Modern Warfare: All MISSING LEAKS! (Season 7, New DLC Weapons, & MORE!)
Here's all the Missing LEAKED content we have in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down all the MISSING LEAKS in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE! Today we're going over all the missing leaked content that we've known about in COD WARZONE and Modern Warfare, but it still hasn't been added into the game. With Season 6 winding down now, the idea of Season 7 for Warzone and COD MW is still up in the air, but with this many leaked Weapons, Operators, Maps, modes, & more, it seems like there's still a lot more content coming to MW over the coming weeks and months!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Lots of content that's still nowhere to be found... The next few weeks in Modern Warfare and WARZONE are gonna be very interesting! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Spam Account
      Spam Account

      HEY! Where can I email you?! Found a new pistol with that white texture and renetti sound effects. Email me at please and I’ll send the vid!

    • Jimbo

      @Robert Alegria it’s a damn shotgun of course you’d win

    • Tim Market
      Tim Market

      What about the makarov pistol

    • Eddie Price
      Eddie Price

      Immortal, watch the haunting trailer, the voice over isn’t Thorne, could it be Griggs?

    • blazing sniper
      blazing sniper

      the Vector is the Fennec not the Iso

  • Kim Tong Un
    Kim Tong Un

    I hope that in this season there will finally be a good skin for Grinch

  • 「ZED」

    the HK G28 is under Assault Rifles tho, sho I hope it actually is a good Assault rifle, we don't need more Marksman Rifles or snipers. Also they fucked the SKS and now its no fun to use.

  • Connor

    Really hoping to see the g28

  • 2fps doggo
    2fps doggo

    warzone prop hunt i like it

  • Javier Cruz
    Javier Cruz

    I’m tier 65 and I hope they just cancel 7 and let us keep leveling up on 6 lol

  • flyingmanforfun

    The CZ scorpion will be released, there are gameplay videos of it, its missing reload sound and some textures

  • Michael Hauserman
    Michael Hauserman

    Cold War is so bad I’m praying for a Season 7 that is unlikely to happen.. 😐

  • Tariq Jaradat
    Tariq Jaradat

    A couple of days ago I played bo4 it was weired. Like when a new cod gets released the old one ome just go and honestly bo4 was tons of fun but I felt bad for some reason

  • ForburyLion

    Maybe future COD season passes will cover multiple games so you unlock something for Cold War, then something for Modern Warfare and both can be used in Warzone and you earn XP towards these in either game. I can see Activision keeping Modern Warfare alive so they can sell us all an X-Series/PS5 graphics upgrade.

  • Orange Jacket
    Orange Jacket

    When will they release the FSB bundle, it’s been too long, it should’ve come out 3 seasons ago 🤦‍♂️

    • Orange Jacket
      Orange Jacket

      @Rice Man it was released today

    • Orange Jacket
      Orange Jacket

      @Rice Man u sure, it’s an allegiance milsim skin with an ak variant, unless it came out today

    • Rice Man
      Rice Man

      Its been released for a long long time bro.

  • Lotus Rain
    Lotus Rain

    Cold war is dog shit. I want a refund.. It's nothing like MW

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    I want the Honey Badger from Ghost

  • Your mad sus
    Your mad sus

    I want soap or Yuri to be in season 7😔

  • I don't even care anymore
    I don't even care anymore

    I was looking through the files and founds other stuff as well probably Cold War bundle as well as and maybe Black Ops 4, Zombies character bundle I have found Adler, KGB, ST1 to 5, DGI, SOAP, CIA, German Police, Russian Police, Russian Sailor, SAS, MI6, Spetsnaz, Delta Force, Navy seal, Sims Then I also found other files maybe left over or maybe a new bundle. Scarlett , Hudson, Mason, Matt, Menendez, Replacer, Trejo. Brutus, Butler, Stanton, Takeo, Dempsy, Honour Guard, Raz Rapper Battery Assassin, Blackjack, Buffer, Engineer, Hacker, Nomad, Ruin, SWAT, Serapah, Spectre.

  • Titus Webb
    Titus Webb

    Thats some strangely accurate recoil control🤔

    • WhosImmortal

      learn the recoil patterns my dude, all it takes

  • Sirocco the Dawnbreaker
    Sirocco the Dawnbreaker

    so they're finally dropping the Soap sorry my homie

  • Anime Thighs
    Anime Thighs

    Let's go bocw is basically bo4 2.0

  • Beast

    Also I have to grind season 6 battle pass I want it so badly

    • Beast

      Bearly level like 50

  • Beast

    This is the last season right? Cause I want more

    • WhosImmortal

      we dont know yet

  • slymp11 idk
    slymp11 idk

    Tbh I just want a automatic pistol and right before anybody say we have the renetti I want a full automatic pistol not a burst pistol

  • duble0peeder

    I hope they bring back Armored Warzone, that was super fun

  • papiboot

    Vector is definitely not the iso

  • Jhared Marcelo
    Jhared Marcelo

    "Hey hi" My brain: Subscribe

  • DeepFriedNexus

    I hope this game never dies because i don't want to go back to Roblox and Watchdogs.

  • Snooze 486
    Snooze 486

    I’m glad Cold War coming out this week. So all these duck walking riot shield camping clowns can go ruin that experience for somebody else. Maybe I can enjoy the game again

  • Brendan Tan
    Brendan Tan

    Should I buy modern warfare now

  • 2021

    on my mw ps4 cover says on the right corner "update support until October 1st 2020"

  • MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式
    MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式

    Season 6 was a mess. I absolutely hated that season... I hope S7 they release some good Mil-Sim skins. Absolutely atrocious on S6. But I can’t argue S5 they gave me my favourite faction of the game.

  • YOUTUBE SpeedythareaL
    YOUTUBE SpeedythareaL

    Not buyin Cold War

  • Jose Ranhola
    Jose Ranhola

    So I end up the same, not knowing if there will be season 7 for sure -_-

  • Jordan Schallitz
    Jordan Schallitz

    Uhm... the fennic is a vector... not the ISO but alrighty

  • Zak Hoyt
    Zak Hoyt

    Please god give us the HK G28!!! I’ve been wanting them to add the Hk 416 from the beginning and if we could get the G28 with options to convert it into all the HK variants of the 416 then I would be so fucking happy! It’s so weird that they haven’t added the 416 because it is such a famous modern day assault rifle that people would love. I also really wish they could add in a HK PSG1 or an HK MSG90!

  • Jokerr

    Hopefully S7 doesn’t have repeat operators in the tiers. Mara hasn’t had a skin since S3.

  • tattytaiger

    Man, I'm just so comfortable with MW. If you right now play a past CoD game, you feel like a potato MW’s mobility is just excellent. Hope they keep supporting the game.

  • Max Fisher
    Max Fisher

    Cold war is BS

  • Itz Jordan
    Itz Jordan

    Nah I used to the normal warzone I don't want them to change it

  • Dark_Blaze

    600k gg dudde

  • LMarci

    I never was a cod fan, but mw 2019 is one of my favorite fps games of all time. I literally can't play any other cod, but this one is amazing. I really hope they will continue to support this game, since I didn't like cold war a bit.

  • Nathan Heckelman
    Nathan Heckelman

    Season 7 needs to happen, skipping Cold War because that shitty, incomplete game nearly gave me a seizure from its garbage rendering. Immortal fails to mention the M200 a.k.a. the Intervention, the Honey Badger and the Spas-12 being in MW2019's game files.

  • Maverick

    MW will make more in season 7 than Cold War will make in 2 weeks after launch 100%. 1/4 of the people I play against have the saw skin. There’s so much money being spent on the game it would be ridiculous to slow down updates.

  • Didar Cars
    Didar Cars

    You’re aim looks like aimbot lol

  • Thanos

    Hey Zac, one time Joe Cecot said that there will be more mastery camos to come. Not sure what that means but it sounds cool right?

    • Thanos

      @WhosImmortal No, it was after somebody, not Jev, got Obsidian for every weapon and asked if there will be more to grind for.

    • WhosImmortal

      that was a reference to obsidian :)

  • Alex Maurice
    Alex Maurice

    Soap should be Garand Thumb change my mind

  • Geoffrey Salvatierra
    Geoffrey Salvatierra

    Bring back Africa militia map from mw3

  • Maurice

    They better keep adding seasons to MW for the next year I’m not buying CW for these reasons: Weapons are shit Guns sound choppy and crunchy Runs on a worse engine Looks nowhere as good as MW TTK is way to fast (That’s coming from a hardcore shipment player) Kill streaks are fucking BS and are unbalanced as shit Weaponsmith is nowhere near as good as it is in MW Characters look dead on the inside Terrible new game modes nobody asked for Announcers sound bored as fuck That’s just a short list there’s hundreds more reasons I do not like the new CoD

    • xxxLilMozart 0
      xxxLilMozart 0

      The ttk bit is what got me, MW even not on hardcore has an insanely fast ttk compared to cold war.

  • Romeo Daniel Loya Chagoya
    Romeo Daniel Loya Chagoya

    I was hoppen that soap came in wz, hi from Mexico!

  • hardcore kiro
    hardcore kiro

    "The vector, aka the iso" wtf, are you drunk or blind bro?

  • Tristan Visneski
    Tristan Visneski

    Where is the leak for the Makarov pistol? There is leaked footage for it

  • John Smithy
    John Smithy

    Sure the multiplayer is hot garbage Sure warzone saved mw But it seems this cod will be the best of the worst. Cold War isn’t looking as good as people thought, no surprise. Mw is seemingly the last light Don’t let the final flame die out

  • Farmnorway

    Do you think shipment will come back? Need to know, im missing a couple of guns to get damascus

    • Farmnorway

      @WhosImmortal for the love of god be soon

    • WhosImmortal

      at some point, yes

  • dafastboi samuel
    dafastboi samuel

    I WANT SHIPMENT 24\7 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Walker Schoolcraft
    Walker Schoolcraft

    Really the iso is the vector now? I'm severely disappointed in you fellow modern warfare player.

  • P4ff1

    Did you got the Warzone Win after you die on S-Mine with Lazy and inkslasher?

  • Matthew Leiva
    Matthew Leiva

    Everyone: Wants Season 7 Me: Just wants the Model 1887 or ACR to come back :[

    • xxxLilMozart 0
      xxxLilMozart 0

      The kilo is kinda like the acr in a way

    • madskillzsteve1 - Bad Gamer
      madskillzsteve1 - Bad Gamer

      Oh hell yeah

  • r Nu
    r Nu

    lets gooo 600k


    New SNIPER?


    The iso isn’t the vector lmao That’s the fennec 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Braden Huckabee
    Braden Huckabee

    Does anyone know anything about shipment returning?

  • Braddah Kai808
    Braddah Kai808

    I forgot all about black ops 4 but yea im not buying cold war only for zombies and campaign

  • Tylan Ratliff
    Tylan Ratliff

    Why I stopped at season 7 so there isn't going to be season 8 or a 9 seriously😑

  • Mario Sapien
    Mario Sapien

    This hurts me as my playstation gave out on me almost two weeks ago (on my birthday of all days) and I cant justify getting a new one with the next gen coming out so soon 😭

  • Gage Mosco
    Gage Mosco

    I'd like to point out the vector is the fennec

  • Zachmcmxcv

    The vector is the fennec lol...

  • frensess

    Makarov Pistol animations got leaked

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    i just want an ak12............ and maybe a hk416

  • Braden Fart
    Braden Fart

    I pray every day for a 5.7 next season

  • CurtF94

    I reckon modern warfare will be kept fresh,they started doing seasons like siege and that had seasons for 3 years didn’t it?

  • Agustín De la Vega Correa
    Agustín De la Vega Correa

    I am an mexican and that is the day of the dead

  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    You forgot Warzone leaked mode called Pew Pew. The pistol only mode. And the pistol that was leaked. Makrov its a cold war pistol so season 7. Is most likely season 1 of cold war. And soap maybe the cross over to get people to buy the cold war game and battle pass. And the Hk G28 is the Heckler and Koch 417. Was also a veriaion that was in the cold war. Alektraz is a black ops game mode. That probably is taking over plunder with dirty bomb. Its all leaks from cold war. Due to the cross over of warzone, it all files from warzone.

  • lil queso
    lil queso

    I want the mg3

  • Rod Hickman
    Rod Hickman

    The vector isn't the iso LMAO it's the Fennec

  • KuuBluhKahn

    I just don't see cold war taking the torch....and i dont see MW handing it over

  • Aiden Brutka
    Aiden Brutka

    2:35 the vector is the fennec not the iso

  • Kevs2good

    Wrong, the vector is the Fennec not the Iso

  • JP

    Vector aint the ISO lol its the Fennec

  • Stuart Hunter
    Stuart Hunter

    Im also not buying cold war. Took cod 3 seasons to fix the game up. The game way too buggy. Imagine what cold war is going to like much worse cause of covid. Not worth 150 just for a game.

  • Aref Khalkhali
    Aref Khalkhali

    does warzone remove from modern warfare after season 6 ? anyone konws ?

  • Dr. King Schultz
    Dr. King Schultz

    I hope there is a new season I would rather play MW then Cold War

  • Giant Killer592
    Giant Killer592

    I just bought the my first battle pass at season 6 I hope there will be a season 7

    • God

      Me too

  • Leighton Marsh
    Leighton Marsh

    I thought season 6 is going to be the final season of mw.

  • MrBrandon50b

    What’s the class set up on the assault rifle you ran

  • PiersDevil

    I just want a Soap Mactavish operator!

  • JewBisguik

    Ahh yes, Hopefully we get the Hk G28

  • Holy Cow
    Holy Cow

    They're almost certainly saving Soap for the release of MW2. Our boy is sure to make a comeback.

  • ssb33

    I hope they don’t get rid of warzone man...COBRA KAI NEVER DIES ✊🏼

  • SamM23

    Didn’t the Intervention sniper rifle get Datamined..

  • Edgar Johnson
    Edgar Johnson

    They can't end of Modern Warfare without the intervention sniper and the high-rise Modern Warfare 2 maps

  • King brah
    King brah

    How about infinity ward put more stock into there severs?

  • Dr Muffin
    Dr Muffin

    I just want the ballistic knife for MW

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac

    Why have MW2? Just keep updating MW.

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable

    Oh man we’re already on s7 already How time flies

  • Kevin Byrne
    Kevin Byrne

    I would actually prefer a modern warfare year 2 than cold war. It feels like the biggest step backwards in every way with that game

  • McWeirdo Show
    McWeirdo Show

    Man I hope they add in prop hunt.

  • Asianplague

    I really really hope there is a season 7 because i can’t get Cold War, thanks for all this kinda gives me some hope haha

  • iise7sn HD
    iise7sn HD

    Nahh it’s last season of mw4

  • Eric StevensonJr
    Eric StevensonJr

    will there ever be split screen in warzone???

  • suwu916

    Season 6 was def my fav so far

  • RKU Bojovník
    RKU Bojovník

    Has anyone else noticed that both of his guns had zero recoil or is it just my eyes playing tricks, at 0:15 you can see it

    • WhosImmortal

      all comes down to knowing the recoil patterns my dude

  • Butt heads Dad
    Butt heads Dad

    This game is straight trash