Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward REVEALS The FINAL SEASON 5 UPDATE!
The FINAL Season 5 Update was just REVEALED! Here’s what to expect for this week’s update!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that was revealed regarding the FINAL SEASON 5 Update in Modern Warfare and WARZONE! This is the final week of Season 5 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE, meaning the last of the Season 5 content is set to debut and we should see some brand new info revealed for Season 6 as well. This week in COD MW and Call of Duty WARZONE, we’re going to see a new Sniper variant, multiple new modes, a new skin for Ghost via the Beyond the Pale bundle, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    1 week until Season 6 is upon us! Should be an interesting few days for sure! Thanks for watching :D

    • CookiEateR

      Night mode is coming

    • Heyy yyy Jdjdj
      Heyy yyy Jdjdj


    • 1Dub79

      @Jeremy Roth Yeah! The Mil-Sim Operators, such as JTF2 was cool.

    • Jeremy Roth
      Jeremy Roth

      Season 5 has been my favorite so far. Bittersweet to see season 6 come up.

    • 1Dub79

      Can't wait to play, as Farah. Can't wait to use her finishing move and hear her quips.

  • TiKi 2211
    TiKi 2211

    So basically 1 week until we get a month of game breaking glitches. Yay.

  • Mason Pateerson
    Mason Pateerson

    Will there be a season 6?

    • WhosImmortal


  • makoa uu
    makoa uu

    Here before 50k ticket 👇🏼

  • Foreverycontingency


  • Darryl Chenoweth
    Darryl Chenoweth

    I'm surprised no body knows about the laser glitch lmao found it two weeks ago

  • Finn Daley
    Finn Daley

    What’s that kilo setup looking like?

    • Finn Daley
      Finn Daley

      WhosImmortal thx boss

    • WhosImmortal

      same as in my season 5 loadouts video, but with holo instead of vlk

  • MRShoalinHunk 55
    MRShoalinHunk 55

    Anyone know his kilo built in this vid?

  • Markmaydew maju ,onyx
    Markmaydew maju ,onyx

    Never used any tokens just looked and I got 34 double xp weapen and 28 double teir . Didnt know I could use them in season 6 .thats a great tip man thx

  • Matt

    5:15 how tf are you getting shot thru the wall like that 🤭Wall hacks ??

  • SoggyMilk

    3v3 snipers only was legit a rytec and dragonov the whole time last found we got an ax50


    Whosimmortal witch is your favorite season in cod

    • WhosImmortal

      Probably season 3

  • ZazkeSan

    I would like very much to see a video, where you show, every loadout you got and make a go through about what and how you are using them

  • Ultra Lucid Bluedream
    Ultra Lucid Bluedream

    Has the double xp started ?

    • Ultra Lucid Bluedream
      Ultra Lucid Bluedream

      WhosImmortal let’s gooooo

    • WhosImmortal

      coming this friday!

  • A Bl
    A Bl

    The kilo is for sweats

  • Take Risks Or Stay Broke
    Take Risks Or Stay Broke

    Immortal do you think they'll make it so u can rank past 155 because its the last season?

  • Titas Šubinas
    Titas Šubinas

    So if im rank 146 i will be back at 55?

  • Kevin d
    Kevin d

    Manni want the damascus so bad but I don't get the freaking long shots with first 3 pistols .50 the revolver and renetti u got then gold. Need the other ones and then 2 launchers complete camos and the shield that's it then I have Damascus I have the obidian for all smgs and assault rifles but this camo sucks you don't see much of it

  • Kevin d
    Kevin d

    May hope they put very fast double xp on its 4weeks now with our double xp what the hell is going on I counted from last seasons and we miss 2 times double xp event 1 normal and 1 with double battlepas. normally I was done with 34-37days remaining. Now it took me till 16days. And friends who work and stuff they are just around 90 and battlepas 60-70 they also would be almost done with the double xp events we all notice they are fucking us with not giving any double xp anymore for us we don't buy season 6 anymore unless they bring very soon triple xp event or so to catch up this is just stupid we pay so much for all bundles and stuff and now they just don't give any xp anymore

  • William Harvey
    William Harvey

    My battle pass is saying it is no longer available does anyone know how to fix

  • Nicolas Plante
    Nicolas Plante

    Triple double xp shipment 24/7 and its my birthday this weekend thats a nice gift to finish my battle pass :D YAY!!!!

  • Kevin McGovern
    Kevin McGovern

    Nothing was said in this video.

    • Kevin McGovern
      Kevin McGovern

      WhosImmortal I’m a big fan of your videos. This one was just didn’t seem very informative in my opinion. I’ll try to listen to it again. Sorry for the criticism seeming vague

    • WhosImmortal

      then you didnt listen very well lmao

  • Eric gaboury
    Eric gaboury

    Season 6 video?? Today?? Tomorrow?? & bro that night mode is going to be very interesting.. Looks like they made the map smaller?? I could be wrong please explain 😂😂 @whoisimmortal

    • Eric gaboury
      Eric gaboury

      WhosImmortal you know I’m always on the channel my boy, leaving gears of war after 12 years I need your videos to help me get better at COD.. I’m pretty good now but learning about all the guns and ever other piece of knowledge in your videos helps significantly.. Thanks for that

    • WhosImmortal

      check the channel ;)

  • Taeisbroke

    FaZe Jev is gonna be so happy about the new anime sniper

  • Brandon

    Update just hit and no Br minis :(

    • WhosImmortal

      its coming on friday.

  • NaTiOnAL AnThEm
    NaTiOnAL AnThEm

    I'm not sure if you're aware, but Treyarch has been quietely dropping closed beta codes for cold war on their discord server @ Once a day, usually from the time frames of 12-6 EST, they drop 50 codes. I kept trying to get one but no matter how fast I'd go, I couldn't get a single one, hopefully you can, then i can see some early gameplay since i can't play myself.

  • Justin Cannon
    Justin Cannon

    i wish they would make reinforce a permanent game mode with the night maps in the rotation. I only play snd so it’s a fun mode to mix things up

  • Luke Heidenreich
    Luke Heidenreich


  • T-dog Productions
    T-dog Productions

    I think shoot the ship is coming back for the whole month of November

  • Zombie Slayer
    Zombie Slayer

    Will there be triple XP on this last days?

  • GRIF ヅYT
    GRIF ヅYT

    Origin class pls

  • Cdogg Gaming
    Cdogg Gaming

    I have just the javlin to do

  • Xenophon Papazis
    Xenophon Papazis

    How you know, what the next playlist will be?? Is there a link or something???

  • Julian Stevenson
    Julian Stevenson

    Modern warfare gets a good amount of hate, but I enjoy it

  • JoseAntonio

    what about the new M4 Tracer pack ?

    • lil porkchop
      lil porkchop

      JoseAntonio oh well they have a red one already

    • JoseAntonio

      lil porkchop there’s a new red one, it’s called like bones something

    • lil porkchop
      lil porkchop

      there is already two tracer M4

  • MrBrandon50b

    What’s your class set up on that pink gun

  • No Name
    No Name

    Season 6 trailer cinematic is out

  • Puma TheGod
    Puma TheGod

    My dawg

  • PKfire64 //Wet sAwk
    PKfire64 //Wet sAwk

    We still don’t have the ghost beyond the pale bundle they lied to us!!!

    • WhosImmortal

      watch the vid man lol

  • David Birch
    David Birch

    Im just waiting for the video from @whosimmortal showing his PC Nvidia control panel settings, and other graphics settings.. Idk how you get consistent 140+ FPS with graphics cranked up to the max and Anti-Aliasing on Filmic 2x on this game.

    • David Birch
      David Birch

      @WhosImmortal ohhh. I was about to say, I have a pretty solid setup but I have to run AA on off or SMAA1X to get 120-140 FPS...although I do play in 1440p.

    • WhosImmortal

      I run a 2 pc setup

  • FaZe DJTEL
    FaZe DJTEL


  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez

    Can't wait for black ops so I can unistall MW and get all my space back

  • Brodie Murphy
    Brodie Murphy

    My boys Activision account got reset and he lost everything including purchases minus the package that gives the “for the cause” M4 blueprint

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    Why can't I use my cod points to buy anything?

  • SalehSkyzzz

    I don't want to give up playing Modern warfare :(

  • Guido Mista
    Guido Mista

    Yo immortal best youtuber as always But is there a chance a weeb can get a giveaway About the anime super pack But still No need atleast i get an responsen im happy

  • Alex Tweedie
    Alex Tweedie

    what is the kilo loadout

  • Cichh 17
    Cichh 17

    Are they going to bring out those Season 1 Vault packs?

  • Russia _ 1928
    Russia _ 1928

    Great content man keep it up

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks, will do!

  • sergio palacios
    sergio palacios

    Beyond the pale bundle?

  • Dorian Mucha
    Dorian Mucha

    I hope they finally nerf the origin and the dragonsbreath r90


    I’m trying to go for my shield but everyone is being a tool bag. I’ve only got my 3 kills 25 times but every idiot is wrecking it , I need help

  • Bashanborlang khongshei
    Bashanborlang khongshei

    Pls Call of Duty 😭 New Map pls 🙏 for Warzone

  • Kobe Dearhouse
    Kobe Dearhouse

    Hey hi how ya doin lol does anyone know if i can purchase Gfuel with a prepaid visa gift card?

  • Yolo_ playa
    Yolo_ playa

    even cold war is gonna be out soon ill still play modern warfare I had sooo much fun in this game and there's no way its gonna die...ill enjoy both cold war and modern warfare

  • Redux G
    Redux G

    I wish IW would take care of MW cause its the greatest game they made so far and by taking care of it is by giving us more damn seasons. I dont like them leaving MW to die after Cold War :(

  • arley tamayo
    arley tamayo

    I hope jev isn't disappointed about this anime sniper he's been waiting for one for sooo long

  • The Savagegeese
    The Savagegeese

    Origin shotgun in original. Freaking squeeb. 😠

  • Laszlo Varga
    Laszlo Varga

    I'm only here for the zombies royal mode

  • Garbage_sailor


    • WhosImmortal


  • OmarChobots

    The only thing I am excited for is for the Origin 12 to get the hell out of the ground loot.

  • LuigiKiller007

    I stopped playing this game, i really liked it but the only motivation i have are the officier missions but in season 5 there ate so many warzone quests, and i hate warzone so much, that i quited this game completly, was still fun tho

  • Hassi Cusa
    Hassi Cusa

    the chillest cod content creator

    • WhosImmortal

  • Kamwan Sasikorn
    Kamwan Sasikorn

    Am I the only one who when they see a whosimmortal notification say " hey hi howyadoin " in their head like some Pavlovian response lol.

  • Keefe Dixon
    Keefe Dixon

    I CANNOT wait to grab that ghillied ghost bundle. :)

  • zenmonkey070

    Thanks for the Info Zac, Im stoked for the new ghost skin and I hope they release Soap in Season 6!!! Stay Safe :D

  • sreemanth selvam
    sreemanth selvam


  • Kevin Mably
    Kevin Mably

    Keep on rocking on

  • OzstrikerLV

    No XP boost 🤔 at the end of season?

  • Kyle Trudeau
    Kyle Trudeau

    This is the one season where I finally stopped playing. MP has been abandoned and Warzone gets all the attention (which to be fair that’s the only thing that’s been successful with MW) but MP got done dirty and that’s how I feel. I got Damascus on every weapon and went out of my way to do Officer challenges apart from this season.


    Shoot House and Shipment should both be separate playlists for season 6 🤟

  • FLogicBeats

    Hey hay hey hay hey hay how you doing you no have other intro?

  • lxxsfxxn

    I haven completed the season 5. I was playing multiplayer and recording my video. How many days are left?

  • Carlos Antonio
    Carlos Antonio

    algum br q fala ingles pra resumir???

  • derpychan44 0
    derpychan44 0

    Snow map?

  • George Kessopoulos
    George Kessopoulos

    What attachments do u use on the origin

  • BlueBearNinja -
    BlueBearNinja -

    Finally jev can rest

  • Mathias Papuga
    Mathias Papuga

    Class setup?

  • Rotem Barzily
    Rotem Barzily

    Hey, what do we know about the money bug in super store?



  • Adie Brady
    Adie Brady

    Best multi play list ever

  • Mexican Sniper
    Mexican Sniper

    Why are people still going for damascus, its so late already

  • Mayhem

    Day 8 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Creepercraft16

    A cool idea when content is a bit dry- maybe carry a few fans to a dub . Or you can maybe do some challenges because you’re pretty insane anyway. (Challenges as in 1 house to loot or something)

  • 孙林可

    It's the end of S5 but my JTF2 III skin is still glitched. Sad :(

  • Jack Cattaneo
    Jack Cattaneo

    can’t wait for the end of the 725

  • D Carter
    D Carter

    Is it just me or is rust/shipment better than shoot the ship

  • Eric Amey
    Eric Amey

    just looking forward to the current ground loot getting rotated out, gonna celebrate when the Origin 12 leaves

  • Chris Zielinski
    Chris Zielinski

    Hopefully they will remove the damn origin from the loot pool.

  • Abrahim Ahmed
    Abrahim Ahmed

    Can anyone explain what error code 73730 is? I can't info about it anywhere

  • dhanze pangilinan
    dhanze pangilinan

    I'm just glad that mw warzone is here to stay

  • Freedeoxide

    Guess ill buy

  • I snort G Fuel
    I snort G Fuel

    I spent my cod points on a m4 bundle.............. im stupid

  • Bear Brown
    Bear Brown

    I don't mind that the officer challenges can't be finished at the end of the season, but when you PAY for a season pass in addition to the game and then due to time commitments you can't complete the tiers, you lose everything you haven't owned unless you PAY MORE for purchasing tiers!! I get it that you open stuff up as you play during the season for quicker access, but once the season has finished, you should be able to get access to the stuff you have ALREADY PAID FOR! ACTIVISION = give us more $$$ you idiots!!

  • Sicksalamander 77
    Sicksalamander 77

    Somehow I got that rytec blueprint in solos

  • Jason Stroman
    Jason Stroman

    Where was this thread/Community update posted i cannot find it on Reddit (r/modernwarfare)?

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood

    I unlocked Damascus 😌

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    I been picked up that blueprint in war zone since the start of season 5

    • Jay H
      Jay H

      That anime sniper

  • Filipe Almeida
    Filipe Almeida

    Will origin get nerf???????????

    • Chris Zielinski
      Chris Zielinski

      No need to nerf it, just remove it from floor loot pool.

  • Hippity Hoppitus
    Hippity Hoppitus

    They should change the limit of the final rank to 1000 since they won’t be adding anymore seasons

    • Hippity Hoppitus
      Hippity Hoppitus

      Kopi Productions like instead of the final rank being 155, they should make the final rank 1000 like they did in bo4 and mwr since this is the last season

    • Kopi Productions
      Kopi Productions

      Wait what im confused 🤔