Modern Warfare: All MAJOR CHANGES In The NEW UPDATE!
Here’s everything that ended up changing in the NEW UPDATE in Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that ended up changing in today’s NEW UPDATE in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare each got a brand new update today, the first post Halloween event update and the penultimate update for COD MW and WARZONE in general as Black Ops Cold War is set to release in just about 10 days from now. With today’s update Modern Warfare and Warzone each got some new modes, new blueprints, a new operator skin for Ghost, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    In what could be one of the final updates for the year, Modern Warfare and WARZONE actually got some pretty solid changes today! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Goffy

      I'd appreciate if you watched me troll people om Search n Destroy

    • jay jimenez
      jay jimenez

      @WhosImmortal omw now thank you !

    • WhosImmortal

      @jay jimenez same setup thats in my top 5 loadouts video from last week :)

    • jay jimenez
      jay jimenez

      hey immortal what’s ur m4 set up in this video ? i realized it’s not the set up you posted with the grenadier barrel

    • Sheogorath the Daedric Prince of Madness
      Sheogorath the Daedric Prince of Madness

      I think a change in weather and time day or night would be great! I think the nights definitely need to be a lot darker though and the lights inside of buildings less bright when doing a night battle. Your silhouette sticks out like a sore thumb to people outside. Fog and snow would be awesome or maybe rain last but not least we need a little bit more foliage what's the point of having a ghillie suit if everyone can see you anyways

  • Slooshy

    Bought the pro pack and was able to buy the bp for my friend and I... I still have 1.2k cp .-.

  • Dave mingle
    Dave mingle

    I just had a big update download waiting to be installed on the 10th what is that about?!

  • DaffySzn

    I laughed harder than I should’ve at the camping behind the forklift

  • ECitta

    The State Rivalry bundle is referring to the "State of Origin" football series we have every year here in Australia. Football players from the NRL play for one of two state teams depending on where they first played (thus the name State of "Origin"). There is Queensland (the Maroons) and New South Wales (the Blues). Best of 3 games wins that year. That bundle released the same day as the first game.

  • TheFallenGhost

    hey has anyone been getting issue where you get big lag spikes were your game starts to freeze and latency goes to 999. If not yall have any tips to fix this issue or is it just cods crappy servers

  • Zaid R6
    Zaid R6

    Will they add a Veterans day pack? like the fearless pack or something like that?

  • Confused Mista
    Confused Mista

    "it is also November now!... Uh, not really sure how that happened but-"

  • TaVrO5

    Immortal I played a match with you on shipment last night!

    • TaVrO5

      @WhosImmortal man you got a full on copy cat my guy! Same clan tag and everything. Damn I was hoping it was. Went 48 and 12

    • WhosImmortal

      wasn't me unfortunately :/

  • Big D
    Big D

    Me : wow I have my own gun

  • THEKINGRg 100_Yt
    THEKINGRg 100_Yt

    Bro that m4 shreds

  • Ryan Kuhlenschmidt
    Ryan Kuhlenschmidt

    Do we get to keep our weapons in Cold War for Warzone?

  • TSG yolalo
    TSG yolalo

    People that are part of that 38.6% that is subbed like

  • jim castro
    jim castro

    Game is full of cheaters waste of time

  • hoodrixhh jay
    hoodrixhh jay

    anybody know if there's gonna be a season 7 ?

  • DodgeViperAS

    Warzone rumble is wank. Everyone just camps. Kingslayer was/is a much better LTM.

  • Li'l Xistent
    Li'l Xistent

    Here's my theory on the whole new map fiasco: I think the nuke event may happen in December when Warzone in integrated into Cold War, and our characters may go to Alcatraz as a temporary shelter, until we get the new map in March

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob Ross

    I would love to have kingslayer trios come back. Face off 3v3 needs to become permanent in quick play!

  • Colin

    Are we gonna ignore 4:55 ?

    • WhosImmortal

      what? me not realizing a player is there for 3 seconds?

  • Cédric Therrien
    Cédric Therrien

    Am I the only one who bought the new M13 skin and noticed it is bugged? When removing the stock attachment, the default one has an american flag skin instead of being just black. Makes it ugly

  • Sebastian Villasenor
    Sebastian Villasenor

    *Shipment and Shoothouse 24/7 are back* Everyone liked that

  • Salam Abdulhadi
    Salam Abdulhadi

    Wait no more call of duty warzone 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Daniel Sepulveda
    Daniel Sepulveda

    oh yuh more zombie killing fun

  • drifty

    The free bundle is about a rugby league game in Australia where it is NSW vs Queensland up the blues

  • Tony Monge
    Tony Monge

    Bro there no way you can aim that good aim bot for sure especially going up a zipline

    • Tony Monge
      Tony Monge

      Im kidding man didnt mean nothing bad ive seen how crazy this game gets n how spot on people are i cant fucking believe it myself. No disrespect at all man

    • WhosImmortal

      lol. Yeah man, im gonna cheat then post it online. Great way to build a brand

  • R *
    R *

    Is rumble going to be a permanent mode now, since I don't see any timer on it

    • R *
      R *

      @WhosImmortal ah ok so it's for one week. Also do you know if they fixed the issue with the rytec amr unlocking challenge? Cause it hasn't been counting for me

    • WhosImmortal

      There's never a timer on any of the modes

  • DarkWolf Grim
    DarkWolf Grim

    I just hope its a new map for a Playlist instead of deleting the current map

  • Laura Lewis
    Laura Lewis

    What gun are you using in your videos?

    • Laura Lewis
      Laura Lewis

      @WhosImmortal would you mind telling me what attachments you have. There is 0 recoil.

    • WhosImmortal

      m4a1 in this one :)

  • e7ror Willias
    e7ror Willias

    There’s nothing new in store no yellow tracer pack there

  • Yoyo man
    Yoyo man

    Have they removed the scary supply boxes? Even after the Halloween event I'm afraid of opening them

    • WhosImmortal

      I believe so, I havent ran into any yet

  • Alejandro De la garza
    Alejandro De la garza

    U R the best youtuber hope you have a nice day 😄

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • Andrés rivera
    Andrés rivera

    What is they m4a1 attachments

  • Kripton


  • SkullHeart82

    yeah that yellow tracer and winter ghost must just be a ps4 or pc thing because it isn't on xbox and it wasn't on there last night either or this morning

  • Brad Dalton
    Brad Dalton

    How about just fix the cheating until that happens game will suck to many hackers

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    I was playing 7 hours straight on shipment to get all the dots on the holo and now I don’t habe a soul anymore

  • epposcrap

    Add time of day, like sunrise. Different weather, rain, wind. Change with the season. Heavy snow winter, green summer...

  • Šûp do od
    Šûp do od

    Did they take out jump scares?

    • Šûp do od
      Šûp do od

      @WhosImmortal THANK GOD 🙂

    • WhosImmortal

      yep :)

  • zSxdistic-

    *sees shipment 24/7 and squeal loudly*

  • Caesar

    Where is the Tournament? Its not listed :O

  • William Dawe
    William Dawe

    Eh, hi, howzit goin? Greetings from canada. I know I'm very, VERY late. I was hunting from 4:30am to 8pm and I cant just whip out my phone and watch who's immortal whiles im stalking a white tail deer😂. Either way I'm hear now so ya. I'm really hyped for the what objective? game mode because I'm that guy whose first place on your team in hardpoint, but only has 0.03 seconds on the point. Cant say I'm too pleased with the m13 tracer pack tho cause I just dont like the m13 skin, and I'd only even use one item from that pack in wz (the m13). Past that tho it's a solid update, and have a great day immortal!

  • James Just
    James Just

    600k Gang 😎

  • Mikey

    Did you ever get a cod store code

    • Tajaun Ellison YT
      Tajaun Ellison YT

      @Mikey oof😂😂

    • Mikey

      @WhosImmortal thats such bullshit

    • WhosImmortal

      nope :(

  • Jimmy Pop
    Jimmy Pop

    Shipment might be one if the the worst maps COD has ever had...glad they separated it from shoot house...shipment is for trash boys

  • The Savagegeese
    The Savagegeese

    Cold War will flop hard if they don’t solve the issues with the game. 😑

  • Chronic_ Chris
    Chronic_ Chris

    When are we going to get multiplayer weekend?

    • Chronic_ Chris
      Chronic_ Chris

      Okay thank you. Probably won’t be able to finish upgrading my guns

    • WhosImmortal

      probably wont be

  • Totally Tech Tips
    Totally Tech Tips

    Who is ready for Cold War?!

  • ULLR_9

    Environmental changes would be really cool. It would make the "snow skins" a little more worth the buy.

  • Kaas Stengel
    Kaas Stengel

    Hey hi, how you doing immortal?

    • WhosImmortal

      doing great!

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett

    shoot the ship was basically just shoothouse and every 5 matches MAYBE shipment

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Does that mean, we will get Season 7 Battlepass?

  • This Person
    This Person

    State rivalry is for state of origin (important rugby league games) in Australia, where Queensland and New South Wales teams go up against eachother

  • Sneaqs

    Explain this.. I just read a post saying the Warzone and Cold War engines will stay completely different. How the hell is this supposed to work???? I mean the movement alone is different in both games not to get started on guns ADS, perks etc.... Too many unanswered questions to get me to buy Cold War. It will be like playing two totally different games. I dont like it at all, Bad PR and bad decision by Activision.

  • Greg The Aussie
    Greg The Aussie

    The Free bundle is for us Aussies

  • Nathan Lexus Revecho
    Nathan Lexus Revecho

    Wonder when free multiplayers guna be

    • Nathan Lexus Revecho
      Nathan Lexus Revecho

      @WhosImmortal R.I.P BRUEN

    • WhosImmortal

      probably wont be one

  • Yuri Mababa
    Yuri Mababa

    how long is shipment and shoot house?

  • Jack Kershaw
    Jack Kershaw

    Cold war is fuckin terrible im pretty sure this game wont be dead for a fair while haha

  • luthfi darisalhazmi
    luthfi darisalhazmi

    Man im hoping that next week can be agreed that FOV will be added for warzone or maybe when cold war is in warzone

  • Jaden Fernandes
    Jaden Fernandes

    Will the warzone pro pack stay or will it be for a limited time.

  • Bryan Dela Vega
    Bryan Dela Vega

    Free mtiplayer weekend where is it?

    • WhosImmortal

      not happening most likely

  • Semir Abdulla
    Semir Abdulla

    Best playlist update for warzone 🔥🔥

  • Jay Jagpal
    Jay Jagpal

    Ahhh Rumble a sniper's dream, then I come along with my lmg and lick off gunshots to tha head!!!

  • Roxas 101100
    Roxas 101100

    Damn they never shouldve gotten rid of onslaughter, that game mode practically changed the game for me! Ugh. Back to SBMM domination....

  • packman67ny

    Always skip 10% of the video (the start) with all the spam

    • WhosImmortal

      If you think thats spam you're missing all the background context on the vid lol

  • Keelin PAVANELLO
    Keelin PAVANELLO

    do you have someone editing for you

    • WhosImmortal

      nope, I edit all my vids :)

  • Jing Cadiz
    Jing Cadiz

    I need money for the Warzone Pro Pack.

  • CaryTheSAINT

    The state rivalry (if people don’t know) is for Australia. Here we have a rivalry between two of our states (who could have guessed?) for NFL, called state of origin. It is NSW (blue) vs QLD (maroon).

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard

    You kinda locked on to that guys head when you were looking up at him with your m4 kinda sus 😭😭

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah right after I sat there and didn't see him for 5 seconds and let zombies jump past me. Definitely sus.

  • Quarters91

    Glad to see Aussies get a noice mention with the state rivalry bundle for the NRL state of origin!

  • Nicki In Game
    Nicki In Game

    just because cold war comes out, does that mean you won't play more modern warfare?

  • Mayhem

    Day 40 of saying immortal is awesome I'm back!

  • John Burrell
    John Burrell

    do you think the xp tokens in MW will carry over to cold war.

  • Kevin Redd
    Kevin Redd

    Anybody playing ps4 have you been lagging lately with good internet only on MW I been lagging

  • Brandon G.
    Brandon G.

    Zombie Royale is ok, zombies could use a big buff in the health department if you ask me. Warzone rumble is shit.

  • Syarif HT
    Syarif HT


  • Spicy Tortilla
    Spicy Tortilla

    The "so sick" emblem in the yellow tracer pack, does no one not realize that it was the same face from the W2000 scope lid in mw2?

  • čuţiē pūń
    čuţiē pūń

    finally tracer on the m13 id buy it but i got 300cp lmao

  • Johnny Blazze47
    Johnny Blazze47

    My store still hasn’t updated yet ☹️

  • Mr_fluff20

    I used your gfuel code my favorite gfuel flavor is cherry

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks dude!

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson

    im an xbox player, and i dont have the yellow tracer pack in the store

  • Leisl White
    Leisl White

    Very happy they added a state of origin nrl pack for free

  • Alan Bullock
    Alan Bullock


    • WhosImmortal

      should be fixed in the next title update

  • Gas Gamer GSM
    Gas Gamer GSM

    Hi..... Bye

  • Armani X_out
    Armani X_out

    Still no pumpkin punisher rip but when is there going to be a new update?

    • Armani X_out
      Armani X_out

      @WhosImmortal thank you sooo much

    • WhosImmortal

      pumpkin punisher is being fixed in the next title update

  • Gilbert Reyes
    Gilbert Reyes

    Late again l

  • Nitok

    Do we still have jumps scares in the chest in Warzone ?

    • WhosImmortal

      I dont believe so

  • Jack Matheson
    Jack Matheson

    This dude knows nothing about australia

    • Jack Matheson
      Jack Matheson

      "Caindoads?!?! Id of called the chazwazzas"

  • Nicholas Caroleo
    Nicholas Caroleo

    Lmfao " if you wanna camp behind a forklift" 😆

  • Cristhian Narvaez
    Cristhian Narvaez

    So no free to play week?

    • Cristhian Narvaez
      Cristhian Narvaez

      That's wack

    • WhosImmortal

      looking unlikely

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller

    Immmmmooorrrtaaallll Let’s go😂

  • sarxastic

    in my opinion i don’t like cold war so i will keep playing cod mw until a other mw game comes out

  • zNathz Squad
    zNathz Squad

    Should I get the ghost bundle?

  • Preston Ray
    Preston Ray

    Who the heck DOESN'T wanna sub to make sure they hear every "hey, hi, how ya doin"

  • God1st


  • Scimmy

    Grinded out 1,200 kills within 2 days because of shipment. It’s torture but great for mastery challenges.

  • Sir Tragic
    Sir Tragic

    My dude said Estates from MW2 you're a real one please put it in Activision!!!

  • Johaan Gupta
    Johaan Gupta

    congrats on reaching 150!

  • Sunitha Sk
    Sunitha Sk

    I'm sayin kingslayer trios is more better than warzone rumble cause of some slow pased sniper Can't even get the blue dot

  • Squirrely

    Day 88 of saying Yee Yee

  • R.I.J.Brighton

    As a free to play player, I'm very happy that wz rumble is back ☺️