Here's what the latest Call of Duty WARZONE Intel reveals about the next Map Update, the NUKE event, & MORE!
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Call Of Duty WARZONE: New STADIUM EASTER EGG, The MISSING Operator, & MORE! (Season 5) -

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In this video, we're breaking down everything the latest Call of Duty WARZONE intel reveals about the next map update, the NUKE Event, the Crossover between Black Ops Cold War and WARZONE and more! The NEW Sins of the Father intel in COD WARZONE reveals some pretty interesting information on what to expect in the next Map Update, how the NUKE may be involved in the storyline, and even more via the clues we have for it! WARZONE has seen plenty of intel missions so far, but this one gives us some really useful storyline info and some spicy teasers!

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  • WhosImmortal

    In what's probably the hardest Intel yet, we got some pretty interesting teasers for what's to come in WARZONE very soon! Thanks for tuning in!

    • karen Ridley
      karen Ridley

      If you're trying to do the Intel challenge of Sins of the father. Do it in warzone rumble stadium. That way you don't have to find key cards and all the doors are open to collect your Intel on steps 5,6,

    • Mark Brillant
      Mark Brillant

      It seems the stadium roof panels glitch a bit showing broken and busted ones on the plane ride at the start .....

    • Luna The Bills Fan
      Luna The Bills Fan

      WhosImmortal love the vids. Keep up the good work!

    • [Viper] Ghost 141
      [Viper] Ghost 141

      Great vids immortal your doing a great job keep it up

    • Dameon Malone
      Dameon Malone

      Yo I love your vids man your the very first person I subbed to when I got my account

  • Obscure Anonymous
    Obscure Anonymous

    I want Zakhaev to reduce the DOWNTOWN to rubble ...Never safe there ...

  • Chance Roundtree
    Chance Roundtree

    Zombies in the metro station underground 🤔🤔🤔 thoughts 💭

    • WhosImmortal

      would be chaos!

  • 2JZ the world
    2JZ the world

    Any modern warfare multiplayer maps coming or rumoured for season 6?

  • Joey turner
    Joey turner

    I appreciate all the content. You have no idea.

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White

    I hope future intel doesn't require multi-step time-exclusive stuff like doing EEs. I play solo, and I could probably do the Stadium EE by myself, but just don't feel like it lol. When I got to that part of the Intel, I was like "Nope!". Lol.

  • Cartell Brown
    Cartell Brown

    Great vid as usual...having problems with the intel. I can’t pick up coin at prison.. seem like the mission is locked but it’s active and viewed intel before going into warzone...Any help on fixing locked missions...

    • WhosImmortal

      no fix that I know of, unfortunately intel can be really buggy :(

  • Hyper Viper
    Hyper Viper

    Hey doing great, how are you? Question about the sins of father Intel missions, can it be done in plunder or is it only battle royale?

    • WhosImmortal

      plunder works :)

  • UnarmingHat 72
    UnarmingHat 72

    Ever since the first intel missions ive been trying to complete them but for some reason it wont let me pick up the sealed document at TV station. Does anyone know why?

  • Rasheed Akins
    Rasheed Akins

    You are pretty much a strategy guide for people who can't figure things out on their own. Kind of takes the fun away from the game

  • Jip van de laar
    Jip van de laar

    Stop with saying ‘until .... my gfuel code blablabla’. The end shifts every day so we know its infinite. It doesnt have an end date. It has been active for months. So stop it. Its annoying

    • WhosImmortal

      The slightest bit of research would prove you wrong bud. My code is 30% off up to 10 days a month, and the waves run from thursdays to tuesdays. Literally 2/3 of the month there is no extra promo lmao


    When will the nuke come

    • WhosImmortal

      probably closer to the launch of cold war

  • John David Walker II
    John David Walker II

    Can I still do these challenges ?

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    Here a tip to do the stadium ones . Do them on rumble mode the doors are open .

  • matt george
    matt george

    I managed to get into the Easter egg room but in all my attempts I have yet to find the parking garage key.

    • matt george
      matt george

      WhosImmortal I just managed to get the last intel from someone else finding the keycard. Weirdly that run i found the executive level key card on the executive level. Oh well, at least It’s completed now lol.

    • WhosImmortal

      It's usually up in the executive level from what I've found. Either right next to the zipline or on the complete opposite side

  • Nietogenix gaming
    Nietogenix gaming

    Theory they'll nuke the map before cold war

  • Noah O'berry
    Noah O'berry

    I like how anytime I watch any of this stupid fucks videos I ALREADY KNOW I GOTTA SKIP 1-2 minutes of every video because he always says the same stupid “here’s my gfuel code how about you use it instead of pewds code even though pewds gives you more of a discount”

    • WhosImmortal

      Pewds code doesnt give you any more of a discount buddy

  • Keough24

    “Our so called leaders prostituted us to the West! Destroyed our culture...our economies...our honor.” - Imran Zakhaev 👿

  • Brutory1

    3-1 is Alex's codename

    • WhosImmortal

      Echo 3-1 is alex, Arm 3-1 is someone else ;)

  • Shronkk The 3rd
    Shronkk The 3rd

    Can I just ask in your honest opinion is Cold War good enough to be brought on launch day

    • WhosImmortal

      havent seen enough yet to make that decision imo


    Yh if they weren't broken intel challeges season 5 is broke for old wounded i go to cell to gwt intel an yes i view it before game go in game an ghost doesnt read message out at all so whats the point i think thses challenges are just fucked i am on xbox one s

  • Tanta Razón
    Tanta Razón

    Warzone Private match the rest is bull

    • Tanta Razón
      Tanta Razón


  • Robert Racz
    Robert Racz

    Immortal-“The first message is..” Ad-“Your balls will thank you!” Me- “Niiiiiccccceeee”

  • H20 KillaSniper
    H20 KillaSniper

    Is warzone part of Cold War?? I've heard on this channel that all your unlocks go across

    • WhosImmortal

      yes, We talked about this earlier this week :)

  • Nicholas Mondoux
    Nicholas Mondoux

    Am i the only one that my intel missions have been bugged and i can’t do them anymore:/ I’m stuck on the one where I have to find out what happened to the crew that crashed the helicopters in downtown and every time I collect it nothing happens. Anyone have a fix for this?

  • Mausu

    Anyone know how to fix the missions if they don't let you continue it

    • WhosImmortal

      no fix as of now :(

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    For some reason I cant do the old wounds one. It wont let me collect first coin if tried 1000 time Any ideas?

    • DaKamAtak #
      DaKamAtak #

      @WhosImmortal thank you for the reply it is greatly appreciated from your fan here in South Africa. Hope they fix it soon so far iv done all the intel missions except that one.

    • WhosImmortal

      sometimes intel can glitch and as of now, it cant be fixed unfortunately :(

  • Chris Fu
    Chris Fu

    Nuke is gonna carry on. Somehow someway all the ice melts turns into water, dam blows, that’s when boats gets introduced to warzone

  • sinner

    I just want Downtown and Hospital to be obliterated out of existence.

  • harakiri_ blue
    harakiri_ blue

    Bro that letter shoulds like something I would tell somebody if I wanted to spark a revolution

  • Sirch Namtih
    Sirch Namtih

    hey bro i like your visibility in game,where i can find your latest graph settings? :)

    • Sirch Namtih
      Sirch Namtih

      nvm i found this :))))

  • Micheal Scofield
    Micheal Scofield

    how can i detect server in warzone ???

  • USarmyOrtiz

    Is “Alex” mason’s son

  • LooWeeeZ

    You deserve more subscribers man, seriously. Thank you 🙏🏽

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate that!

  • Danteslays

    what if mr z is Perseus

  • Kool Keith32
    Kool Keith32

    It seems like the dam has been forgotten. I remember thinking oh man something cool is going to happen!... and only big difference is the stadium opens... lame

  • Satis - FACTORY
    Satis - FACTORY

    Hola Mr.Immortal! Hope you have a nice day!

  • Fire Rain
    Fire Rain

    Nuke zombies

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    This does put a big smile on my face 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Kalpana Singh
    Kalpana Singh

    Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Leo notdicaprio
    Leo notdicaprio

    So when is the next update?

  • Cm Longo
    Cm Longo

    Was I the only one who can't do the intel mission it won't even let me collect at the coin

    • Cm Longo
      Cm Longo

      @WhosImmortal thanks this is the first one I can't do it's kinda annoying and thanks for all the videos I watch them all the time

    • WhosImmortal

      unfortunately the intel bugs out a lot and people arent able to complete them

  • Chad McClements
    Chad McClements

    Yeah that origin at the beginning totally fair and balanced floor loot.

  • Dheeraj Kallimar
    Dheeraj Kallimar

    What's sad is that, there are a lot of people (like me) who have thier missions bugged and we can't do those and just have to see the story from your channel, which is not bad. But the fact that we can't do this is bad.

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah they really need to fix the intel

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    Nice! Time to solo another easter egg with a hundred asshats trying to take the $5 I'm carrying 😂. Good times!

    • WhosImmortal

      feel that one lmao

  • Kosta V
    Kosta V

    This Nuke is never going off man.. same old story, they put a bunch of teasers, and nothing happens. We’ve heard about this Nuke going off its been around 5 months now lol...

    • WhosImmortal

      Because of leaks. Leaks arent going to make them speed up their entire storyline lol

  • Thomas Bahr
    Thomas Bahr

    Um, yeah. I’m not looking forward to getting into the EL suite again for this Intel. Glad you did this video to inform us! Thanks!!! 😂👍💯

  • Delaney 12
    Delaney 12

    Your pronunciation of Zakaev is terrible lol ky-ev. ZaKYEV lol

    • Delaney 12
      Delaney 12

      @WhosImmortal listen virgin. Dont get snippy

    • WhosImmortal

      the way I say it is how they say it in game bud

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    Immortal here's my question to you though how does this go along with cold war if a modern warfare was in the modern days

  • luke dillon
    luke dillon

    Can you do multiple in one match?

    • luke dillon
      luke dillon

      @WhosImmortal they have to be on separate matches

    • luke dillon
      luke dillon

      @WhosImmortal I'm going to attempt it and I'll report back

    • WhosImmortal

      Havent tested this myself so im not sure actually

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    ladies and gentlemen hey hi how ya doing and welcome back to the channel

  • Alan Aboah
    Alan Aboah

    In the season 5 trailer there was a ghost gillie suit skin when's that releasing

    • WhosImmortal

      sometime in the next 2 weeks

  • The Supa Soka
    The Supa Soka

    Zac have you seen Metaphor’s video with the striker? He was frying them bois

  • Joepablolos

    Hey Hi how ya doing . Happiness restored 😂

  • Justin Reese
    Justin Reese

    You can do the intel steps for the stadium in Warzone rumble stadium map without the keycards.

  • Obi Don Jacoby
    Obi Don Jacoby

    Honestly these intel things are really cool but the fact that you have to open the stadium up is a little bit ridiculous. The Mp7 blueprint was a chore and then some to acquire. This easter egg I've only found 2 cards/opened two doors one time. The cards will despawn over time so if you find one with one in your inventory consider all to be lost. Itd be cool if the cards spawned in chests too that way I'd loot the whole stadium and be able to do it rather than having to quit halfway finding one or no cards.

  • Larry Welser
    Larry Welser

    Get broken notifications but I'm here buddy ☢️☢️

  • Jackson Card
    Jackson Card

    I've reviewed more of the Cold War gameplay and have decided that the death sounds are really good. Still, just make the gun sounds a teensy bit louder. Epic vid. Thanks for keeping me updated on MW and Cold War. You've helped me become a better player and, honestly, you are the best UZloadr on CoD.

  • william miller
    william miller

    Also they need to do something else after the battlepass because most people finish that shit early on and when you have nothing to work for its not fun, yeah you have intel but that takes 30 minutes tops

  • Rexaura

    They're not going to nuke the map, because there's nowhere to operate if it's a crater. This is more so repeating the events of COD4 in which Zakhaev launches a nuclear warhead and we the players have to stop it before it hits the US. For CW Warzone, they'll most likely revert the map to the summertime of the 1980's to keep in line with the new theme as well as to thaw the river and allow for the swimming mechanics to be utilized. Operators will be ported over as skins as well as blueprints slapped onto the new weapon pool. These just seem like the most likely to me and the most plausible but feel free to yell at me about why you think they should nuke the map and effectively write themselves into a hole.

    • Chance Roundtree
      Chance Roundtree

      Where and how ..... zombies 🧟‍♀️ I’m Warzone 🤔🤔💭

    • Daemon Van Meir
      Daemon Van Meir

      that sounds possible, i'm excited to see what will happen!

  • william miller
    william miller

    They need to do something, I've spent like $800 and played everyday almost but its just getting boring as fuck now, and campers are getting better so i just get merked with a random RPG all the time

  • Angry Patata
    Angry Patata

    New subscriber here. I Love your content bro!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for subbing

  • Anton Brig
    Anton Brig

    .2 hey hi how ya doin

  • Manny Alcaraz
    Manny Alcaraz

    so in other words I won't complete this week's intel lol 😆

  • jimmy rose
    jimmy rose

    Do you think cheater will change along the map ? Yeah right Eu server is please to serve you a full cheater warzone experience each game enjoy !!!!

  • No Name
    No Name


    • WhosImmortal


  • PEEP

    Bye bye mw, welcome Cold War 🤤

  • SadSwordsman

    I’m very confused. When warzone gets overhauled into Cold War, will it just throw away the whole modern warfare narrative? Will it continue in a sequel for modern warfare??? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WITH THIS STORY??

    • WhosImmortal

      It's one singular narrative now

  • Troy Bush
    Troy Bush

    I hope we can still inspect our weapons in Cold War

    • WhosImmortal

      we'll be able too :)

  • Diggle

    Yes there's still hope that they will nuke downtown.

  • 77revoGup


  • Hen Laden
    Hen Laden

    How true is this Warzone Night Mode I keep hearing about for season 6

    • WhosImmortal

      Likely considering its in the files

  • addjedi25

    Dang, that's alot of info...

    • WhosImmortal

      that it is ;)

  • defect2889

    nice vid..thanks for keeping us updated

  • Fluffi Beats
    Fluffi Beats

    What’s your opinion on the gun animations in cw?

    • WhosImmortal

      they could use some work

  • Dylan deluxo
    Dylan deluxo

    as always love you man

    • WhosImmortal

  • Bru h
    Bru h

    I can't wait for cold war zombies

  • Rival

    Kepp up the grind immortal

  • Ka Ja
    Ka Ja

    Hey hi how ya doin fam have a nice day everyone

  • Gabriel Coelho
    Gabriel Coelho

    So yeah, you use gas to close your enemy on a small part of the map, and blow them up from below with a nuke. Smart

  • Nolan Irvine
    Nolan Irvine

    in the trailer for cold war, there is a scene where there is a golden head statue and it's clearly imran zhakaev

  • cassius van beusichem
    cassius van beusichem

    playing with inklasher finally

  • Takeshi Aoki
    Takeshi Aoki

    Hey Zac, how are you? You probably know me because of my heart problems (I commented in a video talking about it) and I just wanted to tell you something. As you know the 13th of November Cold War comes out, and there's a chance I won't be able to be there that day because it's gettin' worse.. So I wanted to tell you some things in case I'll be dead : Great work! The effort and the love you put in your videos is amazing, I know you'll reach 1 million veeeery fast! In your videos you talk about everything in an amazing way! You always say all the things, even the smallest and secret ones. Also... Remember that even if I won't be alive, I'll always congrats with you for your goals and I'll always wish you an amazing birthday. Sorry I've taken too much of your precious time, I hope I'll see you again next time ❤️

    • Takeshi Aoki
      Takeshi Aoki

      @WhosImmortal thank you Zac, I really appreciate that you care about your fans. I'll stay strong as possible, I'll make sure you'll know if I'll be ok in the future. See ya buddy (hopefully) ❤️

    • WhosImmortal

      Hey man, I seriously appreciate the kind words. Rooting for ya brother

  • King Drew
    King Drew

    Let’s pray to god this new cod sticks to tradition and has nuke town

    • King Drew
      King Drew

      Jip van de laar cap

    • Jip van de laar
      Jip van de laar

      Lets hope not. That maps been shit since day 1

    • King Drew
      King Drew

      Alex Stachura it doesn’t matter it’s been in every black ops

    • Yılan Serdar
      Yılan Serdar

      King Drew Game looks shit

    • King Drew
      King Drew

      Yılan Serdar imagine judging a game you haven’t played with🤦🏽

  • Sergio Leyva
    Sergio Leyva

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    The ZippyWarrior

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  • ClapDonkey2

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    • WhosImmortal

      thing is CHEEKS

  • Ethanwinter96

    Exciting video, great content we're all thankful for I'm sure, keep it going boss

    • WhosImmortal

      Much appreciated

  • Eli Blackburn
    Eli Blackburn

    Day 92 of liking before the ad ends

  • Dani Bosman
    Dani Bosman

    I never can find Every card in the stadium Sadly

    • WhosImmortal

      sometimes it can be a bit tricky

  • Kallum Flora
    Kallum Flora

    Our culture, our economy, and our ‘Honor’ (not home). This looks to be a throwback to Imran Zakhaev’s speech from Call of Duty 4 before the mission Ultimatum.

    • WhosImmortal

      ahhh you right!

  • iain forrester
    iain forrester

    And I am finally going to give in and make an orgin 12 class

    • iain forrester
      iain forrester

      I used the mp5 but I keep getting beaten by it so u know

    • WhosImmortal

      Thats finally what I had to do after dying to it 20 times lol

  • KumeTheWolf

    I used to skip the sponsor plug but now I dont want to miss the "Hey, Hi, How ya doing?" so I just watch it.

    • WhosImmortal

      LOL I'll take it

  • iain forrester
    iain forrester

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  • Honza Balák
    Honza Balák

    I'm a bit confused. MW2019 takes place in 2019 and looks normal (for a lack of a better term). Meanwhile Black Ops 2 takes place in 2025 (only six years later) and looks really futuristic. How the hell do they intent to connect these two into the same universe?

  • The Anonymous
    The Anonymous

    This guy deserves more than a MIL subs

    • WhosImmortal

  • samuel decruz
    samuel decruz

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    I had a boring day and I saw your video and it gave me energy for the day, I love your videos keep it going.

  • - edwinVEVO -
    - edwinVEVO -

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  • [Viper] Ghost 141
    [Viper] Ghost 141

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      Appreciate it