Here's everything that just changed in the new HAUNTING OF VERDANSK Update In Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that ended up changing in the brand new HAUNTING OF VERDANSK Update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! Today Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE got a brand new update featuring the HauntingOf Verdansk Event for Multiplayer and WARZONE. This Update brings new characters like Leatherface, Billy, or Jigsaw, and Dr Karlov to the game, alongside the Haunted Verdansk mode which is Warzone at night, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    What do you guys think of the Haunting Update? imo, this one of the coolest updates we've had all year! Thanks for tuning in!



    • Axel castillo
      Axel castillo

      @Rickest Rick I don't have the Alex from season 3 battle pass

    • Axel castillo
      Axel castillo

      @dat boi me too I don't have the blueprint

    • dat boi
      dat boi

      I like the event but it ain't giving me the final reward

    • Axel castillo
      Axel castillo

      @Rickest Rick what challenges? With the new alex operator? Thanks yo replied me bro

  • IEatGravy YT
    IEatGravy YT

    i really just got this noti what

    • WhosImmortal

      youtube be busted :(

  • nikoli barashnikov
    nikoli barashnikov

    No shipment yet again, this season has been dead.


    When u aim down sights in the night maps the guns lean to the left it's crap u can't aim properly 👎

  • khalifa alazdi
    khalifa alazdi

    Am I the only one who lags a lot during the night mode

  • tricky_97 _
    tricky_97 _

    Hopefully this update is more then 2 days

  • graham parkinson
    graham parkinson

    Always the place to get your COD news, cheers from South Africa

  • anthony Ruiz-Leal
    anthony Ruiz-Leal

    If you knife or shoot the scarecrow on domination it’ll kill you if close enough 😂

  • Divine Chalk
    Divine Chalk

    Guess I’m downloading this 200gb+ game again

    • WhosImmortal

      worth for this event

  • Liam Patterson
    Liam Patterson

    I love these game modes

  • Zane Flynt
    Zane Flynt

    Where tf is the ghost reaper pack at


    No Shoot the Ship again Very disappointed 👎

  • Fitmrcoolkid/sloth

    To get the trick or treat rewards what game mode do I have to play

  • Suca Cyac
    Suca Cyac

    Am i the only one disappointed at this? I feel like this whole event coulda been 10x better

  • ToxicYT Roblox
    ToxicYT Roblox


  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez

    I ran into a guy with the saw skin, he was atop stadium and he looked creepy af

  • I am Pure Luck
    I am Pure Luck

    it would be fun if you could play more than one game without it crashing and losing connection

  • Johnathan war robots
    Johnathan war robots

    Anyone else notice around the map there's ghosts walking around

  • Aaron Aaron
    Aaron Aaron

    If you have cold blooded does the zombies see you??

  • Shawn Saunders
    Shawn Saunders

    Will we see the Ghost skin that’s on the “Plunder: BloodMoney” background?

    • WhosImmortal

      at some point, yes

  • Tahseen Zaman
    Tahseen Zaman

    I opened a crate in tv station and literally got a jumpscare. Totally not expecting that and really got scared hard.

  • Eric Ranschau
    Eric Ranschau

    Zombie is a blast... we need a class setup video for these modes from you my guy

  • Thedoot slayer
    Thedoot slayer

    those jumpscares almost killed me when i opened a crate

  • Brendan Wintle
    Brendan Wintle

    Who wants the zombie mode to stay coz I do as it's so much better I had my earphones on full and it was scary as hell

  • Housefly Motors
    Housefly Motors

    Great video as always man thanks for the content deserve way more likes. 👍

    • WhosImmortal

      Much appreciated!

  • Help me reach 3k S U B'S
    Help me reach 3k S U B'S

    UZload is getting real comfortable with these double no skip ads

  • Nadav Zaidman's Workshop
    Nadav Zaidman's Workshop

    You forgot that if you get back to be human, you will be redeployed with the loadout/weapons you held before you turned to zombie

  • ahmed ghare
    ahmed ghare


  • MutzNutz

    Awesome @WhosImmortal 🎃🔥🧟‍♂️🔥🎃

  • Craig M
    Craig M

    Taco crumbs stuck in your control pad? Lol

  • Pixel Chaokhio
    Pixel Chaokhio

    I just went for the watch and the cleaver lol all I wanted

  • Henry Kamradt
    Henry Kamradt

    these videos are like *90% more educational than my science classes*

  • Adyut Dangwal
    Adyut Dangwal

    Great job as always!! Would you consider doing pack giveaways now that gifting is an option?

  • EXHi

    is that me or anyone notice RAM 7 weapon colour turn blue right now? event you use armory loadout

  • GamingSpider 115
    GamingSpider 115

    9:00 I do enjoy playing IW games but it seems like they are becoming EA type, old bugs/glitches gets fixed then next update broken again. I can’t even keep count how many bugs/glitches returned in this game

  • James Newman
    James Newman

    When’s the new ghost skin coming out?.

  • SoleKingRu

    With this update there's so many bugs 😡🤬

  • Kuuuebchen_official

    Im so mad that not many changes are for multiplayer

  • Josiah G.
    Josiah G.

    The Ghosts are found in Barackett

  • Josiah G.
    Josiah G.

    The Jumpscares are kinda rare, I only saw 1 out of all the chest I opened so far, The prizes are rare too, I have 6 only so far.

  • Rot_ The_2nd
    Rot_ The_2nd

    when does multiplayer free wekend come out????

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • That One guy
    That One guy

    Please make a vid for the best class setup for EVERY weapon on multiplayer and warzone. You made one a while back but it’d be nice to get a new updated video

  • AlphaAsFuark!

    I screamed when the jump scare came out lmao

  • simon daoud
    simon daoud

    We need a simple playlist br nightmode ( solo;duo;trio;quad)

  • Carlos Galvez
    Carlos Galvez

    Finished the whole thing in under 2 hours apparently it bugs out and it doesnt give u the final reward for some people when u rush the whole thing lmao

  • Shepard Tone MMJ
    Shepard Tone MMJ

    Verdansk at night is enough for me, excited to jump in. Love the now operator skins, I'd love to see Ash William aka the evil dead skin. Jack-o-naught do look pretty awesome. Hellraser aka pin head, that would be awesome to see as an operator. Anyway thanks for update/changes info.

  • Mayhem

    Day 34 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Gabriel Fear
    Gabriel Fear

    Anyone else feel like the kilo has terrible bullet velocity


    I just seen a pumpkin head skin in regular TDM on rust but I can't find it in the shop?

  • The Secret Surn
    The Secret Surn

    Does capitain prices night vision goggles do anything

  • xpsscorpion

    Getting that dev error on pc more frequently

  • IAmTheMortal

    Bro the superstore box challenge is a PAIN in the ass. 100 people dropping on 15 boxes good luck .

  • josh crockett
    josh crockett

    is anyone elses stats not counting?

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    I am simply speechless Crazy experience. Infinity ward hats off to you!!!!!!! Also unlocked the butcher knife from the gulag!!!!!!;;;;😁😁

  • Kto

    Everytime this man say "hey hi how ya doing?" makes me feel like I'm someone

  • Kevin Ness
    Kevin Ness

    Just been a buggy/laggy/disconnecty type of experience for me so far.

  • Sean Pearson
    Sean Pearson

    Its actually just random supply boxes in those locations that'll give you the treats. No special boxes needed, i finished my trick or treating today actually. The blue print is so awesome

  • ابوالحسن

    yo, i opened all of the 16 boxes but i didn't get the grau?

  • ShOcKw4Ve

    What would of been perfect is if as a finisher billy would place a reverse bear trap then do his laugh And replace his voice lines with the movie lines and his infamous laugh

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez

    I love it

  • Oskar Derrickson
    Oskar Derrickson

    You guys are so lucky I have divorced parents and every time a new update is out I have to go to my dads I only got to play the Cold War beta once

  • timothy hilton
    timothy hilton

    The resonant do be looking like the infinite warfare A.K

  • andrew evolution
    andrew evolution

    Getting scared with specters poping up from lootboxes and players coming from the darkness without making 1 footstep sound...

  • Justice4 Gamerz
    Justice4 Gamerz

    I think in the night mode they should have added zombies as well, pvpve would have been a blast

  • Felix Sanchez
    Felix Sanchez

    Bro he forgot domination with the scarecrows, they also follow you when capturing flag (well scarecrow).

  • Cody Jordan
    Cody Jordan

    Can anyone tell me what the blue ghost mean or are they just for a scare

  • Otto Middleton
    Otto Middleton

    *We need solo night, it's gonna be a true horror movie*

  • ~JG~

    I really would like to know why my character randomly turns into pumpkin head...

  • sannidhya balkote
    sannidhya balkote

    This update came from the DC universe It's dark

  • MN RC Basher87
    MN RC Basher87

    wish there was a micheal Myers skin :(

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy

    Question: Anyone else having trouble with the game crashing during zombie royale every other game or so?

  • Dylan Sage
    Dylan Sage

    They still haven’t fixed the Gaz skin challenges

  • Sesto Alternative Evo
    Sesto Alternative Evo

    Yo where’s the butterfly knife

    • WhosImmortal

      coming later in the season

  • Parker Authier
    Parker Authier

    Activision going to owe me like six new pares of pants after this

  • Joe


  • Justin LaValley
    Justin LaValley

    i was hype but i remembered i suck at this game lol

  • Lit Jr
    Lit Jr

    Glad it wasnt a large download

  • Matthew Rios
    Matthew Rios

    What ab the reaper ghost pack!

  • PanOfNoodlez

    The "jumpscare" always peaked my audio and never scared me... it just hurt my ears.

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores

    The game keeps freezing

  • CandySnake

    Anyone notice leatherface in farmland

  • El Chavo Del Oxxo
    El Chavo Del Oxxo

    Does anyone know if the warzone night mode or zombie royale wins count?

    • El Chavo Del Oxxo
      El Chavo Del Oxxo

      @WhosImmortal thanks for replying

    • WhosImmortal

      Zombies does not, Night mode im not sure on

  • Stevecookieman Theboss
    Stevecookieman Theboss

    This is cool

  • Frank Cervantes
    Frank Cervantes

    What happens to the ghost bundle we were supposed to get

    • WhosImmortal

      We've still got 4 weeks left in the season my dude

  • Nicolas Vera
    Nicolas Vera

    IW waste potential for the night map. Night maps in multiplayer are really dark, the warzone version is just a bad blue filter

  • David L.
    David L.

    I tried to buy cod points to get the saw bundle but blizzard is having issues I think 😭😭😭😭

  • Jim Bell
    Jim Bell

    When is the grim reaper ghost skin coming?

  • Patrick N
    Patrick N

    Damn where’s solos night mode?!

  • Emilio Nunez
    Emilio Nunez

    I wonder how Timmy Quikscopez is doing getting jumped by all these zombies

  • JD MD
    JD MD

    Where does jigsaw and leather face come out???

    • WhosImmortal

      theyre out now

  • Rinnengan Sage
    Rinnengan Sage

    And I wish night mode it self is permanent😞

  • Rinnengan Sage
    Rinnengan Sage

    If you reply to this I’ll delete cod until the event is over💯💯💯

  • Capt. Kush
    Capt. Kush

    Yeah....LeatherFace dlc nobrainer :)

  • mc11karma

    I maybe playing the game but i still got to know going on so thank you Am so pump for its really crazy💤❤❤

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    Yo Hey Hi How Ya Doin

  • Raptor Jezuss
    Raptor Jezuss

    S&D the bombs are skulls

  • Peter Reedy
    Peter Reedy

    I was just binging Holloween

  • Julian Rocha
    Julian Rocha

    No one talking about the fact that the ak got its first tracer

  • David G
    David G

    I really need solos during the event, I don’t want to have to do all that with randoms or 1v3

  • Ben Lorentz
    Ben Lorentz

    The first night trios mode I played I got a w.....