Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward ADDRESSES The MAJOR CRASHING Bug, New NUKE Teasers, & MORE!
Infinity Ward just addressed the major crashing bug, the recent ban wave, and teased the incoming NUKE once more for Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down the latest information we have on the Crashing Bug going on in Call of Duty WARZONE and Modern Warfare, the Recent Ban Wave that went out, and the newest Secret Trails Intel that teases the NUKE even more! Infinity Ward recently addressed the Warzone Crashing issues that have arisen since Season 6 released, plus they commented on the Ban Wave that took place earlier on in the week, but most importantly, the NUKE has been teased once again for COD WARZONE and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, indicating the Nuke Event is getting closer and closer!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Seems like every day we've got more and more Season 6 stuff to talk about! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Hellfire LWD
      Hellfire LWD

      When will they fix the intel missions? Mine is stuck on "New Threats".

    • John Mackinon
      John Mackinon

      How good is gfuel? just fairlt good or heavily addicting good? I couldn't find any in my country to buy

    • marcus colburn
      marcus colburn

      How about the r700 glitches? Or the new AR that shoots through walls? Any news on a patch for that? Don't see many talking about it.

    • grant 888
      grant 888

      Yo, just thought I’d let you know I’m I subbing because you’re a bellend

    • TheWolfkiller 90
      TheWolfkiller 90

      When is free multiplayer coming out

  • Ferdin Arghoshi
    Ferdin Arghoshi

    I have officer progression bugs where the challenge doesn’t count even you get the kills or they just simply disappear. Can anybody help??

  • Juicy Zeus357
    Juicy Zeus357

    Can you tell me why infinity ward is addicted to marksman rifles and snipers

  • Andre McKenzie
    Andre McKenzie

    Bro do you ever revive teammates??

    • WhosImmortal

      yes lol, I'm not gonna include me sitting there ressing someone in a video each time someone gets knocked, that's boring lol


    Getting pulled out to check for update every 2 mins is a way bigger problem than hackers, they need to fix their bugs and issues before updating the game and causing more bugs and issues

  • Slay3r_marksman

    inkslasher is way better

    • Slay3r_marksman

      lol anyways i like your content

    • WhosImmortal

      @Slay3r_marksman never heard of him, but he doesnt sound better than me tbh

    • Slay3r_marksman

      inkslasher you play with him on twich i think

    • WhosImmortal

      who is that?

  • Commander Ognos
    Commander Ognos

    every season they fuck something up, season 5 looked ok now it looks trash af

  • Jose Agustin Villalobos
    Jose Agustin Villalobos

    They did not fix anything and the weapons bug is back

  • Catinlock

    6:42 look at the feed

  • matt george
    matt george

    Any word on the warzone multiplayer weekend? We got the triple feed but they kept armored royale as the playlist this weekend.

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said anything yet

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    There is a fix for the bugged intel but it's weird. Start a game and in the practice lobby open your menu. There is a button at the bottom that says View Intel. Click that then exit the intel. Keep doing it about 10 times. Exit and start a new game. The intel should now be available!

  • Emiliano Ron
    Emiliano Ron

    No more free multiplayer for more XP :(

  • paradox error
    paradox error

    Bruh, I thought there was something wrong with my game each I try to get into a match, it would say it'd keep disconnecting, hopefully they fix this bug soon.


    Yh intel is broken for season 6 I view intel before game then I go to tunnel an collect it but nothink happens i done it multiple times an nothink activsion need to fix this i have lost so much xp for all my intel not working i have emailed activsion told them my platform an no response but its funny how all the big streamers it works for them


    Who is mad that shipment moshpit is gone...

  • cattigereyes1

    People cheat constantly

  • Zacharia Trinkella
    Zacharia Trinkella

    I had two questions. 1. Is free multiplayer gonna drop this weekend? 2. Are you aware of the bug that doesn’t allow you too pick up/use tactical and lethal equipment?

  • Thlithery Thnake
    Thlithery Thnake

    I'm thinking of buying multiplayer / Co-Op because cold war is coming out

  • Snake

    Thing is i think ever since season 5 dropped instead of getting 42 ping i get 54. It says 42 for a bit then shoots up to 54 last second and its not a internet problem, hope they fix that.

  • Jose Agustin Villalobos
    Jose Agustin Villalobos

    What about fuxing disconnecting issue? 💩

  • Johnathon Wheeler
    Johnathon Wheeler

    season 6 came out now my game crashing with different error codes, so annoying. so many problems with this game

  • Bluegill20

    Game is absolute garbage now!!! Guns sucks, loot boxes suck, subway is so stupid, whole game is just fucking sucks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Mills
    Justin Mills

    The crash cost my brother a win. He got kicked during our trios match. Mine has crashed 5 or 6 times. Its unbelievable

  • Tirupino

    I played like 15 matched yesterday Oct 1st and my game got disconnected from the servers at least 5/15 games! So the issue they told us it got fixed.. it really didn’t

  • Melonweapon

    Does anyone know if Damascus is carrying over with warzone if you have it unlocked?

    • Melonweapon

      WhosImmortal thanks man keep up the good content loving it bro 😎

    • WhosImmortal

      it should :)

  • Димитрије Јовановић
    Димитрије Јовановић

    When is multiplayer weekend gonna be live

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • ItsTyy

    how about the as val sniper rounds can shoot through the whole map... went to euphrates bridge with a friend and shot through every wall spawn to spawn killing each other... even through the dirt lmao

  • grant 888
    grant 888


    • grant 888
      grant 888

      WhosImmortal haha. How do

    • WhosImmortal


  • Tenki

    Bro give us your support a creator code 😊

    • Tenki

      @WhosImmortal i see

    • WhosImmortal

      @Tenki not that easy unfortunately

    • Tenki

      @WhosImmortal send a request to activition bro

    • WhosImmortal

      If I had one I would :(

  • bartek drewczynski
    bartek drewczynski

    I in the top 12% of the world and 1out of 10 people are hackers or bots

  • UltimuS

    No free weekend this season??☹☹☹

    • UltimuS

      @WhosImmortal Yeah..let's hope the best..😄😄

    • WhosImmortal

      we still have 7 weeks left in the season my dude

  • Lightning

    um... ive crashed once in the new season... am i lucky?

  • emiwelefeo

    Who could dislike this?!?!?!?!?!


    I'm not gonna lie the subway system was nothing but hype disappointed at the fact they made it seem like everyone one can walk and fight underground like in BF LOL i was actually looking forward to mass underground shoot outs in the sub way system not some square section we're u wait for a 🚆 to pick you up and get killed by camper's

  • Lil Hawkmoon
    Lil Hawkmoon

    Nothing like using a double tiers token, playing warzone and have TWO matches both 20+ minutes long just crash, and causing my tiers to not count. Games complete trash, but it's all my friends play.

  • sean morris
    sean morris

    And I see we still have the hackers and cheaters with the wall hacks and aimbots this game became trash i don't think I will b buy the coldwar because of the hacking bs

  • Taco

    Infinity ward are terrible developers wtf

  • Anthony Padilla
    Anthony Padilla

    and they want us to buy coldwar? FUCK OUTTA HERE where are my mw2 maps? :(

  • Jacob Pinnock
    Jacob Pinnock

    Is there gonna be a free multiplayer weekend??

    • WhosImmortal

      at some point, yes

  • X_ Rudy
    X_ Rudy

    Free multiplayer???? This weekend????

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent announced anything

  • Lee Potts
    Lee Potts

    My intel for week 2 is still broken the coin won't appear in the swimming pool

  • Psycho Sykes
    Psycho Sykes

    I thought the crashing every hour was a new feature! Oh well i was enjoying that!!!

  • Jean Louw
    Jean Louw

    I watch your Chanel every day

    • WhosImmortal

      thanks dude!

  • Jean Louw
    Jean Louw

    Thanks for al the info have a good day Hey hi how ya doing

  • Disconnect

    Welcome to Sword art online (SAO) / Aincrad

  • Erick Alvarado
    Erick Alvarado

    I bought something and my cod points didn’t come in 😪

  • spaceboi51

    Does sheldon cooper work for IW or somethin?


    “Hey Hi How You Doin Welcome Back To The Chanel”

  • XRxevenge Xx
    XRxevenge Xx

    Come on guys let’s get WhosImmortal to 600k subs before Cold War comes out 😎😎

  • Mediumrare27

    Dang, I haven't even played since season 6 because the update was so trash

  • cyrus Newton
    cyrus Newton

    Is it just me or does radiological kinda remind us about zombie like qurentine the infected area just saying

  • Juri Wallenberg
    Juri Wallenberg

    I have a Amd 3900x and 2080ti...they maybe have fixed it for intel but not for amd users. yes a i have all the newest updates nvidia and windows update.

    • Juri Wallenberg
      Juri Wallenberg

      some one else that have problems ?

  • BUAHMED 1984
    BUAHMED 1984

    Hey hi how are you doing ❤️

  • Richard Pacheco
    Richard Pacheco

    Cheaters are not in it for the wins, they are in it for the money. The ones who pays for the service to win in warzone. Wanna catch the real cheater? Its their teammates who paid. Those accounts are only good for one game or two depending how fast the ban hammer happens.

  • TOBiO tR
    TOBiO tR

    Free CODMW this wekeend?

    • WhosImmortal

      doesnt seem like it

  • Ragnar Linn
    Ragnar Linn

    Hit up the comment. who thinks the new marksman rifle will be nurfed hardcore

  • Official ARP
    Official ARP

    Everyone complaining about the constant crashing haha sucks to be you on my Wii it’s not crashed once

  • aBritishBagel

    Been loving your videos for the past couple months since I found your channel my man, keep up the great work! 👍

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks, will do!

  • Basil Alfayez
    Basil Alfayez

    I thought they would fix the new val and the new sniper, they are extremely broken and would ruin the game.

  • Shark Boy Jr.
    Shark Boy Jr.

    Warzone is a beautiful game but jesus I'm tired of every game being full of sweats


    Almost too crowded with the shit plunder spawns! get picked off from the sky before you touch the ground 😂

  • Jean Louw
    Jean Louw

    Thanks for the info

    • WhosImmortal

      No problem 👍

  • JayStillan

    Infinity Ward ADDRESSES The MAJOR CRASHING Bug, by posting a picture on their twitter saying; PLZ DONT CRASH!!!

    • JayStillan

      @WhosImmortal Hehe. No, but it would be funny. ;) Hint the cheating effort they were/are providing. :D (But ill just keep laughing at my own joke) :P

    • WhosImmortal

      that wasnt the case at all what lol

  • J L
    J L

    Thanks for video again! Have to ask u one question. i have blue print store here and there. and then its gone again? is it bug or something what not belongs to game? my friends have that store everytime and not disappear.. any clue?

    • WhosImmortal

      the store items cycle in and out every week

  • Luke Cullen
    Luke Cullen

    I really don’t think a nuke is gonna be detonated in the Warzone map. If it is then there’s no way they could feasibly or believably retain the current map without looking ridiculous and stupid. (I guess they’re good at that though so go figure). A nuke detonated anywhere near or in this map would level everything, reducing it to absolute dust for miles and miles. That’s the true power of a nuclear weapon. Even a low grade nuke would decimate it. So let’s see...maybe we’ll move to another map. But that’ll piss me off too because I like this one.

  • Yzeusy Dubs
    Yzeusy Dubs

    Fuck this map is so dead hurry up and change it they have done fuck all to the map lol just added windows and a shit train no one cares about

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    Every time you do a class set up in most of your videos tell Google to say monolithic suppressor it in all languages

  • Mayhem

    Day 16 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    Me and my friend got a win yesterday and then it crashed

  • Techshtuff

    1:41 kinda like real life..

  • JTF Guy
    JTF Guy

    Can’t wait for those nukes

  • bingus

    I haven't been seeing crashing issues but my game has been very buggy and laggy

  • João Larisch
    João Larisch

    i can smell cheat

  • The Secret Surn
    The Secret Surn

    My servers didnt crash a single Time. Idk what everyone is talking about

  • Kovács Patrik
    Kovács Patrik

    At 6:40 black jesus and white jesus are left the game. Wtf?

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    I’m struggling doing the easer egg where I’m inputting the numbers its so difficult lol! Xxx

  • Povilas La
    Povilas La

    I dont get any cheaters in my games

  • alexander mendez
    alexander mendez

    Who else is here after being permabanned for no reason ✋🏻 Who else is one of the thousands of inoccent players who got banned just like the past wave ban where Activision has to unban many players who didn’t deserve it lol

  • Adolfo Padilla
    Adolfo Padilla

    Great content man! Whenever I play Warzone, the amount of lag I experience is astounding. I started having this problem about 3 months ago. When I switch to multiplayer, however, the game runs relatively smoothly. Does anyone know why this is the case?

  • Dima Shch
    Dima Shch

    Please, can you recommend me a sniper rifle(exept kar98). And atachments for it. I wanted to become a sniper, when i wake 20 kills with HDR and VLK 3x. And which secondary weapon is beter for sniping?

  • Creepercraft16

    6:46 black and white Jesus leave the game.

  • Thái Ngọc
    Thái Ngọc

    Hello whos. You better ad in the creepy children laugh at the camping near karast bridge in verdansk. I think there're new Halloween easter eggs

    • Thái Ngọc
      Thái Ngọc

      @WhosImmortal but still little bit creepy if you know what i mean ;)

    • WhosImmortal

      just new ambient noises :)

  • klmn krstf
    klmn krstf

    Me: my k/d is normal, they won't ban me My k/d: you can't fucking play, of course they won't ban you Me: fuck

  • YM Klutch
    YM Klutch

    Will there be free multiplayer?????

    • YM Klutch
      YM Klutch

      No way who is immortal just replied to me 😮😮😮😮😮

    • WhosImmortal

      at some point, yes

  • Samuel

    Oh no are they gonna nerf the new sniper 😖😥

  • Sai Vittal Jadav
    Sai Vittal Jadav

    When is the free multiplayer weekend coming?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Koshi

    I just pre-ordered the Black Ops Cold War Ultimate bundle. Can't wait to hop on Zombies with the bois!

  • imanishay

    Why is it every update they improve 1 thing but make 10 things worse

  • Crispy Eggs
    Crispy Eggs

    How immortal picks up chicks: "Hey hi , how u doin? "

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller

    Intel Glitch: This has been working for me, after you find the piece of intel don't back out, finish the round and you should be fine.

  • Sand Man35
    Sand Man35

    The game hasn’t just Crashed almost every time I play it, but it crashes discord and sometimes my computer crashes entirely

  • Antonio Plata
    Antonio Plata

    Anyone could tell me if with this patch they fix the dev error 6036 in xbox?

  • ThatGuyThere

    I came here for Call of Duty news not some god damn INTEL, and you wonder why 50% of your "watchers" are not subscribed.. not trying to hate great channel i just think you lose track of thought? Idk man kinda gets me mad... just my honest opinion.

    • WhosImmortal

      The reason 50% of people aren't subscribed is because my videos are getting recommended frequently. the higher that number the better actually. Also, the intel relates to the news my dude

  • pedro tanure
    pedro tanure


  • TrollMonkey

    Crap, no Ghost coin at the tunnel entrance by the hospital.

  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez

    Thanks I will need this for more xp!

    • WhosImmortal

      No problem!

  • sean - no
    sean - no

    You never talk about the crushes.

    • sean - no
      sean - no

      @WhosImmortal thanks man👍.

    • WhosImmortal

      Yes, we did, for well over a minute lmao

  • Benjamin Linus
    Benjamin Linus

    Heyyy new subscriber. Say hey hi

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for the sub!!

  • Mychael J
    Mychael J

    Hey man, can we give it up to Immortal and all his hard work and dedication! Bro be dropping vids left and right with the spicy intel!

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores

    the video is great!