Call Of Duty WARZONE: The MASSIVE COLD WAR UPDATE! (Everything We Know)
Here's everything we know about the HUGE COLD WAR UPDATE for Call of Duty WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down Everything we know about the COLD WAR Update coming to Call of Duty WARZONE! In just a few days, we're going to be getting the single biggest in COD WARZONE history with the Huge Cold War Integration update going live alongside Season 1! This WARZONE Update is going to add in a TON of new Weapons, potentially some new Map Updates, new features and content, and even more! This will be the biggest update in terms of Content and probably overall size in WARZONE history and it's free for all platforms when Season 1 goes live!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The Cold War Update is gonna be absolutely Massive for WARZONE! What are you all looking forward to the most? Thanks for watching!

    • Besrat G9
      Besrat G9

      Tbh mane foV slider for console on warzone

    • Armaan Ally
      Armaan Ally

      @Kobe Carnes Thanks, will do !

    • Kobe Carnes
      Kobe Carnes

      @Armaan Ally update it so you wont have such a massive one when the cold war patch hits wz

    • Jencarlos Lara
      Jencarlos Lara

      I looking up to the new weapons

    • Tshepo Sebopela
      Tshepo Sebopela

      @Matt what drugs you on?

  • Steven Bounds
    Steven Bounds

    So can you get cold war weapons even if you don’t have Cold War or no?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup, but leveling them will be a bit harder

  • Joseph Bidėn
    Joseph Bidėn

    Please, my System storage can’t take anymore! It only has 80.5 Gigabytes left. Update: I deleted the MW Campaign and now it’s 117.6!

  • Can't Remember
    Can't Remember

    Can we use the cold war weapons in modern warfare multiplayer?

    • WhosImmortal

      only in WZ

  • Die2infinity

    so basically there's now 2sets of some guns and I must unlock gold for both okay but then how would gold camo look like in warzone on a cold war gun

  • Dark Scopez
    Dark Scopez

    Hey man i watched your settings vidoe and loved it i use those setting and im sweaty on them

  • Joshblos

    About to run 2 different mp5s

  • DrâKö Bby
    DrâKö Bby

    Vietnam map for warzone 👀

  • Dávid Osztheimer
    Dávid Osztheimer

    I need tu buy cold war to play whit the weapons or how it is work?

  • Brad

    Thank god it’s keeping the same engine. Cold War multiplayer is pretty lame compared to MW.

  • Blitz Krieg
    Blitz Krieg

    Will your wins/KD/Stats reset?

    • Blitz Krieg
      Blitz Krieg

      @WhosImmortal bummer! Back in season 3 everyone was talking about SBMM I tanked my KD to get easy lobbies and well... Didn't work. Now 3 seasons later I still haven't gotten it back to the 2.50 it was. :(

    • WhosImmortal

      i'd assume not

  • Bailey Cameron
    Bailey Cameron

    Havent been able to play warzone since the launch of cold war 😅

  • YungMarquis

    will guns be the same level like my mp5 in cold war will it be the same in warzone

  • DaddyBoro

    Do you guys think that we will be able to play as modern Warfare ops in Cold War warzone? It seems like it might happen

    • WhosImmortal

      yep, everything in modern warfare will be available in warzone still

  • darthraven118

    I dont understand why they didnt just take all the mw weapons and put them in their game And same with black ops So like If. I dont like cod blops but i wanna level that weapon for warzone i can do it in mw multiplayer

  • TrobsyDoo

    The title should be “THE MASSIVE COLD WAR UPDATE!!! (Everything we know....which is essentially nothing)

    • WhosImmortal

      thats why we know there's gonna be map changes, a new map, new weapons, the gunsmith upgrade, a new battle pass, prestige mode, etc. Seems like a lot more than nothing

  • AsianAssassin 50
    AsianAssassin 50

    New map please or this games gonna fade

  • Matthew Vincent Pang
    Matthew Vincent Pang

    im gonna use 2 Barrett .50 cals ohhhh yeaaaaa...

  • X Anubis
    X Anubis

    Already see’s that your a toxic player like killing people while dropping in warzone

    • WhosImmortal

      well i mean it's a battle royale, the point is to shoot people. If they're not gonna parachute well, I'm gonna take advantage of it lmao

  • captn skipper
    captn skipper

    You got my sub friend

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks bro!

  • Glen


  • Excel

    well hope I win the giveaway

    • Excel

      thanks for the heart!

  • Seth _
    Seth _

    Dual Ak47 setup lets goo

  • Duarte André
    Duarte André

    Mannn i wish it has 2 modes, one for each map. I love Verdansk😕

    • Duarte André
      Duarte André

      @WhosImmortal sorry man i wanted to say i hope***

    • WhosImmortal

      it will? Verdansk isnt going anywhere

  • Object Unknown
    Object Unknown

    Is warzone a game that always will be updated to the future call of duty because I don’t wanna waste money on warzone

    • WhosImmortal

      ah gotcha, yeah it'll be updated for quite some time

    • Object Unknown
      Object Unknown

      @WhosImmortal yes I meant skins

    • WhosImmortal

      yes, but Warzone is free?

  • Godeater TJ
    Godeater TJ

    why would they add codcw ak when there is already an Alk in mw. i think they will add guns which are not in mw ,like groza, so the attachments will be only available for cw guns

  • Godeater TJ
    Godeater TJ

    me with a 150GB per month net plan, sad.

  • Reaper Gaming
    Reaper Gaming

    Just please give us something other than verdansk.. Shit is SO stale 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • B Ha
    B Ha

    Can cold war just be cold war. I don't want to play modern warfare.

  • Nick McLeod
    Nick McLeod

    Been here since 200k subs!! Keep it up

    • WhosImmortal


  • Nick McLeod
    Nick McLeod

    Love the vids!!! Keep going!!!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks! Will do!

  • Glende

    I think it is a really cool move to combine the games. Then you have MW for Multiplayer expierence and Cold War for Zombie expierience and Warzone as a combined version to have fun. It is overall a really big package where you progress over 3 big games and that is really cool. For me as a most Zombie Player it would be nice to see the MW weapons in Cold War Zombie too, but i think thats a dream. But Im really excited about whats coming through the seasons.

  • TabooBus 2277294
    TabooBus 2277294

    Nah they can change hills to nuketown it would match well

  • Vetisu _
    Vetisu _

    I just don’t understand this. MW is a whole different game and engine than Cold War. So idk how they’re going to implement the guns and characters into warzone. They’re going to be completely different. Is the modern warfare team just copying the weapons in Cold War and making them in warzone themself? Or is the warzone team literally changing and treyarch is going to be developing it now? That’s going to a disaster if that’s the case. Also like he mentioned the attachments, they’re completely different and do different things in Cold War than MW. It’s just confusing idk what they’re doing.

  • Sandman Studio
    Sandman Studio

    So how do u get cold war weapons in warzone if u dont have cold war??? Can u?? I dont want cold war it looks stupid.

    • Sandman Studio
      Sandman Studio

      @WhosImmortal thanks mate👍I just don't like the look and feel of the game, that's all cheers 🤙

    • WhosImmortal

      you'll get access to all of them, but leveling is gonna be rough

  • Jaime

    Honestly would be down for that map choosing like back in pubg

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob

    What will happen to the modern warfare weapons?

  • nate dogg
    nate dogg

    Pls i need mw weapons still in this update

  • joshua anguiano
    joshua anguiano

    I love your videos I liked can I get cold war

  • Chairo Neko
    Chairo Neko

    Will ps4 or ps5 get fov slider then? Cuz uhm coldwar has it on ps4 and ps5

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    I thought they said the new map wasn't coming till next year?

  • Carboxylated

    If they remove the Mono we will RIOT!

  • Implexity

    Why is nobody asking for DLSS implementation in warzone?? This would be huge for rtx 2000 series owners! Please make it happen!

  • Thorindorf

    You know Cold War has an FOV slider on console, any chance of that coming to Warzone?

  • T Lip
    T Lip

    Idk mw looks way better than cold war. I'd rather use cold war content in warzone than play the actual game.

  • kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE
    kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE

    How can they keep the same engine if they are making it so you can launch warzone from Cord War? (ps Cold War sucks)

  • draymunoz

    I’m looking forward to losing the Gulag with a fresh new set of weapons

  • Jr banng xl
    Jr banng xl

    I dont have a hard drive and i already know its going to be 100 gb🙃

  • PA Young
    PA Young

    Hope console players get FOV slider

  • BlazeEazy TV
    BlazeEazy TV

    How do we adjust to the new update? Especially for player who like the new cod engine. It promotes a lot less stagnant and campy tactics

  • Quan Williams
    Quan Williams

    Wait what if i dont have Cold War?

    • Quan Williams
      Quan Williams

      That's awesome !! Lets gooo

    • WhosImmortal

      you'll still get everything, but weapon leveling will be a lot slower

  • Christian Borres
    Christian Borres

    No info about skins for the people like me whos sole purpose for buying the game is to grind the damascus?

  • addjedi25


  • Charles Couch
    Charles Couch

    Well said to say I doubt that I’ll still be playing this game by December 10 this game is absolute shit and that new moon fire team dirty bomb that shits a joke all people do is camp

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones

    My ps5 will explode

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez

    Some cool laser retro style map would be dope. I wouldnt mind if they integrate new maps same game engine and mechanics and ill be ok with it. Maps with weather changing etc. I hope they dont make away or stray away from trying to revolutionize WZ

  • Hades Finess
    Hades Finess

    I got to prestige 3 lvl 100 but the shotgun blueprint didn't unlock for me

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder

    Does anyone know if the engine changes

  • Sid Zaman
    Sid Zaman

    Dont like it that treyarch aren't completely taking over battle royale. Blackout was amazing and modern warfare was unplayable so was looking forward to the safe spaces being removed on 10th December.

  • William Maguire
    William Maguire

    I want that orange Bizon where does one acquire this?

  • Bruno No
    Bruno No

    They have to deal with so much work now for making such a lazy cod (Cold War) I just hope they don’t ruin my mw load outs 😤

  • Sinister One
    Sinister One

    I am so bummed they arent going to use the dirtybomb engine for a cold war warzone. This is going to limit the amount of serious players who will go back to play warzone. The engines are just too different to swap back and forth and keep your skill level in both 100%.

  • David Addley
    David Addley

    This is stupid the games feel way dif so u gunna use a gun cw then go wz and be like wtf

  • Ra'shad Tyler
    Ra'shad Tyler

    Do ps4 get the update

  • Cedric Fortier
    Cedric Fortier

    Am I the only one who would prefer the cold war movements.. it just feels wayyy better

  • XxLK969xX

    Glad I deleted the POG modern warfare

  • Bravo-Sierra Gaming
    Bravo-Sierra Gaming

    Will warzone benefit from the adaptive triggers ob december 10th?

  • cablecow15

    God fuck Alcatraz, I'm so tired of reusing the same fucking maps 🙄

  • Stevie Ryan
    Stevie Ryan

    They are either gonna give the agency suppressor no velocity and range negative or they will make the monolithic suppressor decrease range

  • Burt Macklin
    Burt Macklin

    I use they ak with the ak

  • SHOCK! Hitman
    SHOCK! Hitman

    Who else is subbed?

  • Elliot Smith
    Elliot Smith

    Is this for everyone or just people who bought the terrible game that is cold war?

  • Auari

    Warzone is shit imagine re using same engine with that dogshit movement.

  • PetmySquid

    So will the skins we bought in warzone be port over?

  • S D
    S D

    Ok so the CW weapons are only gonna be available on warzone & not multiplayer? Or? Might sound like a dumb question but everyone's only saying the weapons are going into warzone and don't mention anything about MW multiplayer & are the camos for those weapons gonna be the CW camos?

    • WhosImmortal

      MW Multiplayer won't have any Cold war assets in it except for the battle pass

  • Water

    I am redownloading warzone again I liked the solo gameplay I am burned out on apex

  • Adam Banks
    Adam Banks

    What happens to weapons like the mp5 that are in both games do they stay as mw or change to Cold War or have both

  • Dihan Jacobs
    Dihan Jacobs

    How big will it be?

  • crispy falcon
    crispy falcon

    2 mp5s 1 loadout

  • Noah McCoy
    Noah McCoy

    The health is completely different between the two game engines so ttk on the Cold War weapons should be interesting

  • mc_99

    Krig 6 meta.

  • TWK

    Can’t wait to see the Cold War Aug vs HDR


    With u till the end

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    One AK Ak and one AK smg

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    Aren't the one thing I could tell you this is that when you watch The War Zone trailer that you put in this video you see how there's a helicopter that's going around the airport building right and the guy is shooting a Minigun that part never came to fucking Warzone how much you want to bet people are pissed so you didn't get to use mini guns on helicopters

  • I can’t stand SBMM
    I can’t stand SBMM

    How awesome would it be if we could use the Cold War weapons in MW multiplayer? I’m sure it won’t happen but it would be sweet.

    • darthraven118

      I want this Because i dont want cold war

  • Basil Siraad
    Basil Siraad

    So basically long story short nothing is being added to Cold War itself as a game..

  • Elias Andersson
    Elias Andersson

    My biggest question atm is will i be able to have my cw camo on my mw weapons?

  • Chris

    You’re going to have people picking a side because of the movement being so different in each mode. They should make it consistent across modes IMO

  • Aidan Bawden
    Aidan Bawden

    It would be cool if they let you choose which map you would want to play like you could still play verdansk or the new Cold War map.

  • dudzone

    Its already feeling so laggy and weird

  • 9 17
    9 17

    Awesome to see all this join together. 💪🏼 . That cold war ak lethal. Wonder if with the cold war weapons u’ll hear their cold war sound effects & vice versa with mw.

  • XxBlancoxX lord
    XxBlancoxX lord

    Does that mean shipment 24/7 is coming back any soon?

  • Miguel Angel Ochoa
    Miguel Angel Ochoa

    I think that M16, AK47, RPD and MP5 (cw) are going to be the new meta, and maybe the .50 cal with the next buff it will receive.

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    I've heard rumors of a Christmas event could it be possible, I mean I would love it

  • fino finus
    fino finus

    cold war grenade launcher in warzone. oof

  • Kevin VanDeventer
    Kevin VanDeventer

    no ones talking about the cards. will i get to keep my gunfighter card and the 8 attachments?

  • Noctis

    Not enjoying cold war (except zombies), can't wait for warzone tho

  • Cian Dela Vega
    Cian Dela Vega

    Oh, triple aks and triple m4s in warzone


    so its not vice versa like using the *Lever Action* in Cold War?

2.5 mln
2.5 mln