Modern Warfare: The BEST Class Setup For EVERY Weapon!
Here's the BEST Class Setup for EVERY Weapon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare!
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In this video, we're taking a look at the BEST Class Setups for EVERY Weapon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare! We've done a lot of Modern Warfare Best Class Setups in the past, but never have we showcased the best attachment setup on every single weapon in the game. That means every AR, SMG, LMG, Shotgun, Sniper, etc all have a class setup featured in this video that will have you dropping a higher KD, more killstreaks, and placing better in lobbies! These really are the best setups to use in COD MW as of right now!
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  • WhosImmortal

    We made it to GFUEL Madness Round 2! Shoutout to everyone using the code! TIMESTAMPS: Perks/Equipment: 1:20 Pistols: 1:35 Assault Rifles: 4:50 SMGs: 9:07 Shotguns: 11:32 LMGs: 12:37 Marksmen Rifles: 14:00 Snipers: 15:20 Thanks for watching!

    • Thomas Owens
      Thomas Owens

      @bukk1time bro imagine looking in the comments and replying to someone’s comment on a 9 month old video about how they replied so late.

    • bukk1time

      @Thomas Owens imagine replying to this 9 months later! Wtf! Sub or go pis off.

    • Thomas Owens
      Thomas Owens

      Imagine not knowing about extended mags

    • XxXoddball78XxX

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read something that if you have multiple attachments that have the same pros only two take effect

    • bukk1time

      @Adam Kovalov that comment was 7 months ago. At that time the range was broken with the oil filter & y u replying on a vid that someone commented on 7 mfn months ago?

  • Brisia Cuevas
    Brisia Cuevas

    You should name this video the best setup for multiplayer

    • WhosImmortal

      Modern Warfare is in the title already my dude

  • Cole Holden
    Cole Holden

    357 didn’t age well

  • TrIpLR

    just put the burst perk on the fal its broken


    Used code Immortal and bought 1004 worth!!

    • WhosImmortal

      my man!

  • Andre Gagolin
    Andre Gagolin

    Where is the grau

  • Jacky Sneaky
    Jacky Sneaky

    Thx bro this helped me alot❤❤❤

  • Laurent Sparks
    Laurent Sparks

    Every assault rifle class: lemme just take the stock off and make this an SMG

  • OMGaming203

    Can we get an updated video before Cold War takes over

  • Liliana Venegas
    Liliana Venegas

    I just unlock the grau 5.56 to bad it is down graded

  • Maxim B
    Maxim B

    Where is ar Juliet

  • Richtofen

    90% of comments: StIpPlEd GrIp TaPe 5% ShOtGuN 4% making fun of what he says 1% me using this stupid comment format

  • Nathan Molina
    Nathan Molina

    I’m gonna be honest, I thought that the M2K carbine was a shotgun, not a marksman rifle

  • Sxicity

    Yo can we get a combat knife setup?

  • DarthFader27

    Is it me or is this just a video disguised as best class setups but in reality a huge flex showing off all Damascus camos 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • TAY_BM-_-

    Grou ?????

  • Adam Alkurdi
    Adam Alkurdi

    Dude I’m sorry but most of these load outs suck

  • Nolan Miller
    Nolan Miller

    rip c4

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz

    There are no ARs in cod

  • bigdawgnick _34
    bigdawgnick _34

    These classes are terrible in November no offense

    • bigdawgnick _34
      bigdawgnick _34

      @WhosImmortal lol now those classes will be worse because almost every gun has been nerfed

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah they built months ago lol

  • clazzie

    how jobless are u

    • WhosImmortal

      Playing this game is my job.

  • Cerkpea

    C4 Is toxic I'm sorry.

  • Tegun Kelley
    Tegun Kelley

    Yo that’s sick

  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga

    Heretics 😍

  • ethan beck
    ethan beck

    whos immortal "the fal is my least favourite weapon" also whos immortal: has Damascus camo

  • Official Travis
    Official Travis

    I have a wayyyyy better m4a1

  • Official Travis
    Official Travis

    I was using the kilo last night with my saw off 725

    • Its Ricey
      Its Ricey

      Ur gay

  • MRhudy15

    GG for 600k

  • Ars Goetia
    Ars Goetia

    damn the oden movement

  • they call me pinz
    they call me pinz

    Don't use the classes his fav ar is ak 47 and he put no stock on a m4 and plays he put a compressor instead of monolithic

    • WhosImmortal

      1. Ak is far from my favorite gun, 2. This is from when no stock was the best attachment, and 3, if you're using monolithic in multiplayer, you're wasting an attachment lol

  • Nick L
    Nick L

    10:55 lets just say i took a shot every time you said stippled grip tape nd im fuuuuccced ujp

  • Space Fisher
    Space Fisher

    You don’t run the default stock for the mg34, the Führer is disappointed

  • Stupid Pink
    Stupid Pink

    GFUEL BRUH HELP 😂🏃🏾‍♀️

  • Chris Faille
    Chris Faille

    Should have stuck wt default weapon skins. Cant stand the colorful skins that are so popular nowadays. It's even in Halo which makes me sick.

  • Cooper Hudgins
    Cooper Hudgins

    They need to add the MP44 into Season 7. It was in OG MW/ MWR, so it would make sense that they add it in MW2019

  • Ruby Hollman
    Ruby Hollman

    He forgot renneti

    • R Salas
      R Salas

      The Renneti wasnt in the game when he made this video.

  • ivydial

    After this video, the stippled grip tape became the crippled grip tape

  • shattered_star420

    Am i the only one that is hella tired of the mono suppressor

  • Danny Scientist
    Danny Scientist


  • QuantumRift
    QuantumRift a Hugely Big fan of the sawed off 725, why don't you use sleight of hand for fast reloads?

  • Tristion Binns
    Tristion Binns

    Imagine not putting every weapon

    • う私のペニスを吸

      This came out months ago dumbass

  • Ethan Bevan
    Ethan Bevan

    Sometimes in war zone I use the kilo with a vlk scope as a sniper

  • connerwhy

    what secondary weapon or other weapon would u recommend with uzi?

  • Ikeria Scott
    Ikeria Scott

    Walk by faith and not by sight❤️

  • papyrus 330
    papyrus 330

    gun stats in CODMW: accuracy damage range fire rate mobility and control what i see: damage

  • Arduino & Robot Tutorials
    Arduino & Robot Tutorials

    Best Assault Rifle and SMG for low and medium range????

  • Kwin FN
    Kwin FN

    I just came for the rytec amr

  • Sebastian Trinidad
    Sebastian Trinidad

    T H E T A P E T H A T I S S T I P P L E D

  • Clunch Yt
    Clunch Yt

    My man didn’t cover the renetti but it’s alright

  • Albano Pérez Paniagua
    Albano Pérez Paniagua


  • default god holy deafulty Cartet
    default god holy deafulty Cartet

    i dont know why u would wanna use a sight of the mg34 its sights are clean and the class isnt that good either

  • naruto uzamaki
    naruto uzamaki

    What about the renniti

  • DoubleFStriker

    You forgot launchers

  • realrobe73

    What attachments would a rpg have?? I can imagine like sleight of hand and fully loaded but like what about attachments?

  • Wixy FN
    Wixy FN

    this guy does not like extended mags does he

  • Earthzone398

    If someone uses the Kundere skin on the Famas, they are both respectable and a complete dickhead

  • Gandalf 69
    Gandalf 69

    I think the no stock attachment is the worst attachment to use because it looks disgusting

  • tristan crockett
    tristan crockett

    What about the scar

  • Fox Clan
    Fox Clan

    Am i the only person who uses marksman rifles as snipers

  • Tristan Dykstra
    Tristan Dykstra

    Just unlocked my first gold weapon on the m4

    • Tristan Dykstra
      Tristan Dykstra

      @WhosImmortal thanks!! haha didn't expect you to reply but it really means a lot to me!

    • WhosImmortal


  • voidafk

    The tape gripped with stippling

  • Disabledchode445

    He forgot to tell us the best knife load out. Should I use the oil can suppressor for it?

  • malachy mullane
    malachy mullane

    2 to 3 shot so run the 3 round birst perk

  • Dorian Noffsinger
    Dorian Noffsinger

    Vullet velocity

  • christopher

    does anybody have time stamps

  • im_lil_tecca

    I need a class for the riot sheild

  • Miguel

    Cold blooded is generally better imo, vtols are really annoying so I always run it

  • Parker Schuh
    Parker Schuh

    The m19 is amazing as one pistol if you get a load out like mine it’s a 2-3 shot kill and if you have a trigger finger those mags shred a lot of people

  • J&D Gaming
    J&D Gaming

    Where’s the fennec😡

  • TheMousetrap _
    TheMousetrap _

    The m19 has the best fire out of any pistol

  • Ghoste

    I can’t be the only person who think this video is so wrong

    • Jacob Weglinski
      Jacob Weglinski

      Yeah lol this was 6 months ago

    • Splatter Datter
      Splatter Datter

      Probably because they nerfed loads

  • malena anselmeti
    malena anselmeti

    mortal kombat 11 erron black

  • Konjohn Longshlong
    Konjohn Longshlong

    I use dragonov with extended barrel 20 round mags monolithic suppresser bipod and fmj or flinch resistance

  • Marist Veres Royal
    Marist Veres Royal

    So no one gonna talk about how he has at least a level 50 for each gun in the game

  • King Of Balls
    King Of Balls

    What about knives, I run melee only


    Dragonav is going to be sooo fun 😑

  • SonicBlueSunset •
    SonicBlueSunset •

    Should be all best setups for close quarters or mobility lol. Good vid though

  • CorndogConk 420
    CorndogConk 420

    please do an updated season 5 version of this video

  • Potataro Joestar
    Potataro Joestar

    I love the FAL and the M4 thank you for giving me actually good attachments

  • ScaleHunt

    What about the Holgar-26?

  • isylum

    if anyone is gonna use the 1911, use extended mags man

  • Alex White
    Alex White

    How does this dude have the damascus skin on like every god damn gun!!

    • WhosImmortal

      thats how Damascus works?

  • sarena canaan
    sarena canaan

    you forgot the knife 😑

    • sarena canaan
      sarena canaan

      @WhosImmortal 😪

    • WhosImmortal

      you cant have attachments on the knife :(

  • Agesthya Naagley
    Agesthya Naagley

    Thx a lot got screenshots ; )

    • Agesthya Naagley
      Agesthya Naagley

      WhosImmortal Thx you deserve more then 2 million subs keep the hard work on I’m literally started grinding with these setups

    • WhosImmortal

      Glad I could help

  • Griffin Block
    Griffin Block

    i disagree with your mp5 class, subsonic integral, 10mm, merc foregrip, and tac laser is extremely good

    • Griffin Block
      Griffin Block

      WhosImmortal thanks for letting me know, i’ve just used it for a while and my ads time is nanoseconds, i’m trying your suggestions though and they are working thanks a lot 🙏

    • WhosImmortal

      subsonic is actually one of the worst attachments you can use, just a heads up

  • Pablo El Chickon
    Pablo El Chickon

    The acctual best m4 class: BARREL : M16 granadier barrel, MUZZLE : Compensator, UNDERBARREL : Comando foregrip, REAR GRIP : Stippled grip tape, STOCK: CQS Stock, ( better ads but with maintaining the recoil control unlike the no stock option ) ( if ur playing snd i keep the barrel, the stock and the rear grip the same i only swap compensator for monolithic suppressor and comando foregrip for 50 round mag (bc u will use eod not scav)) good vid tho

  • KeepIt_CrAzY

    How come on my x16 there are only 3 barrels? I cant find advantage

  • just some guy
    just some guy

    Two guns taped together, with stippled grip tape over it and two Merc foregrips

  • Whoopty

    5:25 is a pro Kilo class

  • Jonah Valdovinos
    Jonah Valdovinos


  • Havoc


  • Charlie Mckie
    Charlie Mckie

    11:34 just leaving a reminder for later once I get pistols ars and smgs gold

  • Anas Jahmi
    Anas Jahmi

    Very very wrong

  • Luke Edits
    Luke Edits

    bro the launchers need to get slight of hand stippled and a monolithic suppressor

  • Callan Kolles
    Callan Kolles

    How did he get that wrap

  • Gustavo

    Deagle akimbo is so op

  • Ahmd Ahmd
    Ahmd Ahmd

    why does every remove the stock i hate doing that it make the weapon shake like shakira's hips.

  • Moonlight Gamerr
    Moonlight Gamerr

    Nobody: what about the knives 🔪

  • Moonlight Gamerr
    Moonlight Gamerr

    What about the grau

  • Lil Ra Ra
    Lil Ra Ra

    Here’s a class set up for this game:Smgs

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