Black Ops Cold War: LEAKED SEASON 1 Content, All MAJOR 1.06 UPDATE Changes, & MORE!
Here’s all the MAJOR CHANGES in the NEW 1.06 Update in Black Ops Cold War & The new Season 1 LEAKS!
Here’s the BEST WEAPONS and CLASS SETUPS to use in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down all the MAJOR CHANGES that just came to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War in the NEW 1.06 Update, alongside the New Season 1 Leaks we have as well! Today, black ops cold war got the 1.06 which ended up changing a ton of things, including adding in a massive wave of weapon tuning, nerfings things like the m16, the aug, the mp5, and the FFAR. It also buffed some scorestreaks and adjusted a ton of scorestreak earn rates as well. Overall, for the first Black Ops CW Update we got, this one included a ton of changes, plus we also got some big LEAKS for Season 1 of COD BOCW too!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Well, it's not Tuesday so this update doesn't feel normal... It's probably the lack of Tacos tbh. Thanks for watching!

    • Farah Ahmed Karim
      Farah Ahmed Karim

      Hey, Hi, How Ya Doin' Immortal? Keep up the good work ;D

    • Danix9

      Can u do season 7 rumors, leaks and confirmed things.

    • adam law
      adam law

      There is a Collar 43 Good Wolf error going around that had me stuck for 3 hour until the update popped up. Not sure if that has anything to do with the bugging update then re-install...

    • God

      When will a new warzone map get released anyone know?

    • Foxholle

      For some reason it didn't install the update and bugged out so I have to completely reinstall the game

  • uber beats
    uber beats

    Y they keep shitting on the snipers I might as well use a nerf gun damm RIP SNIPERS(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • Shnubuw S
    Shnubuw S

    Will I get the battle pass sonce I got the ultimate edition?

    • Shnubuw S
      Shnubuw S

      Oh no just looked gives battle pass on December 10!

    • Shnubuw S
      Shnubuw S

      @WhosImmortal dang it

    • WhosImmortal

      not the pass itself, but you'll get 20 tier kips i believe

  • ItsIcyHJ

    Dang this is sick!

    • WhosImmortal

    • ItsIcyHJ

      wow you actually go through comments! Thats crazy Im glad I subbed!

  • Perry L
    Perry L

    All we want is the new warzone

  • Sean Enriquez
    Sean Enriquez

    They should do gun moves instead of gestures(flip the gun up in the air, cool reload moves).

  • BorgolgiSauce23

    Sweet so they still didn’t fix the blast radius on the Cigma 2 that’s cool 🙄

  • RavetsU

    Damn I would love to buy your gfuel shaker set, but shipping to Finland costs like 20e more :D

  • Legodiego2

    Fuck your cups and mp5

  • Tachonka

    is this game as large as modern warfare because that was one of the biggest turnoffs for me last year

  • Bodak _S197
    Bodak _S197

    Does anyone know why I can't update the game? It gives me error it's so annoying😑

  • Kerns_ Deathwish
    Kerns_ Deathwish

    Literally the only problem I have is the combat bows, love it but when I shot the first bow and end up in a gunfight I’ll have the trigger down already for reload but it won’t reload most of the time and I get gunned down before i can try and reload again.

  • Nick R
    Nick R

    So you mean to tell me they nerf the only guns that can fight the mp5? Well bois we know are using on nuketown.

  • TB2019 _H
    TB2019 _H

    Anyone else having problems with the v Challenge bang for a buck or something like that? I'm getting double kills with the c4 but there not counting can anyone help me with this?

  • Raffy_SG

    They gotta stop nerfing all the good guns and just buff the bad guns

    • WhosImmortal

      if they do that, they ruin the overall TTK

  • SGT Peppers
    SGT Peppers

    Is it weird that I'm a cold war buff but I dont have the game yet?(keep up the daily vids)

  • Carter Rutherford
    Carter Rutherford


  • Arnav C
    Arnav C

    You ever planning of making vid with your fans like warzone custom lobbies?

    • WhosImmortal

      I'd like to for sure!

  • Na'im Mukarker
    Na'im Mukarker

    great video as usual are the nerfs and buffs to mw weapons real tho?

  • B L
    B L

    This game sucks!!’

  • Steven Fialho
    Steven Fialho

    Does anybody know if the annoying controller glitch was fixed? I'm too scared to unplug my charging cable lmao

  • The main Gaming
    The main Gaming

    I literally only just got the FFAR 1 and was loving it now its nerfed 😭😭

  • Gekko Gear
    Gekko Gear

    go back to modern warfare. the better cod out right now

  • G I Z M O
    G I Z M O

    Call of Duty deserves a better class of players. I dont understand why people enjoy starting over every year . We need longevity and content not a whole new grind. It is pointless if we cant continue to play after we unlock it or a new game is released before we are done with the last one.

  • Ironik Sneakerhead
    Ironik Sneakerhead

    Did they fix the controller bug where it causes ur controller to completely turn off and the only way to fix ur game is to restart it completely

  • D.A.T._dani

    Hopefully I can get back into the game... Cuz I can't stand it for most part lol thanks again for good video 🤙

    • The Unheard Chord
      The Unheard Chord

      Constantly getting killed by the MP5 ruined it for me. Won't be playing it again until the gun gets balanced.

  • Andrea Magliocchetti
    Andrea Magliocchetti

    Anyone have a texture loading issues on PlayStation 4 pro? Like when you call a Cruise missle and the texture on the laptop of the operator dont load properly. Or loading texture on the Maps during gameplay

  • Ben E
    Ben E

    I have the charms and sticker, but not havent payed for the bundle

  • Corey BROCO
    Corey BROCO

    Activision really wanted to release this even though its clearly unfinished.. shame on them

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    FFAR's vase recoil felt the highest out of the ARs. The gun wasn't meta at all in the normal players. In the pros it was. The AK on the other hand is a normal meta. Wtf is treyarch doing

  • Josean Santos
    Josean Santos

    When are they going to correct the sniper scope i play on xbox and every time i scope in it looks transparent or even docent have the black aim

  • Sluggard Titan
    Sluggard Titan

    the patch notes just show how unfinished the game was

  • Jason o
    Jason o

    Spawns have been frustrating, hope it's better now

  • electro boom992
    electro boom992

    Unsub bcs i dont like cold war and dont want to bee informed about this bullsh#t game, Warzone 4 ever

    • WhosImmortal

      We've got plenty of Warzone content coming up my dude, Cold War is the new game so obviously we're gonna be covering that lol

  • Shark Boy Jr.
    Shark Boy Jr.

    Still can't get over these campers 😃👍

  • kingofthezappa

    RIP FAMAS, had a nice 3 days playing with you. Forever in our hearts

  • cordial

    Snipers are slow? WTF.

  • Vikingr Beerdserkr
    Vikingr Beerdserkr

    Again! Seriously! Will NOONE say what shot gun bravo is? Which shot gun got nerfed?! Argh! :p

  • LockHeedTV

    Fuck this game they are still nerfing those fucking sniper bro what the fuck is that

  • Mayonster

    The mp5 needs a nerf so fucking bad its literally so annoying i hate it

  • Kevin Bonneau
    Kevin Bonneau

    Can sbmm get out off the game

  • Will Hemphill
    Will Hemphill

    Wait what the snipers got NERFED?!?!???? They need a buff wtf.

    • WhosImmortal

      yuuup :/

  • jaysonpeters

    I see splitscreen visual issues on the board for things they are working on. I pray that they really are. The splitscreen in this game is unplayable and the worst I've ever seen in a cod game

  • 9 17
    9 17

    What it do bro bro

    • WhosImmortal


  • marlon portillo
    marlon portillo

    They nerf snipers again? Just remove them from cod bro. The fuck why even have them in the game if you going to punish players for getting good. My god like fuck off

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    Honest question, Do you all feel the nerfs/buffs on the weapons? I dont feel nothing what so ever. An underrated buff that MW did was give us (5) characters to use for a clan tag. Why did treyarch move away from allowing us to personalize our emblems? Also, we should be able to personalize our characters clothing with colors of our choice. We need "better" maps and animations, especially on the movements and gun reloads. I cant wait for like March when most of the things mentioned are handled plus some.

  • Georjira

    The aethetshroud bug fix hurt

  • Hades Finess
    Hades Finess

    Im trying to get Garcia and the challenge isn't tracking anyone els or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to be the one to actually pull out that little device thing cuz ive done that and I have also just held down the objective, ive also won a game with my whole team getting at least 3 objectives and im only 1 of 5 after 4 hours of play time and eventually giving up

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    the charm names are pretty funny

  • Nick Gaschler
    Nick Gaschler

    nuketown will be dope but god damn can we get some zombies maps please

  • Alexander

    I'm glad Quickscopers are dead. Keep nerfing that shit into the ground!

  • M B
    M B

    Aye I just copped your starter kit, ( 30 % off didn't work but Can't wait to get it, never tried g fuel before)

  • Gino Penano
    Gino Penano

    so nerf everything but the mp5

  • Mandy Lengerich
    Mandy Lengerich

    Imma gte the shak cup cuz ur vids helpful

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks bro!

  • KillerRevenant

    They just butchered the M16

  • Tim VapeForLif3
    Tim VapeForLif3

    Traych bring back Linear! I gotten really good at kills

  • TriniGamingEnt

    Killed the famas :(

  • Greyson Gamer
    Greyson Gamer

    Update on the gfuel that I bought: I don’t feel gud and should be getting tested tmrw prbly drunk to much

  • The savage gummy Bear
    The savage gummy Bear

    So is zombies finally split screen?

  • Matthew F
    Matthew F

    They nerfed the famas so bad, reduced damage, range, and a lot more recoil.

    • R6_Knightley

      I think they nerfed damage range but I don’t think they changed the damage itself

    • ceejsicle

      They nerfed the famas more then the mp5 lmao treyarch needs to get their priorities straight

    • Gabriel Brummitt
      Gabriel Brummitt

      And for no reason

    • Caiden Cole
      Caiden Cole

      Thank god

    • guilbert pastolero
      guilbert pastolero

      @Maverick Olin i didnt even get to try it :(

  • Maurice Thomas
    Maurice Thomas

    Another sniper nerf... da fuck🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • GrumpyRed

    Dude this game is so buggy now after this update even worse than what it was

  • Argenis Perez
    Argenis Perez

    Did they fix the glitch were if you prestige it says you’re a super low level and don’t get any experience or level up


    How else got the nuke town pack


    Already seen the season 1 before you even made this video

  • Drew Aro
    Drew Aro

    Is there going to be modern warfare guns in Cold War warzone or no

    • WhosImmortal


  • chrisvac

    While I appreciate the amount of stuff they are fixing, if they don't fix the general animation and movement mechanics of the characters in a way that is more realistic and closer to MW, giving you the feeling of heaviness and realism that made so great MW...., I am not so keen on playing Cold War even though I already bought it.

  • Shmimoshmin

    Hey Hi How ya doing?

  • Oopsie Poopsie
    Oopsie Poopsie

    They did something dirty to the famous. It’s recoil is to much.

  • Gilbert Reyes
    Gilbert Reyes

    Don’t play Cold War but still showing love boss

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate ya man!

  • Angelo

    Snipers got nerfed again

  • chad avery
    chad avery

    Which attachment for my weapon increases aim while jumping like a kangaroo 🦘??

  • Edward Diaz
    Edward Diaz

    WhosImmortal just wondering will you still play MW on twitch or cover new things on MW on UZload still.

    • WhosImmortal

      Plenty of MW to come :)

  • Hunter

    Meanwhile...yea the MP5 can continue to be top tier. Why not.

  • Tae Javvuuu
    Tae Javvuuu

    Still no K-9 units

  • Hades Finess
    Hades Finess

    Ive tried all day and could not manage to get a game of dirty bomb, is no one playing the mode or is it just bugged, it was working yesterday before the update but I downloaded the update I wasn't able to find a match, I even sat in a lobby for 20+ mins and it just kept saying it was searching for a game

  • jesse smith
    jesse smith

    Me and my girlfriend have been trying to play split screen on multiplayer (HC DOM) and for some reason it always glitches out everytime i check the score and ends up crashing... everytime. So I was scrolling on UZload and seen about the update and IMMEDIATELY updated it in hope they patched it. Still no. I’m so frustrated we can’t even get through one game without it crashing. Not only that you can’t even play a split screen on zombies. Man I literally spent 70 bucks ( cross gen bundle) to enjoy the percs of a new BO game and can’t even enjoy the main two. I hope they fix it soon I don’t want to look at it as a L just yet so imma just stick to warzone and my girl is gonna stick to her sims lmao

  • Aaron 102
    Aaron 102

    did they fix calling cards?

  • Andrew Wulfking
    Andrew Wulfking

    I'm done with this game they already have incredibly slow snipers and I feel like there's no Aim like there's no pull on drag sniping And the nursed the 2 guns the 2 only guns I have been levelling I'm done

  • ERICcgsaMDS10

    Buff sniper ads

  • Kyle John
    Kyle John

    Just patiently waiting for December when warzone launches

  • PillsburyDoughboy

    Did they fuckin fix the Campaign where the third mission would make your whole system crash and shit itself? Also the fact that your Calling card that you choose never seem to retain itself and revert back to default Calling card?

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    im mad we cant make custom emblems like bruh i want to make dick emblems, big tiddy anime girl emblems like thats what made the black ops series so good

  • iQriZ

    Why they nerf sniper omfg

  • Lil Perc
    Lil Perc

    how do we get that like Adler skin ?

  • Josiah G.
    Josiah G.

    *Me without BOCW: Nice?*

  • Burden FPV
    Burden FPV

    So the update seems to have broken the 'tap to interact, hold to reload' option. I now can't pick up carepackages if this is enabled. Had to change back to 'tap to relaod'. At least, for me on Xbox anyway, took me a while to figure out what was going on. Anyone else noticed this?

  • æx 137
    æx 137

    I’ve never been dedicated to watching a specific UZload’s than you!! I appreciate this guy!

    • WhosImmortal

  • Gilbert Sickler
    Gilbert Sickler

    No offense but who really gives a crap about this game everybody has pretty much quit playing it because it’s so stupid and they keep destroying it why do you keep making videos of it then when it comes to black ops or modern warfare I just stop watching your videos sorry

    • WhosImmortal

      I cover COD, cold war is the new COD, so I'm covering Cold war. whenever there's stuff in Warzone or MW i'll cover that to

  • Big Zaddy
    Big Zaddy

    Need to add full auto pistol

  • Sumo Smalls
    Sumo Smalls

    3gigs fixes soo much! Wish we coulda had something like that in MW.

    • WhosImmortal


  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    So what is the best gun to use now since the nerf? I’ve not played it for days as I had enough but I may get back into it lol.

    • Vanessa Smallman
      Vanessa Smallman

      @WhosImmortal thank you 🙏 x

    • WhosImmortal

      @Vanessa Smallman Definitely! Should make camo grinding a bit easier!

    • Vanessa Smallman
      Vanessa Smallman

      @WhosImmortal thanks Zac; gonna have to grind again as I took a break. Are you looking forward to Nuketown?

    • Mayonster

      The mp5 it is hands down the best weapon. Its so overpowered its boring

    • WhosImmortal

      probably the ak47 tbh

  • Amen

    Did the fix the freeze and console shut down? That’s extremely annoying.

    • Lucas G
      Lucas G

      I don’t think so cuz it just happened to me an hr ago

  • Roadblock

    Can't believe it they nerfed the one of the last weapons to unlock which should be strong but reverse the NERF on the starting MP5 and say it will be NERF next update doesn't make sense. Again with protecting the noobs comon don't go down the road incompetent ward did please

  • nat

    theres a glitch on the mp5 where if you equip the salvo 50 round speed mags it gives you only 40. And the speed penalty is bigger. Anyone experiencing this?

  • snugz _
    snugz _

    Do you have any tips on how to aim better?

    • snugz _
      snugz _

      @WhosImmortal Okay thanks I'll check it out

    • WhosImmortal

      Actually have a whole video on it :)

  • Andres Lugo
    Andres Lugo

    Hilll yeah we enjoy their video

  • MidWest_PYRO

    I might take the game back and just wait for modern warfare 2.

  • Tati Papi
    Tati Papi

    No more CODMW contents? unsubscribing sorry.

    • WhosImmortal

      Just posted an MW video 2 days ago and Got plenty of MW stuff on the way. Cold war is only a week old and there's plenty of stuff to talk about with it.

  • SquirrelTheKing

    Snipers need more nerfs! I'm so sick of dying to snipers

    • Tavi Benelli
      Tavi Benelli

      bruh no 😂 they did us snipers dirty af this game, alpha and beta could almost be considered false advertising the way they changed them up before release