Modern Warfare: All MAJOR Changes In Today’s NEW UPDATE!
Here's everything that just changed in the NEW UPDATE in Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down all the MAJOR CHANGES that came to Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE in the brand new update! Today Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty WARZONE got a brand new update featuring some new modes, weapon variants, & more! While today’s Update wasn’t anything too huge for COD MW or Warzone it did bring new modes to Multiplayer and Warzone, alongside a new shop refresh, plus we got some other new intel on what could be, the potential future of Warzone as well!
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  • WhosImmortal

    New Tuesday, new Update, same tacos! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Bard Loves Chimes
      Bard Loves Chimes

      Thanks for telling us how big the update is! I hate trying to find it in patch notes

    • JADE

      Ayo they forgot about the butterfly knife

    • Kaisan Aganta
      Kaisan Aganta

      C 'mon almost 6k

    • Vlad Skirko
      Vlad Skirko

      Bruh I was actually eating tacos while watching this vid

    • kinggoku56

      Actually eating Chinese today instead of tacos 😂

  • tanaka ken
    tanaka ken


  • hope confer
    hope confer

    counting stars

  • Dalton Farley
    Dalton Farley

    hahaha, well the bug still hasent been fixed

  • Scrub Playz
    Scrub Playz

    600k subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congratulations Immortal!

  • Island boy Production
    Island boy Production

    Thank god I grinded all challenges before this bug

  • Vmondude's Asylum
    Vmondude's Asylum

    With the pumpkin punisher I had a glitch where the last unlock from storage town wasn’t completing. I did manage to fix it though, I restored the licences on PS4 account settings and then the next flaming confetti chest unlocked the gun 👍

  • Brotherman

    Found the cleaver in BR (Gulag), but i never got it

  • Kobe Vargas
    Kobe Vargas

    After collecting all the 16 chests, I thought it was bugged as well but I ended up getting the blue print after searching through more chest. Might be a bug or they didn't really explain it right.

  • ginger

    I'm waiting for the pumpkin punisher fix ):

  • Bobby Thornton
    Bobby Thornton

    Anyone else not gotten the pumpkin rifle reward?

  • Mike Steen
    Mike Steen

    I was so bummed out when I didn't get the pumpkin punisher blueprint.

  • DieseWaschbär

    after video and video i think u desere that sub;D gotta supp from now on

    • WhosImmortal

  • Eddington Cañete
    Eddington Cañete

    Secret station has been improved

  • Shahzam Ahmed
    Shahzam Ahmed

    My boy only 1k away from 600k

  • Yeeterson peeterson
    Yeeterson peeterson

    They should add an FOV slider in COD ps4

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    1 sub to go!

  • David Salcedo
    David Salcedo

    600K here we come ! immortal fam !🙌

  • Guitars & Gaming
    Guitars & Gaming

    I’ve given up. My modern warfare disk has the copying add on glitch and I can’t fix it. I’ve deleted it. Cleaned the disk. And deleted my add ons and saved data. Still says copying add on

  • FrozenGallows

    Zachs invalid use of "AKA" makes me mad🤣🤣

  • Murder

    Snipers only got broken already... had people running around with m4s

  • 5Ai `
    5Ai `

    can you tell on devs. they add a PPK-20 SMG on MW

  • 300 bucks is money
    300 bucks is money

    After this small update my game started lagging like hell

  • Only5kFrmP4

    How to fix shadow ban bro?

    • Only5kFrmP4

      @WhosImmortal bet bro

    • WhosImmortal

      don't think its possible tbh, gotta wait til it runs out

  • J.P. Marion
    J.P. Marion

    Zack, you are freakin' awesome. Keep up the great content on this channel. Appreciate the news updates! Stay spicy!

    • WhosImmortal


  • emilio idk
    emilio idk

    by sunday you will have the 600k

  • Jagger McCarroll
    Jagger McCarroll

    Hey immortal did the x16 get buffed

    • Jagger McCarroll
      Jagger McCarroll

      @WhosImmortal that’s weird I played yesterday and got three shot by it all body

    • WhosImmortal

      dont believe so

  • Duke Heard
    Duke Heard

    Onslaughter has gotten boring

  • Clap Orbez
    Clap Orbez

    I think that activision should add a competitive mode. A bit like arena from Fortnite. The points should be for kills and placement. Tell me what you think.

  • im_just_a_gamer ._.
    im_just_a_gamer ._.

    Idk why but I can’t find snipers only

  • Bruh Momentz
    Bruh Momentz

    I subed cause I honestly have been enjoying your content. Keep it going!

    • Bruh Momentz
      Bruh Momentz

      @WhosImmortal No problem man always nice to see someone who cares ✌

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for the sub!

  • runnie liu
    runnie liu

    For the Sniper TDM, I found that you can use your own loadout by selecting your loadout on your number key pad.

  • Sniping_Ninja

    What about the butterfly knife @WhosImmortal

    • WhosImmortal

      coming in the next few weeks

  • TrollMonkey

    8 months later I still only have 900 COD points.

  • Hunter knight
    Hunter knight

    When are they going to fix the bug where you get your Halloween blueprint

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • bicurious george
    bicurious george

    subscribed to ya

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks dude :D

  • Steven Cavin
    Steven Cavin

    Once again all the information with no bs. Thanks

  • PotatoCat420

    guys. Shoot house or triple feed weekend, you can only pick one

  • Ed El
    Ed El

    When are they making tracers for all guns and not specific guns?

  • Garrett Lowe
    Garrett Lowe

    only 2k away u got this

  • Cartell Brown
    Cartell Brown

    What’s your support a creator tag. Bout to preorder Cold War...

    • Cartell Brown
      Cartell Brown

      @WhosImmortal dang it bro. If you get it setup before Nov. 2 let me know.... want to support you more. I appreciate the content you put out. Have a blessed day...

    • WhosImmortal

      unfortunately I don't have one :(

  • Frankie Bars
    Frankie Bars

    Its gonna suck wen zombies royal is over its been the most fun playing WZ ive had an pretty much the only time i play warzone

  • Daniel Leyland
    Daniel Leyland

    Zombie Royale God Cheat: when you are a zombie, grab your first purple stim thing, get yourself somewhere safe and switch your button layout to tactical (in options menu) this switches your melee and slide/crouch buttons. Next find your last purple stim but just as your about to grab it rapidly smash the melee button and dont stop. The melee animation gets in the way of the stim animation so as long as you keep melee smashing you will not turn back into a human. Simply wait for everyone to die, stop melee smash and you win. As soon as you touch your second purple stim you disappear to all other players and you become invincible too. You can spin around and look about while melee smashing but you cannot move. The more people who know about this and exploit it the better so it may actually be fixed before they take zombie warzone away Edit: can I get a pin?

  • Tax Fraud
    Tax Fraud

    2 k away your so close

  • Tom Blackfyre
    Tom Blackfyre

    Guys please help do you know if you can get the halloween rewards in chests in the normal warzone modes? Plunder is now daytime and every crate I open gives me no halloween rewards

  • Miller Light
    Miller Light

    Wtf would they take our quads to force us to play that wake ass night shit hate when they enforce shit like that

  • orange 1
    orange 1

    I just want shoot the ship

  • Rey P.
    Rey P.

    I just need 20 support streaks for strela and some challenges for the jokr and it's so hard cause no one calls in anything. I just need those 2 for damascus but at the same time its gonna take forever

  • Avyay Mynampati
    Avyay Mynampati

    I just realised that Warzone teased menendez in cold war if you look at the season 6 battle pass tier 58 there is a sticker called "brother" with a man on it that looks like menendez also it being called brother is a reference to him being Josephina's brother and with her being his main motivation

  • DadSalvation

    Dude, I love you but you gotta eliminate all the filler. There was about 1 min of info there in a 9 min video. I know 10 min videos generate more revenue but if there’s not enough content for a 10 min video then just cut the fat.

    • WhosImmortal

      This isn't a 10 minute video (which isn't a relevant statement anymore, they changed the rules) and if you think only 1 minute of this is actual info, you gotta pay more attention my guy lmao.

  • Craig

    They should make an extra custom map select list so you get to play those with your chosen game modes

  • Dimitri Vegas
    Dimitri Vegas

    Update size?


    Zombie royale is trash, stimulus was the best limited time mode

  • Psytrux

    Just played infected for the weekly challenge and had no idea they put zombies in it.

  • Daniel Pons
    Daniel Pons

    Bro I’m so happy ghost got some love. Every single skin that’s dope is always for the allegiance I feel like the Coalition has about the ugliest operators and skins

  • RJ Hillman
    RJ Hillman

    It's ridiculous that IW can't even get their loot reward systems working correctly. Do they not test? Do they not care? Or do they not care?

  • 悲しい.

    I’m sad this cod didn’t do cod days of summer event FeelsBadMan

  • Grim Vader
    Grim Vader

    Are you gonna continue making videos for modern once cold war drops or not?

    • Grim Vader
      Grim Vader


    • Grim Vader
      Grim Vader

      @WhosImmortal Thank you so much Immortal I'm a big fan of you and moderj and I just didn't want to see it go!

    • WhosImmortal

      if MW gets updated, I'll cover it :)

  • Ricky Singh
    Ricky Singh

    Another bug on the ps4 when using the controller set up on bumper ping, zombie gas grenades don't recharge, you only get the one grenade, emp can not be activated. They all use the same button

  • Yasin Selman
    Yasin Selman

    Hi guys, what i am about to say might sound really weird now but due to currency values (exchange rates) in my country, it is 10 times more expensive to buy Modern warfare so i can never afford it :(. If someone who is wealthy is reading this, can they gift me that please? :( My Battlenet ID : YasinUstaga#2779

  • Triggun Huffman
    Triggun Huffman

    I also had the exact same issue with my pumpkin punisher as well

    • Triggun Huffman
      Triggun Huffman

      thank you very much bro I appreciate dude

  • Larry Welser
    Larry Welser

    Thank God for plunder in the day it seemed so off at night compared to BR at night

  • Larry Welser
    Larry Welser

    Just put shipment in

  • Larry Welser
    Larry Welser

    I don't even cringe at the update sizes anymore, I have a hard drive just for MW

  • Vincent Mcrae
    Vincent Mcrae

    It says snipers only yet i play against people with mp5s, I don’t understand🤷🏻 Anywho, thanks for the info dude, hope you hit that 600k you deserve it


    not really bothered about Halloween and ghosts but they should keep the night versions of plunder and battle royal not to mention anyone that was doing trick or treat now has to run around BR to collect the trick or treat stuff as normal plunder is back in day without Halloween stuff even though they said you still got 6 days to go

  • CrippyQuay

    Does anyone know his MP7 loadout in the background gameplay?

  • Lord Timothy
    Lord Timothy

    Idk when they fu ked w the blue cars bit its well annoying theyve messed with the weight dostribution so they flip on even small hills

  • Good Doge
    Good Doge

    They need to keep the zombies mode! Its just the BEST

  • Someone

    Umm anyone gettimg lots of contrabands in the monster quads?

  • Painted_Smile

    when is the butterfly knife coming? shouldnt it have dropped last week?

    • WhosImmortal

      roadmap items don't have a specific release date

  • Lehxiam Lehxiam
    Lehxiam Lehxiam

    Do you use Cronus Max? You barely have recoil

    • WhosImmortal

      nope, not about to waste money on something my brain can do lol

  • Zach Dunlap
    Zach Dunlap

    I am not liking the fact that I'm not going to get a chance to do warzone at night I do hope they bring it back at a later date

  • Tendedtube498

    Do any of you know why when I did my challenge for the pumpkin blueprint and I didn’t get it

    • Tendedtube498

      @The XRoyalProX ok thank you it’s a shame

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      This game is buggy so I wouldn’t doubt that it’s bugged out

  • Knox Brown
    Knox Brown

    I think Shipment and Shoothouse should always be available!!!!!

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      Yea you’re right kinda like nuke town in black ops

  • OfficerMofiz

    Azrael is the name of the angel of death in Islam! I see what you did there Activation!

  • Reaper

    Wait what? I just bought the Grim Reaper bundle cause I thought it looked super dope but didn't realize IT JUST CAME OUT?

    • samuel socha
      samuel socha

      it came out in the weekend

  • Carl Thompson
    Carl Thompson

    Where is the free multiplayer weekend season 6?

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      They’ve done it before so I’m sure it will come

  • Sean Pearson
    Sean Pearson

    Also I discovered something yesterday. Go to the second plane on the airport maintenance runway (should be the one in between the hangaon the runway) and look at whats on the ramp, and the loading cart next to the ramp. It hasn't been there up until today, and im.surprised there's no video about it

  • Orions Whim
    Orions Whim

    I completed that halloween event last week. Still have yet to get my pumpkin rifle blueprint.. wtf

  • Sapphire Glitter
    Sapphire Glitter

    Thought pumpkin punisher was announced as an m4 blueprint . Did it get changed?


    I can’t with this game anymore

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      I surely can, what’s wrong ?

  • jackcat89

    When’s the butterfly knife coming out?

  • Chisaki Pogi
    Chisaki Pogi

    The new ghost operator have a bug the bug is while sliding the cape is popping on the screen

  • Jerusalem

    @WhosImmortal Bro I want a butterfly knife when they add?

  • jrzmark

    this man said “is-ray-ul”

  • myakal sridevi
    myakal sridevi

    Everyone - got to know the info Nobody - Myself - so nobody r going to talk about minute 0.47 My guy just said we r just 4k subs away from 600k


    And same hi how ya doin

  • Amer Montaner
    Amer Montaner

    On that pumpkin skin is that i get it all the 16 crates but i did not get the skin but suddenly while i was playing i opened another box from Train(moving train) so i get the pumpkin skin so over all i opened 2 train station to unlock it. Idk some of you guys need to double other crates lol. Just sharin.

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    That Ghost Skin is absolutely beautiful , but unfortunately , 1500 cod points 😂 Immortal is awesomeness to the next level


    Still havn’t touched this season cause of no shipment lol

    • DIGGS

      @The XRoyalProX Amen

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      Piccadilly is better than shipment !

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    Anyone know if the Gaz operator missions are fixed yet? His S4(?) skins are pretty nice.

  • Marcel Thompson
    Marcel Thompson

    I'm not the best warzone player... i range from 2 to 6 kills a game. my all time high is 11 kills... if there's anyone out there who doesn't care about KD/records. Would love if you added me on COD. 🤟🏽

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      Getting a kill is good in itself, some people can’t even get one

  • jxst1ce xoxo
    jxst1ce xoxo

    They should keep the night mode, just saying.

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      If they remove it IW Is Brain dead

  • tanda0410 yo *
    tanda0410 yo *


    • WhosImmortal

      hi :)

  • Krazy killar47
    Krazy killar47

    The coin operations 3 bundle is the shitest ive ever seen. It was advertised with a pink grau 5.56 wich would have made it somewhat worthwhile for those who are into stuff like that.

  • Hi

    One day there will be a final, hey, hi , how you doing?😔

  • Ethan_The_Official

    Hey IMMORTAL Great video... But The Grim Reaper pack was out yesterday.....

    • WhosImmortal

      thats what I said :)

  • Khayri Newton
    Khayri Newton

    ive subscribed

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • Rodney Weatherspoon
    Rodney Weatherspoon

    Didn’t get my pumpkin punisher 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️