Here’s the BEST WEAPONS and CLASS SETUPS to use in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the BEST WEAPONS and BEST CLASS SETUPS to use in Black Ops Cold War! Within Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War we’ve got a lot of different weapons and attachments to use, and without a doubt, 3 of the best weapons are the Aug, the M16, and the Mp5! Today we’re going over the best class setup for all 3 of those weapons, showing off the best attachments, best perks, and everything else you need to create the best classes in Black Ops CW!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Seen a lot of requests for loadouts/setups for Cold War! Today I gotchu covered! *ALSO* literally as I was uploading this video Treyarch nerfed the MP5 a bit, but that said, this setup definitely is the go to now, especially after this nerf! Thanks for watching!

    • warner_ xx
      warner_ xx

      Immortal what is the best console ps4 settings.. like ads. Etc etc. Can you please help. And also what's best sound setting. I have it on high boost right now. Thanks

    • Gezim Nexhipi
      Gezim Nexhipi

      @KONRAD AK is my favourite gun. I'm always an AR guy

    • KONRAD

      @Gezim Nexhipi I get way more done with the Ak47 Long and Med, shot guns short

    • Gezim Nexhipi
      Gezim Nexhipi

      @KONRAD its still pretty good

    • chad avery
      chad avery

      New year new cod same gun rules the game so much excitement yippee

  • Noah Garcia
    Noah Garcia

    Yo you should try some zombies... Is love to see you go for type Easter egg even though thts not ur play style

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado

    This game is starting to grow on me

  • SpYderMonkey206

    Yo just got the game bout 3 days ago. Unlocked the aug, but I hate burst, however my teammate said 'Bri trust me level it up a bt' so I did and not gonna lie I've been merkin fools. Great burst rifle

  • vivix.

    I totally agree with this because I started to use the aug today and it is super good

  • Joshua Lawson
    Joshua Lawson

    That Aug is my go to. Got the Multiplayer and Zombies gold camo unlocked.

  • Cheater Deimo
    Cheater Deimo

    bro i used the aug with no attachment and dropped a 2.17 kd ratio wtfffff

  • Andrew Livingston
    Andrew Livingston

    Just hoping that the Israeli assault rifle comes back. 12 years for the stoner and also the 74u. It’s needs to be added and also is it to much to ask 12 years playing this series and not once has the m16 being fully auto... possible for fully automatic like the aug as well???

  • zmol

    Nobody: Immortal: the ultimate guide to cold war

  • Bily Ray
    Bily Ray

    Dude that aug is extremely broken 🤦‍♂️

    • Bily Ray
      Bily Ray

      Idk why I complain tho I still use it myself


    Yo inmormmotal do a class for every class on cold war like u did for warzone i bet you will get at least 300k views keep up the good content

  • ThiccBoyThunder

    The first person to get DM ultra is considered a MEGA NERD

  • Meghann Roberts
    Meghann Roberts


  • variks the loyal
    variks the loyal

    I wish the bo3 elo sight was in the game

  • DayDay

    I miss the vmp

  • Kyle Bloss
    Kyle Bloss

    Cold War MP is ass, and I wish I could get a refund for this game. Zombies has been pretty fun tho so I guess I know what I’ll be doing on this game for the next year.

  • Fxrrest

    I noticed you are getting 144-164 fps and i was wondering what your specs are? because i thought mine were good but im only getting 60-80 with mid graphic settings

    • Fxrrest

      @WhosImmortal thank you so much :)

    • WhosImmortal

      i9 9900k and a 2080 ti


    Can we get a RIP for the Ffar1🙏

  • 6 Nostalgia
    6 Nostalgia

    They should bring back the map drone from bo2 🤔 random thought

  • paul porteous
    paul porteous

    Where’s subtitles

  • 【P】 【H】 【R】 【O】 【G】
    【P】 【H】 【R】 【O】 【G】

    AUG Hawksmoor sight 19.8” Task Force Barrel Field Agent Foregrip Speed Tape CQB Pad Stock

  • callum

    is the task force barrel worth it? the one that adds damage but gives u way more recoil

  • Roy Martinez
    Roy Martinez

    Never a bad video bro 💯

    • WhosImmortal

  • Sonny Richo
    Sonny Richo

    What gun is the first one

  • Angelic

    hawksmoor sight is the new monolithic supresssor

  • Rillas_ Hyp3r12
    Rillas_ Hyp3r12

    The reason it takes so long to level up is we have no xp bosst yet


    Make a settings video that would help a lot

    • WhosImmortal

      Already did :)

  • Cody Flores
    Cody Flores

    How'd you get cod points in cold war? There's no option to buy any yet and mine didn't carry over from warzone.

    • Cody Flores
      Cody Flores

      @WhosImmortalHmm. Im on the same console. (Pc) and they don't show up for me. Guess not a big deal but hope they transfer by the 10th

    • WhosImmortal

      they carry over if you're on the same platform

  • Mark Foley
    Mark Foley

    When you were gonna buy Cold War but your sister broke your controller and you had to buy a new one instead of Cold War 😑

    • Dragonball Haven
      Dragonball Haven

      @Mark Foley my bad, what I meant to say "Make that bitch pay" I tried to copy the first reply but I used the wrong paste and sent that

    • Mark Foley
      Mark Foley

      @Dragonball Haven what the

    • Dragonball Haven
      Dragonball Haven

      @Mark Foley whats her number?

    • Mark Foley
      Mark Foley

      @Dragonball Haven 16, she was watching Netflix and dropped the controller while putting it back

    • Dragonball Haven
      Dragonball Haven

      How old is she?

  • Jared


  • Xavier Garcia
    Xavier Garcia

    Intro: hey hi how you doing? Who else likes it?

  • Plutoast

    damn that outro music was fire.

  • FullThrill7

    I love the weapons in this game, but the graphics seem worse compared to modern warfare and BO4. The HDR is lacking.


    AYOKING21_ add me up to play Cold War

  • Legend 26
    Legend 26

    do you play on pc?

    • Legend 26
      Legend 26

      oh okie I was wondering why your game is so freaking smooth

    • WhosImmortal


  • Sc3ro CZ
    Sc3ro CZ

    MP5 is good now only in Core :(

  • Dre Suck
    Dre Suck

    What black matter plz answer anybody ??

  • Rated Ki
    Rated Ki

    Hey hi

    • WhosImmortal

      how ya doin?!

  • Dark_arrow_ 21
    Dark_arrow_ 21

    It's now only 40 rnd salvo

  • HeyFuta

    Could you do one for pc because some of the weapons you had on the list aren’t that good bc we don’t have aim assist

    • WhosImmortal

      Playing on console or PC doesn't change a weapons stats lmao

  • William Britton
    William Britton

    Need more guns need more maps, im so done with these maps lmao I remember I was on the ship map and some guy was talking on his mic and said this is by far the worst fucking map I've ever played in all of cod. Hope season 1 saves this cus im low key bored and im tired af with all these fucking mp5 players that gun is too much

  • Silveraga

    All three was patched today


    I’ve ran in to a glitch we’re I don’t have 50 round speed mags but I have 2 of the 40 round speed mag for the mp5

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah its a weird bug

  • Zach Watson
    Zach Watson

    What GPU and CPU do you run in your pc for those frames ?

    • WhosImmortal

      i9 9900k and a 2080ti

  • Nadeem M
    Nadeem M

    The game is dominated by lackluster guns. Hopefully they can fix the gun damage hitmarkers. MP5 is still the meta even after the recent nerf. Overall all weapons feel broken and SBMM just adds sweaty camping lobbies

    • ravagedDust

      Cod has had sbmm. It's not new. The problem is that it doesnt work. It's supposed to help make even teams but you instead get people who have never played cod before on your team and a stack of players in a party on the other team who know how to play.

  • Brian Chabot
    Brian Chabot

    "45" Rnd mag on the m16 looks ridiculous, I like that mw was very accurate (for the most part) to actual gun design

  • Andrea Magliocchetti
    Andrea Magliocchetti

    Hi! Are you playing on ps4 or 5? Greetings from Italy

    • Andrea Magliocchetti
      Andrea Magliocchetti

      @WhosImmortal Seems legit! Do you know something about the texture not loading properly on ps4 pro? Sometimes takes few seconds to load the texture. Can an update fix It? Thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      PC :)

  • Smoove Shoa-dow
    Smoove Shoa-dow

    Cartel is the only good map in the game I rlly like Cold War my only complaint is the maps

  • bruhkgb

    I've waded through the creeks and bushes of Cartel, risked dehydration combing through the hot sand on Satellite, crawled on my hands & knees under the tanks in Garrison and gotten frostbite on my hands sifting through the snow of Crossroads all in search of a stippy grippy which could not be found.

  • Eduard Ungureanu
    Eduard Ungureanu

    How in the world in manage to level up all those weapons in just 5 days from release? That's unrealistic and people like you with all those weapons all maxed out takes all the fun out for the rest of us which started to play at beta or on release date. You should all be playing against each other and leave the rest of us to play in peace. I find this type of shit really un fair.

    • WhosImmortal

      so because I play the game more its unfair to you? hate to break it to you brother, not everything gets handed to you in life

  • DJIGNOR3 Music
    DJIGNOR3 Music

    Subbed K2 on cod hit me up if you’re not busy !

  • Dustin Bowman
    Dustin Bowman

    I can't wait till they add daily and weekly challenges and officer rank progression challenges and of course operator missions we need them to rank up faster without challenges the leveling up dragggggs

  • VICTOR faja
    VICTOR faja

    I bet u that Aug getting nerf to OP

  • swishersweets 215
    swishersweets 215

    Mp5 just got super nerfed

    • WhosImmortal

      not super nerfed really. It's still the best SMG without a doubt

  • ITzzEcho HD
    ITzzEcho HD

    immortal im a big fan and love your content i was jw if u see this cold u watch one of my cod vids and tell me what u think

  • Dead_Dog_ 27
    Dead_Dog_ 27

    I think the mp5 got nerfed as you put this video out

    • Dead_Dog_ 27
      Dead_Dog_ 27

      @WhosImmortal when do you think you’re going to do a best class setup for all the guns

    • Dead_Dog_ 27
      Dead_Dog_ 27

      @WhosImmortal true

    • WhosImmortal

      setup still applies all the same :)

  • aye J
    aye J

    ffar is my gun

  • Kenny Childers
    Kenny Childers

    Honorable mentions: Bullfrog DMR 14 Famas Ak74u Ak47

  • Eastop

    Immortal, what is that skn your using on the Aug? Danke

  • PW Salford
    PW Salford

    BULLFROG IS THE MOST OP SMG, upgrade it and smash your enemies. don’t @ me.

  • robbe hendrickx
    robbe hendrickx

    "I dont like burst weapons, the aug is an only exception" , next weapon on showcase, m16 lmao

  • Bdon

    the sights are terrible in this game

  • R4ndomChan

    i miss hearing "the suppressor that is of course monolithic" and "stippy grippy"

  • 700Differences

    Alot of ppl hate this game and I don't see why I enjoy it alot

  • sniper tiger061
    sniper tiger061

    Hi man still here and love u

  • Simain Nilsson
    Simain Nilsson

    I love your content and vids bro:) just gotta say, if you would like to get more subs, i think another game that u focus on as much as you do on COD could help, i think that will help you get there faster atleast. Good with some various content, but other than that, love your videos 🙏🏽 keep it up😄

  • GK Headhunter
    GK Headhunter

    Please tell me why the mechanics blow and I feel like there’s a rubber band effect with this game. It’s the trashiest game I’ve ever played.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee

    That sight may be accurate but dang it’s ugly

  • L1AM LG
    L1AM LG

    They nerfed the range by 33% do you think it’s still the best?

  • Zaetriks

    How do i make my game look like his?

  • Jacob Baxter
    Jacob Baxter

    I’m not playing this Cold War tbh just seems rushed and idk quality seems to have dramatically dipped to me but I’ll still support immortal and his vids

  • colin spencer
    colin spencer

    What’s the best sniper class

  • T Wid
    T Wid

    hey man! love the content! played against you last night, sorry for sweating with the mp5! also sent you a friend request!

  • Blake Corkill
    Blake Corkill

    commenting so you'll get upped by the Algorithm

    • WhosImmortal

      my man!

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    Can we get some zombie videos as well, as I am on the road to Dark Ather? P.S. the M16 also shreds over there

  • Mole Rat Gaming
    Mole Rat Gaming

    To all my Dark matter grinders. Try out dirty bomb for that weapon xp!

  • ryan fhgjfjhghjfhjasjhffdhgj
    ryan fhgjfjhghjfhjasjhffdhgj

    I really want this game.

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    Guns look like toys in the this game In mw it actually looks like real guns

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    It’s so weird to hold the trigger for longer cuz the health is more. I got so used to MWs quick ttk, which I personally liked better

  • trubks

    why does 50 rnd fast msg only hold 40 bullets? this is a glitch right?

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah its bugged

  • Luke_

    can’t wait for nuketown

  • chris miller
    chris miller

    I went and setup a m16 after watching the other day. Dude the m16 is insane. They will probably nurf it

    • Andres Torres
      Andres Torres

      They have to stop nerfing guns to the ground and buff weapons people dont use. Evens the playing field

  • im_just_a_gamer ._.
    im_just_a_gamer ._.

    Best class setup for all the guns ?

    • WhosImmortal

      wont be happening for quite some time. Takes too long to level everything up


    What you prefer? M16 or AUG (Me M16 xd)

    • WhosImmortal

      Aug for me :)

  • Caleb Bradley
    Caleb Bradley

    I’m sick of seeing xp glitchers in my lobby’s

  • Cashew

    Immortal we play together? I very good and want you to be proud of my skills:)

  • vlision blank
    vlision blank

    this game is trash I returned mine.

  • cloud nurdz
    cloud nurdz

    the mp5 got hit with the nerf bat

  • I Am Meme God
    I Am Meme God

    I’m done with this game every one is so fucking sweaty like what am I supposed to do I can’t play this game 15 hours a day like dam

  • Cashew

    Immortal you are favorite you tuber for cod I love you and hope you get 1 billion subscriber!

  • Splooge

    Ngl i really enjoy playing this cod.

  • Tyrhenian

    Which cod is better cold war or modern warfare from last year?

  • Mitza_bong

    I’m trynna get diamonds for the ars

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith

    Why does the 50rnd mag only give you 40 rounds?

  • BigTech Is Propaganda
    BigTech Is Propaganda

    Hey keep that AUG business on the DL, it's my go-to gun

  • Cole Bentley
    Cole Bentley

    Wait wait wait, What camo is on the AUG in the menus?!?!?! That looks nice asf🤤

    • WhosImmortal

      one of the zombies ones from infection :)

  • I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun
    I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun

    Without watching the vid I already know it’s the aug, the mp5, and the krig/ maybe ak47

  • Albion

    How did you get your game to look so colorful ? Mine looks so dull on pc

    • Albion

      @WhosImmortal Oh I see, thank you for the answer.

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit :)

  • Luke Monahan
    Luke Monahan

    How are you gaining so many subs

  • Reese McConnell
    Reese McConnell

    I have only one issue with the gunsmith. I can’t screenshot your setup cause the Cold War gunsmith doesn’t show the setup until you click on it 😔