Call Of Duty WARZONE: The NUKE EVENT Is Coming… (SEASON 6)
The NUKE EVENT in Call of Duty WARZONE is now a whole lot closer thanks to the latest teaser from Infinity Ward via the New Threats Intel!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the latest teaser we have regarding the NUKE EVENT in Call of Duty WARZONE! Earlier this week we got the New Threats Intel, the final intel for COD WARZONE for Season 5 and it reveals a lot about the backstory and plans for the Nuke Event that should be coming in Season 6! Call Of Duty WARZONE Season 6 should end off with the Nuke Event taking place, sending the storyline into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! Via the New threats intel, we know now how the Nuke got onto the Warzone map in the first place, and who intends to use it to change Verdansk forever!

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  • WhosImmortal

    The Nuke Event is coming soon! Season 6 should be pretty crazy story-wise according to the teasers from this week's intel! Thanks for tuning in :D


      What about ursikstan the map that was supposed to come in season 4

    • Exotic Milk
      Exotic Milk

      Nuke more like big boom bomb goes brrrr

    • Disk Jockey Manny
      Disk Jockey Manny

      Can you please tell me if the new warzone map will have black ops cold war engine? Because it will really suck

    • SyntaxW

      Bruv, you are pronouncing Zakhaev's name wrong elemeyo. It's Zah-Hah-Yev

    • Jacob Judd
      Jacob Judd

      Just wondering why have you stopped saying respawn for code immortal

  • AustinBeGone


  • Soulless Wolf
    Soulless Wolf

    wow didnt show collect intel for me.

  • ThatOneArchie vXv
    ThatOneArchie vXv

    Pathetic season 6

  • Diego Herrarte
    Diego Herrarte

    So what happens after the event? we can't play warzone unless we have Cold war??

  • cattigereyes1

    No new maps in season 6 was a total disappointment

  • Disconnect

    Me: Yay Season 6 My hard drive: 0__________0

  • Jeremy Nabors
    Jeremy Nabors

    Quick question, has there always been a dead cow or two in farmland or is that new?

    • Jeremy Nabors
      Jeremy Nabors

      @davidsalinas9 ha I never noticed! Thanks

    • davidsalinas9

      It's been there lol

  • Iroc Bunch
    Iroc Bunch

    theyve been sayin its gonna happen aince season 4 started n never did. its not gonna ever happen. its jus to hype erbody up. the nuke event is bs.

    • WhosImmortal

      No one's been saying it's gonna happen based on anything factual lol. It's all leaks, which mean nothing for the timeline. This is coming directly from the game bud.

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    It's been coming soon for the past 3 months

    • Michael Hickman
      Michael Hickman

      @WhosImmortal oh right, that makes sense

    • WhosImmortal

      not in the actual storyline. Leaks mean nothing for the timeline lmao this is coming directly from the story

  • Mars

    Not to be anoyying or anything, but I’ve been grinding for the blue dot, obsidian for the bruen, and going to get the veliken operater bundle for the tracers. Now all I need is the class setup. Could you tell me the attachments you have at the start of the video for your bruen?

  • david sackrowitz
    david sackrowitz

    Do I have to do all this in battle royale or plunder

    • WhosImmortal

      either or, plunder is way easier tho

  • Luke’s Politics
    Luke’s Politics

    Season 4: NUKE Season 5: NUKE Season 6: NUKE It probably isn’t going to happen lol

    • WhosImmortal

      Everything up until this point has been leaks. That means literally nothing for the timeline. This is coming directly from the game lol

  • Samet Haklı
    Samet Haklı

    Ich versteh kein Wort amk

  • GoudaGuerrilla

    Love the content, love the vids. Keep it coming brother

    • WhosImmortal


  • Alexander Corvenus
    Alexander Corvenus

    I like how my code dont work

  • Leopards0 Gaming
    Leopards0 Gaming

    I just got the season 5 emblem and I feel empty inside

  • Drippzy _
    Drippzy _


  • B L
    B L

    If I hear pawn takes pawn one more time I’m gonna lose it lolol That Easter egg stuff is so lame and boring lol the last one was a real let down

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    Wow I’m eager to see what the map will look like after the nuke? Gonna be a very interesting last Season. Thank you for another awesome video x

  • Zeyerv

    Imagine seeing the Nuke Event appear, you get 3 minutes timer to make it to a Exfil location which will be highlighted on the map. Everybody has to movo to that location, creating an action packed area since the last one standing will get away and win the game. While the nuke destroys the map.

  • Bonzerjarl

    Awesome video can’t wait for the new update I love the new content keep up the good work 👍

  • Team_90zz


    • WhosImmortal


  • Abe Plus
    Abe Plus

    I couldn’t help but wince every time he said z a k a e y a v It’s Za Kha yev

    • Abe Plus
      Abe Plus

      @WhosImmortal damn didn't expect you to reply . First time in your channel . I guess to your point it's not as easy if you're not a native tongue .

    • WhosImmortal

      Characters pronounce it both ways in the campaign. That's what I go off of

  • Christopher Reyes
    Christopher Reyes

    Is this something special or can regular players do this ? I tried on plunder but did not get anything i seen gold coin laying on the hay bale then ran into a hacker n his frnd, shot with sniper close range no damage. But killed me 10 times

    • Christopher Reyes
      Christopher Reyes

      @WhosImmortal okay thank you

    • WhosImmortal

      Sometimes the intel can glitch out and you can't pick it up. Unfortunately there's no fixes as of now

  • MAXGL76

    Ok just saying what if this also takes place where they launch the nuke but captain price and his team and demon dogs stop the nukes in mid ocean just like cod 4 or am i just going insane?

  • Dylan Reynolds
    Dylan Reynolds

    Radiation from the nuke is going to cause there to be zombies included in the next map

  • King Creeper
    King Creeper

    Season 6 just can not be the last season! I don't want it to end! I have been debating on buying the S6 battle pass but if it is the last I have to buy it! R.I.P MW

  • Connor Beemish
    Connor Beemish

    Hey man, used your GFUEL discount code for 30% off. Thanks!

    • Connor Beemish
      Connor Beemish

      @WhosImmortal Keep up the good content!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for using my code man!

  • voodooo69

    Please just nuke the whole game and move on.

  • God1st

    What they should add in Season6 is Cinco’s Hexa’s Hepta’s Octa’s I want to play with all the BROS!

  • Ventos

    Love the fact that one of the guys he's hunting in Plunder is named "NiceKuracBuddy", so "NiceCockBuddy".

  • Mason

    Dp you have to do all season 5 Intel to be able to do this mission? I get to the ghost coin in farmland and it won't let me interact

    • WhosImmortal

      Sometimes the intel bugs out unfortunately

  • Mr H
    Mr H

    *hits joint and plays solo* "3 kills total, damn it's a good day." 😂😁😂

  • michael eastvold
    michael eastvold

    For the past 3 seasons everyone’s been saying there’s a nuke that’s gonna change the whole map and there never us

    • WhosImmortal

      Only reason people knew about it was leaks, which dont mean anything time-wise. This is actually coming from in game events. Entirely different.

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    Heard rumors of verdansk going dark.. any confirmation of night play?

    • WhosImmortal

      only leaks so far

  • matt george
    matt george

    Dealing with the sweatys going for the bunker in plunder quads made this kindof annoying to do solo

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    Thouse intel are broken too on ps4 . Can't take the first one just like the one of season 3

  • Xavier Zuniga
    Xavier Zuniga


  • thepieguy 123
    thepieguy 123

    What is your bruen class?

    • WhosImmortal

      same setup as in my top loadouts for Season 5 video :)

  • Ghost Warrior
    Ghost Warrior

    Anyone getting next gen consoles?

  • XRxevenge Xx
    XRxevenge Xx

    I love this guys vids 😎😎😎😎

    • WhosImmortal


    Going to be gutted when Cold War comes out, no more Modern Warfare content.... yeah, not a fan of Cold War from what I’ve seen

  • BUAHMED 1984
    BUAHMED 1984


  • Frankie Robinson
    Frankie Robinson

    Thank god i bought a TB i have 2 other games pushing 100gb.

  • low-key

    Ohhh so was everything since know you’re history filler until now?

  • Chris Saunders
    Chris Saunders

    Man Indo love your content, but ahem respectfully Tracer packs are fkg ridiculous


    Simply ur the best cod info

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate that my dude

  • Dean Carter
    Dean Carter

    Perseus IS Adler...

    • Dean Carter
      Dean Carter

      @WhosImmortal ;)

    • WhosImmortal

      nope ;)

  • Adam Zygowski
    Adam Zygowski

    I think we will play this game at least another year

  • Aredpickle7563

    I'm so confused how is black ops cold war connecting to modern warfare if black ops is set in 1986 (I think)and modern warfare is set in 2019-2020 unless cold war is a prequel to a call of duty soft-reaboot universe

  • UN0

    I still don’t understand how arm 3-1 is woods should he be dead or old as shit by now how did he escape while being a 80 or 90 year old

    • WhosImmortal

      he is old

  • Μιχαλης Καρκακελας
    Μιχαλης Καρκακελας

    So are we gonna have to download cold war without buying it too???just to play warzone?

  • NLrenzo

    So the nuke goes off and zombies rise from the dead ( there are leaked battle royale zombie voicelines )

    • sorro_4891

      Damn that will be awesome imagine a destroyed verdansk with zombies

  • Vipers Instinct
    Vipers Instinct

    Damn hopefully we can still play wz on mw cuz I've seen videos and played cold war and it didnt seem very fun

  • fraserdoig09 2
    fraserdoig09 2

    Im in the school bus

  • ZyRo

    Wait so season6 is going to be the last season for modern warfare

    • sorro_4891

      @ZyRo idk i dont work in activision

    • ZyRo

      sorro_4891 are you still going to be able to play or naw

    • sorro_4891


  • Aleksi Karppinen
    Aleksi Karppinen

    im stuck at the last inter mission where you had to go to stadium and find the keys to open the door, can i finish this new intel mission or do i have to finish the intel im stuck with?

  • iMingles

    Can you release the game play at 1:21? There are still 4 teams and 11 people in final circle, we need to watch this madness

    • WhosImmortal

      the gameplay is in this video lol

  • Mayhem

    Day 11 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy goddddddd , I am suppeeeeeerrrrrrrrr Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Derpy Hooves
    Derpy Hooves

    I can't wait to abuse new weapons and exploit their velocity

  • Michael Mace
    Michael Mace

    We’re all first when we peep an immortal video ✊

  • Josiah Wilkie
    Josiah Wilkie

    Ok, how do you get past the victor charlie page? Can't figure it out

  • Nicasio Baa
    Nicasio Baa

    And they need To add the Intervention Sniper rifle

  • Nicasio Baa
    Nicasio Baa

    Wait so They not gonna add terminal for Season 6

  • bruhbruh mc yeet
    bruhbruh mc yeet

    Ayy Immortal! Just wondering when soap is coming out.

    • bruhbruh mc yeet
      bruhbruh mc yeet

      Well that's just disappointing. :(

    • WhosImmortal

      no one knows. He was never announced or leaked. Probably won't be apart of this game

  • Rodrigo Flores
    Rodrigo Flores

    OK i dont know if someone else asked this but 10:44, having an advanced UAV, why the dude you run over doesnt show up on the map? Sorry if i mispelled something, my native isnt english.

    • Rodrigo Flores
      Rodrigo Flores

      @WhosImmortal I used to tough that even if u had ghost, the map showed you a red dot, not a arrow. Anyway I really feel that your content has a lot of unique things. I really started watching your gameplays and for the first time I can feel related. Everybody out there are killing machines that always locate where's the enemy is and watching your gameplays made me started to play again this game. Is like your gameplays are more natural and real and not always smooth as others. Anyway man keep the good work. Your are the icon figure of the common mortal like me. Again sorry if I misspelled something. Cheers

    • WhosImmortal

      ghost hides you on the AUAV

  • Riley FromGho3t
    Riley FromGho3t

    I Cant play I CANT PLAY

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    I reckon end of season 6

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    They gonna attach the warhead in bunker 11 to the missile in bunker 10. Bunker 10 is a Guided Missile and needs the nuke attached to be anything nuke worthy

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    You dont need EMP to get intel. I did without that

  • HJG Artworks
    HJG Artworks

    So hold up, season six is supposed to be the last season of war zone? Or is it supposed to be still a thing in Cold War

    • WhosImmortal

      yep, it wont be changing in that regard

    • HJG Artworks
      HJG Artworks

      WhosImmortal but will it still be free to play if warzones already downloaded, I’m sorry I just don’t know

    • WhosImmortal

      Cold war will have Season 1 for Warzone :)

  • SPxDaxBoSS

    Maybe we'll get nuketown

  • Smokey 316
    Smokey 316

    Imagine waiting 6 seasons for a big in game event that was announced in season 2 🤦🏻‍♂️😂👎

    • WhosImmortal

      It was never announced. Still hasn't been announced. It was only ever leaked, which doesn't mean anything concrete lmao

  • UNDOllamas YT
    UNDOllamas YT

    Amazing Video man. I cant wait till you Hit 1 Million subs. Your such a inspiration and always have an amazing attitude

  • Firas Ali
    Firas Ali

    Its always good news in ur channel!

    • WhosImmortal

  • Brosama Bin Laden
    Brosama Bin Laden

    i just want a soap skin man

  • KKLC 547
    KKLC 547

    Will the stadium easter egg remove? (Enigma gun) Because my friend and me planning to do it tomorrow or after the season 5

  • GAVINK09

    I have 3 terabytes on me xbox

  • Jacob Troutman
    Jacob Troutman

    New threats

  • Brewa095

    10:06 It's location in Poland and Goolge says that "meteorite reserve" is located there. Perhaps there is some connection between nazi ocupation of Poland, zombies and meteorite :o. I'm not into zombies plot so perhaps it's obvious.

    • WhosImmortal

      Yeah major zombies vibes here for sure

  • Max _
    Max _

    Since the mp5 will be in cold war, will my tracer pack will go over to mp? Or just wz? Im also curious, any news about mw camo's going over? Would be awesome if i could use damascus in bocw

  • x3_Nuzzles

    Every time I put in the code to get the TAC Rover skin it just tells me “Not Found” wtf?

  • Its leapyear
    Its leapyear


  • NoSanitii

    Would it be vile if u play as Farah with the gas grenade as ur tactical

  • Caden Ousley
    Caden Ousley

    Great vid as always sorry I’m late to this one

    • WhosImmortal

      All good man :D

  • Stan Playz
    Stan Playz

    Remember bowlman career was quick

  • D515

    When will they fix this bug. Still cant do intel mission

  • Squirrely

    Day 48 of saying Yee Yee, life is life ig I’m late

  • Blank Beetle
    Blank Beetle

    Ahhhh yes the nuke that's going to make downtown a pile of rubble, the dream is so close to coming true 😭

  • Ethan Beall
    Ethan Beall

    So I’m guessing verdansk at night will be outta the picture I’m guessing I was kinda wanting that to happen


    Russian text says: For People That Layed Their Head For The Motherland

  • TooManyShots Gaming
    TooManyShots Gaming


  • James Smith
    James Smith

    We hear this every season

    • WhosImmortal

      all from leaks lol. This is the only time it's come directly from IW

  • Schmakit

    Hey immortal I was wondering if you were going to give out the new battle pass? (Today was my birthday 🥳)

    • Schmakit

      I meant to put btw it’s my birthday

  • Adios Amingo
    Adios Amingo

    I wish camp grinding is not the hard in Cold War

  • Darth Riley26
    Darth Riley26

    My skin doesn't shows up


    Wtf is all this shit ? Why dont they focus on eliminating bugs and fixing severs?


      WhosImmortal that’s some good answer. Not gonna lie

    • WhosImmortal

      two different teams lol

  • TheGeechman

    Will the nuke destroy all of the cheaters? Like sym?

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