks 🙏

    • WhosImmortal

      I dont have one unfortunately :(

  • NotTodaySatan


  • Lon3_wolfe

    I hope the haunting is zombie royal, otherwise why only have night mode available for a few weeks?

  • Joze

    fuck me i have 100gb of storage left and it takes 57 away lmao

  • Antony Fitzgerald
    Antony Fitzgerald

    Is warzone getting zombies aswell or is it just for cold war... Imagine a map full of zombies like dayz while trying to survive against other players that would be hardout

  • W Sysn
    W Sysn

    are we gonna get free mp tomorrow?

  • bullet

    You deserve 1 million subs who ever isn't subed jou shold sub to whoslmmortal

  • Jim Of LH
    Jim Of LH

    Can’t wait to play night mode

  • RampanT Rapt0r 4545
    RampanT Rapt0r 4545

    I'm really hoping the butterfly knife isn't the id season weapon I mean I like the butterfly knife but come on

  • Ceppers

    Butterfly knife 🥵

  • Mayhem

    Day 13 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Pierre Ronaldo.
    Pierre Ronaldo.

    They listen to us wow a night mode was asked last 2 months ago in finally they doing it

  • Todd Hudson
    Todd Hudson

    I know youve said this a million times lol but whats your creator code? So i can support ya when im buyin

    • Todd Hudson
      Todd Hudson

      Silly question. U ever game w any subscribers or nah?

    • Todd Hudson
      Todd Hudson

      @WhosImmortal oh shit gotcha. Lmk when u do

    • WhosImmortal

      I dont have one right now unfortunately

  • CreativeHouse Event Management
    CreativeHouse Event Management

    though I didn't buy the full game from store but I have the full disc version. so will I get the those survival pack????

    • CreativeHouse Event Management
      CreativeHouse Event Management

      plz tell

  • Kalpana Singh
    Kalpana Singh

    Few days left for beta so excited i pre ordered the yesterday only Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • XxwafflesxX

    The guy closest to the camera in the zombies footage has a ppsh

  • AlphaWolf

    I’m totally going to get used to this

  • hajko

    4:39 when u watch the toof of that big house you see a zombie that is what they mean by hunting begins

  • Arka mallick
    Arka mallick

    Is this the last season?

    • WhosImmortal


  • Vehviläinen Lundqvist
    Vehviläinen Lundqvist

    Im more intrested in what operators we will be getting for MIL SIMs

  • Itschiezy

    Another amazing video immortal! Been here since 39k subs and been using your gfuel code immortal to save me money. Keep doing you!

    • WhosImmortal



    The finishing move is gonna give people corona?

  • AliF TheSoToKaKu
    AliF TheSoToKaKu

    Bro which is season 6 release date....29 or 30??

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob Ross

    Immortal did you not notice the zombies in the trailer?? Ghost is clearly shooting zombies on the roof in night time verdansk. That haunting of verdansk is going to be zombies in Modern Warfare

  • Adrian Salgado
    Adrian Salgado

    Will there be free multiplayer oh and have fun a nice day

    • Adrian Salgado
      Adrian Salgado

      K thanks I love your content and I’ll recommend my friends your channel so you can get 600k

    • WhosImmortal

      at some point, yes

  • P3ps1Clutch OD
    P3ps1Clutch OD


  • CEO of bruh
    CEO of bruh

    from what we saw they added a new vehicle that is an armed version of the truck

    • CEO of bruh
      CEO of bruh

      and I love it

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Ok. That was Spicy 🌶🌶🌶

  • Big Zaddy
    Big Zaddy

    Holy Sh!t still no full auto pistol!? Fck bruh, hopefully in Cold War we get one. I punched my nuts cause this season still ain’t got no new pistol.

  • Iker Reyes-Oxlaj
    Iker Reyes-Oxlaj

    broo i swear i thought this guy had millions of subs, hes about to hit 600k ?!? mean don't get me wrong that's a HUGE accomplishment but i think this guy really deserves to be in the millions.

  • Finley Fehser
    Finley Fehser

    What are your set up

  • FPS

    I ain’t playing this game anymore it’s garbage

  • Alex Mercer 3
    Alex Mercer 3

    The val gonna be a better M13 watch.

  • Owen Tanfelix
    Owen Tanfelix

    the killstreak confirm is in cod mobile noe

  • Povilas La
    Povilas La

    Do you play on SCUF controler or on normal controler? And do you play claw

    • WhosImmortal

      Scuf Controller, I'm partnered with them :)

  • Jamael Stephens
    Jamael Stephens

    What time does the downloading starts?

  • Hotredwolf 146
    Hotredwolf 146

    So the aa12 is going to be the mid season gun?

  • Yung Ghandi
    Yung Ghandi

    hey man what are your visual settings for your game? did you make a video about it? I have a NVIDIA graphics card and your game looks amazing. You probably wont see this but worth a try haha. Thanks!

    • Yung Ghandi
      Yung Ghandi

      WhosImmortal thanks!!

    • WhosImmortal

      my most recent settings video has all that info :)

  • unknown

    Bruh the butterfly knife better not be a store bundle

  • ThatAttorney 756
    ThatAttorney 756

    I really cant believe youre growing so fast, i Remember when u only had 30k,

  • Liam Reeder
    Liam Reeder

    So uh, where’s my AA-12 at?


    Am so hyped got my cod points ready for the battle pass

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    When does the butterfly knife come out?

  • Alex Kendall
    Alex Kendall

    I think there was a delay.

  • ImM0Rt4L

    4:26 he's reloading a fiveseven i think

  • Justin Hein Khant Myo Win
    Justin Hein Khant Myo Win

    There are zombies coming as well which we can see them on top of a roof with green eyes !! 4:39 (tip : watch in the slowest Playback speed)

  • Praukar

    Ouch, 22.7 Gigs.

  • Frylohz

    Fire content brother. Keep it up!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate it :D


    I want the AA 12.

  • Nehemiah Hicks
    Nehemiah Hicks

    I just wanted dome or terminal in season:(

  • Erik Garcia
    Erik Garcia

    Is it me or why is video post late?

    • Erik Garcia
      Erik Garcia

      Usually he post it at 1

  • Elite ShooterYT
    Elite ShooterYT

    Anyone watching 2027??

  • Sebastian Villasenor
    Sebastian Villasenor

    Season 6 is only a few hours away and I’m already asking when Shipment and Shoothouse 24/7 and Warzone Rumble are coming back. 🤣

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Ooohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goooooooooooodddddddddddddddddd Season 6 looks spectacular ,

  • LostVoid

    Anybody know how to make a warzone custom game?

    • LostVoid

      WhosImmortal oh my bad lol

    • WhosImmortal

      @LostVoid that was plunder

    • LostVoid

      WhosImmortal I saw you do it in your nuke event video when you where looking for intel tho

    • WhosImmortal

      not possible

  • comment verified
    comment verified

    Why does it look so smooth when you play im on xbox one x and it just lags on me I got average 35 to 45 mbps Internet and I got 4k tv turn all things off Internet but yet I delay and freeze ???

  • Kathyristic II
    Kathyristic II

    1 o'clock? You've gotta be shitting me. I got a class to go to GOD DAMN IT

  • Riley Guest
    Riley Guest

    Does anyone know what time launch is in Australia?

  • YOUTUBE Vizuxl
    YOUTUBE Vizuxl

    Broadcast gang here

  • friends call me lil huddy Jr
    friends call me lil huddy Jr

    Happy spooktember my dude’s

  • SwiftPrayer

    Well....had to delete almost all games on my internal hard drive for this update. Now considering another external hard drive for this storage eating monstrosity

  • Al Din
    Al Din

    What if i want to delete modern warfare multiplayer and play only warzone. Will i lose my damascus skin and all leveled up weapons?

  • Alex SOSA
    Alex SOSA

    Bruh this game is so big I deleted EVERYTHING on my ps4 just to update it smh

  • Cristov leo Moreno
    Cristov leo Moreno

    can you do more gameplays please

    • WhosImmortal

      in the future, yes :)

  • Steven Cavin
    Steven Cavin

    Yet another informative video. I have no idea how anyone can hit the thumbs down