Here are all the CONFIRMED CHANGES for SEASON 6 of Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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Call Of Duty WARZONE: The NUKE EVENT Is Coming… (SEASON 6) -
Call Of Duty WARZONE: Infinity Ward Details The SEASON 6 METRO UPDATE! (Map Changes) -

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In this video, we're breaking down all the Confirmed Changes for Season 6 of Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6 is only a few days away at this point and today we're looking into all the changes that Infinity Ward has confirmed for COD MW Season 6 and COD WARZONE Season 6! Between the New DLC Weapons, the New Battle Pass, the Call Of Duty WARZONE Map Changes, & more, Season 6 is going to bring a lot of new content and Changes to Modern Warfare!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Lots of stuff is set to change with Season 6 it seems! Thanks for tuning in!

    • cattigereyes1

      LORDANGEL 0 what hi did you use in the video no jump and straight fire with tracers?

    • ProvinZ

      They shoukd fix the problem with the raytec amr cuz i cant even unlock it it stucks on 4 of 15

    • Zombie King
      Zombie King

      Is this that 1.27 update because mines says I can already upgrade it now

    • c a s t e d
      c a s t e d

      that AR looks dope mind letting me know what pack it's from?

    • JC Hills
      JC Hills

      Hey , I recently won 2 Warzone matches and it didn’t count. Is it a visual bug? Cuz it appeared in my match history in the COD app. Will they add my wins back after the season 6 update?

  • Keto Shaun
    Keto Shaun

    Season 6 is garbage, large maps with campers and modded controllers

  • Saif Ob
    Saif Ob

    the multiplayer is now toxic with snipers as all the ar are nerfed vadly

  • Robert Mcgriff
    Robert Mcgriff

    Have you guys heard the eerie as hell childrens voices and laughing by the bunker north of stadium???? My buddy and I were up there and we were trying to figure out what was going on. He thought it was coming from my mic. Can somebody else confirm this?

    • Robert Mcgriff
      Robert Mcgriff

      Man a heads up on that would have been nice. Not cool when you're playing in the dark in a quiet house.

    • WhosImmortal

      yup, its just an ambient noise now

  • Amina Oday
    Amina Oday

    My kd is a 0.5 like if u cant relate

  • Ravenstylea2

    What about addressing the rampant cheating and hacking?

    • WhosImmortal

      they just had a huge ban wave yesterday

  • Bad

    and the free multiplayer?

  • Artemis XO
    Artemis XO

    why is it that so often when a gun becomes ground loot, it’s nerfed by the end of the season

  • egrover171

    They nerfed the c4

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    When u get to 1 million subscribers I bet hey hi how ya doin we’ll become legendary

  • Alex Perego
    Alex Perego

    Hey what weapon are you using? The pink one

    • WhosImmortal

      kilo 141

  • Miguel Juarez
    Miguel Juarez

    Your insane with the grua

  • Steevvee

    I love this channel. Pure information, leaks and the video isnt too long and draught out.

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate that!

  • cattigereyes1

    What gun did you use that has minimal jump and tracers?

  • phoenix _ break
    phoenix _ break

    Y does it say reboot game anyone knows

  • cattigereyes1

    The fire shot gun is stupid powerful

  • Rko ‘
    Rko ‘

    they need to make a damn change to the hackers, need a damn anti cheat.. cmon already.. or some kinda auth with your cell phone. so they can get banned. for ever

  • Username UnKnown
    Username UnKnown

    When does this update come out

    • Username UnKnown
      Username UnKnown

      WhosImmortal on Xbox 1

    • Username UnKnown
      Username UnKnown

      WhosImmortal how do we pre load it

    • WhosImmortal

      in about 4 hours from now

  • JakeShaw16

    I wonder which gun will be the tier 15 gun and which will be the tier 30 gun? I'm not bothered which at this point.

  • O'in Holt
    O'in Holt

    They need to fix the false weapon sign or name in Warzone

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy


    • WhosImmortal


  • J W
    J W

    How's the satchel a bug?! It's been like that for ages, they should just leave it 😤🤣

  • Sempiter

    Why everyone is using this blue dot? Just because is clean or it gives you an advantage like the vlk?

    • WhosImmortal

      It's just clean

  • Kari0x

    U forgot the night mode!

    • Kari0x

      @WhosImmortal wait wait wait omgggg you actually answerd me omgggg and yeah i saw tge video that you upload 1 hour ago

    • WhosImmortal

      was never confirmed until today

  • wtf_wombat

    2:09 is that gaz rockin' the union Jack vest bottom left

    • pepe sucer
      pepe sucer

      @wtf_wombat my bad u was right

    • wtf_wombat

      @pepe sucer no the little bloke right at the back

    • pepe sucer
      pepe sucer


  • Arturo Fernandez Marco
    Arturo Fernandez Marco

    What headsets do you use?

    • Arturo Fernandez Marco
      Arturo Fernandez Marco

      @WhosImmortal Thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      dt 990 pros :)

  • Happy 420
    Happy 420

    Hey are you cooking up a new video about the new season?

    • WhosImmortal

      it's live now :)

  • Mike Northup
    Mike Northup

    They need to fix the damn intel challenges and operator challenges! Been stuck on a glitched season 4 challenge since...well....season 4!

  • Daniel Dryland
    Daniel Dryland

    Have they confirmed night mode?

  • DynamicKilla_ on twitch
    DynamicKilla_ on twitch

    Were tf is terminal at that they promised like holy mf cod cant do nothing the players want

    • WhosImmortal

      They never once said anything about terminal lol

  • RNGfreshyDaim

    Immortal: Talks about skins Me: *laughs in broke*

  • matteo ramirez
    matteo ramirez

    Thanks for the info, just got a new sub 👍..nice gameplay footage as well

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for the sub!

  • David Frederick
    David Frederick

    I didn't know full satchels was a glitch and not a feature, I'm sad now

  • Maricelia Flores
    Maricelia Flores


    • WhosImmortal


  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez

    Is there gonna be a free multiplayer weekend?

  • So. 1600
    So. 1600

    My WiFi gets worse every season 😔

  • Shnubuw S
    Shnubuw S

    The trailers out and there’s going to be a Halloween event


    They need to fix the Challenge for the Canadian Base Operator, 3rd skin. "revive a teammate in warzone from the shop" or somtehing like that, the challenge is bugged and is not counting that, so i cant get the 3rd skin.

  • marcus p
    marcus p

    Cold of war zombies trailer will be out Wednesday at 10am. Not sure if you all knew. I'll show you a resource that I got it from if you don't believe it or haven't seen it yet.

  • xCruisex

    Should probably fix the UAV and Blackbird glitches smh.. and probably the killcams that have never worked when the game came out

  • school shooter
    school shooter

    so does it come out today or tm?

    • WhosImmortal

      11pm pst tonight

  • dark cloud
    dark cloud

    why isnt my update working rn

    • WhosImmortal

      It's not going live until 11pm pst.


    They should add a rare loadout briefcase only spawning in the gold boxes or appearing randomly in houses or locations and it can only be used once by one person and it cant be carried also adding a risk to using it like using up 5 seconds to equip or it making noise when its opening

  • Adolf DRIPler 69
    Adolf DRIPler 69

    The ak47 hand glitch made me literally stop using the gun

  • ghaffar majid
    ghaffar majid

    Damn what gun was he using and what was the loadout

    • ghaffar majid
      ghaffar majid

      @WhosImmortal that means i already have it saved lol.

    • WhosImmortal

      kilo 141, setup is in my ranking the top 5 weapons video from a lil while back :)

  • Jovanie Costa
    Jovanie Costa

    Can you share the load out you’re using in this video ?

  • Bruh Lol
    Bruh Lol

    I’m still in season 5

  • rei

    shipment and shoot house should be permanently there. it’s what’s keeping mw sort of fun

  • Gas Mask Studios
    Gas Mask Studios

    Honestly I only care about the new mil-sim skins

  • Jotham Abok
    Jotham Abok

    Does anyone know when the update is

    • Jotham Abok
      Jotham Abok

      So 7 am for uk

    • WhosImmortal

      tonight, 11pm pst

  • Tipux

    I found 50k and a LOUDOUT DROP! on the ground in superstore with my bro yesterday

  • Nxjtu

    Is season 6 out yet?

  • Zach Emerson
    Zach Emerson

    Why the shit did they not add Soap to Modern Warfare?!

  • DaddysSock

    also maybe some new milsim skins ? 🤓

  • Cutie D0NNi3
    Cutie D0NNi3

    I hope the origin and r9 get nerfed

  • Eli Smoothie
    Eli Smoothie

    I feel like in the gulag there should be chat with who ever is in your gulag until you fight.

  • Gael Suarez
    Gael Suarez

    hey new to the channel liked and subbed

  • Previous Current
    Previous Current

    The Superstore "bug" was so fun, I had like 100k in solos once

  • kfćć

    90 gb :/

  • Jean Louw
    Jean Louw

    Wone day I would like to play with you

  • Ethan Romero
    Ethan Romero

    The oden and Fr 556 need a buff this season

  • samuel socha
    samuel socha

    I'm SOOOOOOOO happy that they will fix the ak (my baby)

  • Cole Gaston
    Cole Gaston

    Soap please

  • Spourts Source
    Spourts Source

    I need that load out youre using

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores

    i did not get to watch the to new videos but i just watched yesterdays and right now i am going to watch today's and i think i will love the video 😁😃

  • TopHatTopALot

    bruh I just want a AK47 buff

  • Katsumi

    So... no origin nerf?

  • Luke King
    Luke King

    I hope they keep RAM-7s P90s and Kar98ks for ground loot because they’re good ground loot at very early game

  • OldWorld Steez
    OldWorld Steez

    I only watched thos to confirm the romanian ak fix

  • Jean Louw
    Jean Louw

    Thanks for al the info

    • WhosImmortal

      Any time!

  • peanut butter and jelly
    peanut butter and jelly

    Cant wait to get the aa12 and play SND on crash T-T Another shotgun to add to the colection of cancer

  • zzz

    dude that kilo holy fuck ima need that setup bruh

  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez

    I had no idea that was a glitch..the armor plates..I think it was coo like that tbh

  • unmaskedgaming2025


  • SStunneRR

    So we gon talk about this mama gun what is it?

  • SkYz32

    Hyped for season 6!

  • therealcarreview1759 unknown
    therealcarreview1759 unknown

    Yes you earned a sub the origin spam is annoying af

  • Essence_hooops

    Do you guys know how to fix not getting platinum for AR’s bc I have all of them gold but I didn’t get platinum

  • josh Morkeham
    josh Morkeham


  • Cdj Thg
    Cdj Thg

    Been having a glitch where my guns don’t show on my screen and when I die my game crashes is this only me?

  • thegingerbeardman

    6:33 - This is why the origin is stupid.

  • Duk

    Drop a f’in anti cheat software

  • xHalalBoi


  • Y Ess
    Y Ess

    I think the superstore glitch should be an actual thing just for superstore its worth it for those who survive the sweat😁

  • hello there
    hello there

    The 8 armour from the satchel I had no idea it was a bug lmao

  • JC Hills
    JC Hills

    Hey WhosImmortal. I recently won 2 Warzone matches and it didn’t count. Is it a visual bug? Cuz it appeared in my match history in the COD app. Will they add my wins back after the season 6 update?

  • Jerm

    I wonder how big the GB is

  • Freestyler Kid
    Freestyler Kid

    just cuz u cant run shotgun lamo

  • Mike Becker
    Mike Becker

    Tracking wins: We've had squad members kicked at the helicopter victory screen and not get a win stat. This has happened prob 4 times now.

  • Love Of Film
    Love Of Film

    I better get my 5 wins that never counted

  • Marlena Cabanlit
    Marlena Cabanlit

    It comes out Monday at 11pm

  • Josh Watton
    Josh Watton

    Died from the heartbeat sensor glitch the other day, lagged of a roof..... was mad.

  • iain forrester
    iain forrester

    And do u think that’s a ballistics knife

  • iain forrester
    iain forrester

    How come u don’t use Damascus on the kilo

  • Larry King
    Larry King

    Skins are mediocre. Subway is a complete joke, a fucking fast travel subway? In a BR? This isn't fucking Skyrim, thanks. If the train were moving underground and you were able to transfer over to carts and get into fights it would be unreal..But a fast travel? No thanks..Game will be dead like Blackout in no time

  • Lucid Swacked
    Lucid Swacked

    Thank god there fixing the useF glitch

  • Jason Clay
    Jason Clay

    Are we getting night mode for warzone?

  • Killer Prod.
    Killer Prod.

    I got an 18k bag at superstore and a load out drop ground loot

  • Ghostkillerzzz88

    I hate the armor change >_>

  • D3MI BR0Z
    D3MI BR0Z

    Me missing the info Bc of the good gameplay 👁👄👁