Here's which LMG you should use in Call Of Duty WARZONE, and the best loadouts for the new FINN, PKM, & Bruen!
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In this video, we're breaking down the new BEST LMG in Call Of Duty WARZONE by comparing the Best loadouts for the new FINN LMG, the PKM, and the Bruen. Today we're looking at the 3 best LMGs including, the newest DLC weapon the FINN LMG, the Bruen Mk9, and the PKM. While we're showing off the best class setups for each of them, we're also going over where each weapon is the best and which one you should use to do better in COD WARZONE and Modern Warfare! The FINN LMG Best loadout is also incredibly unique thanks to the adverse barrel options it has!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The new FiNN LMG is a *spicy meatball!* This thing is pretty different than most other weapons we've got and man, is it fun to use! Thanks for tuning in :D

    • David Gutierrez Estrada
      David Gutierrez Estrada

      What about the sa87

    • Gaming Bro's
      Gaming Bro's

      i wish the mg34 was added in the comparision too. Many people sleep on this thing. Yet it had the best fire rate of the lmgs b4 the Finn. and it might still have better ttk bcs of its high damage profile

    • Ian Saunders
      Ian Saunders

      Tom M Merc doesn't give you movement speed boost anymore. It actually does the opposite now

    • Tom M
      Tom M

      For sure needs sight of hand instead of the mag increase and merc forgrip over commando for more movement speed to... be so much faster

    • Ian Saunders
      Ian Saunders

      Hey, i would suggest trying the Finn with the Longshot barrel that isn't adverse then swap out the bigger mag for the TAC laser. It's disgustingly good at long range.

  • ray

    Pkm + 3roumd burst pistol = unstoppable

  • PotatoMAN

    you have the wrong attachments for fin lmg

  • Ahmad Rasul
    Ahmad Rasul

    what is the ADS SPEED on all 3 guns plz

  • Leon Pucharski
    Leon Pucharski

    What gamemode is this??

  • Luma

    What blueprint did you use for the pkm

  • Daniele Cavoli
    Daniele Cavoli

    What would be the most reliable LMG for people who play without the aid of Aim ass- cough cough I mean with mouse and keyboard?


    Finn is broken now .

  • Kris Plenty
    Kris Plenty

    For the Finn it actually had the best range out of the three the attachments I think are the best for the Finn is the ranger foregrip and the long shot barrel not the adverse,mono ,Vlk, and the tac laser for the faster mobility. Try that and look how the Finn works.

  • Gabriel Ongcangco
    Gabriel Ongcangco

    How do people get that gun skin for the bruen MK9 I always see people have something like it

  • twilliams101112

    PKM in real life is absolutely terrifying

  • Big Dummy
    Big Dummy

    The Finn is just too much fun

  • Andrew Lofberg
    Andrew Lofberg

    The Finn is really satisfying to use but the bruen is the best

  • Ms i0
    Ms i0

    You can replace the optic for finn for a tac laser

  • RacewJ

    Pkm has the best lmg parts, heck a sniper scope I have done so much damage where it is a 5 or 7 shot kill even with wall banging heavy but great. It has a little recoil were you can have your finger off the thumb stick or mouse, and it works better with 150 or 200 mag fmj or fully loaded, the thermal, any muzzle, any grip, just op

  • Sean Daigle
    Sean Daigle

    PKM is trash and meta is origin and kilo.

  • Xavier Young
    Xavier Young

    i unlocked it not too long ago i put it alongside with the grau 5.56 in my setup both of those guns are absolute beasts even tho both have 5.56 NATO rounds they are still deadly

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    My Pkm set up for CQC 15 inch barrel 150 ammo No stock Muzzle brake Sleight of hand/optic

  • Philip Nelson
    Philip Nelson

    The Bruen is the best all around the pkm is pure insanity when you are used to it and the finn is utter trash, not having a headshot multiplier really kills its momentum, i have lost fights where the enemy has headglitched multiple times because of this, when i use the bruen and pkm it almost feels like an instant kill on the enemy especially in that situation which comes about more often than I realized until I picked the finn up

  • Exployer Of my city
    Exployer Of my city

    Love this guy

    • WhosImmortal

  • Kirito Kazuto
    Kirito Kazuto

    Weapon attachments are subjective, what works for you may not for me or for anyone else, so you can't say it's the best set up for the gun.

  • Carlos Lezcano
    Carlos Lezcano

    Try pkm/mp5

  • Sosa cigars
    Sosa cigars

    the Finn is way better at medium to long range with the regular barrels. The adverse is really just assault rifle/chainsaw builds

  • roidAholic

    What about the standard 100rd on the bruen? Since I thought only the 60 Rd mag got nerfed with increased recoil

  • Fro5ty_Boi

    I built a FiNN LMG to have really good accuracy and range. it has the pros of both the pkm and bruen because of its range and speed that I can use in all ranges

  • Kostas Papadopoulos
    Kostas Papadopoulos

    What is the mode you play on this video?

  • Alberto Narvaez
    Alberto Narvaez

    Nice Vid

  • Raymond Luna
    Raymond Luna

    i have the exact same pkm w/a different barrel and i got a dub

  • Dude 188755
    Dude 188755

    Ok hear me out, Sa87 hits like a truck recoil of a m4 really good I swear

    • Sylar Chun
      Sylar Chun

      @Dude 188755 ofc mate :D

    • Dude 188755
      Dude 188755

      @Sylar Chun amax is better than safe 87 smh

    • Sylar Chun
      Sylar Chun

      I feel like SA87's recoil more like CR56 amax :D

  • Ayoo

    Bruen is trash

  • Billy Cook
    Billy Cook

    Pkm mp5 is my go to load out other than sometimes kilo mp5

  • Gaming Bro's
    Gaming Bro's

    Can you compoare the Finn to the MG34? since the MG34 was the lmg with the highest firate of all the lmgs by a mile b4 this thing arrived. also i believe it has a better damage profile then the finn. So im wondering which of the 2 is the best.

  • LINX


  • matthew kennedy
    matthew kennedy

    Pkm: Compensator 26.9 barrel Snatch grip Rubberized grip tape (Insert optic) Pair it with your smg and give it a try, use it for ambushes and defence. It destroys squads

  • Anton Paris
    Anton Paris

    Bruen is not even top ten anymore after the huge range nerf, damage decrease and recoil increase. They nerfed that gun hard.

  • OnlyAero

    Turn the fin lmg into an ar Attachment: No stock Merc foregrip Adverse long shot barrel Tac laser Russian 3.0 (optional) change with monolithic) Yep no red at all just green no boost to damage lol

  • SRF gaming
    SRF gaming

    I know this is a lmg video, but I find the mono suppressor over the integral mono to be better. Seems to be a pretty meta build rn too

    • SRF gaming
      SRF gaming

      @Pyro Ypenburg it definitely is. You're missing out, gun slaps

    • Pyro Ypenburg
      Pyro Ypenburg

      SRF gaming it just isnt better in any way

  • Ramone Andrei Mananggit
    Ramone Andrei Mananggit

    I personally like the PKM because I can't get the Bruen and I pair the PKM with a sniper or a marksman rifle for a longer advantage

  • Louis Workman-Rayner
    Louis Workman-Rayner


  • хлопая по щекам Сука блять
    хлопая по щекам Сука блять

    what about the m91

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    what cod team is the red / white / black you got on your bruen?

    • WhosImmortal

      Atlanta faze :)

  • Denis Stoica
    Denis Stoica

    i use the pkm with a mp7, and i shredded 3 players without armor,

  • Grease Bastard
    Grease Bastard

    The open bolt delay makes the Finn unusable

  • CornDog

    FINN: make way I’m the new meta PKM: (Bane voice) Do you feel in charge?

  • PBJellyDrone

    What PKM Has tracer rounds?!?!? How did u get them

  • Mitch Random
    Mitch Random

    I love the pkm because it carried me through Co Op

  • Nixel

    who knew lmgs will get used this much 😂

  • spaceace5621

    I think in WZ the 100rnds for the finn is kinda underwhelming; it's only 25 extra rnds and doesn't effect ur stash ammo like in MP

  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry

    I’m running the Finn with a HDR on warzone, not a bad setup

  • Tox1c On Twitch
    Tox1c On Twitch

    Honestly, I switched out the good ol’ mp5 with an aug with 60 round 556 mags. It destroys at all ranges

  • J

    Bruen mk9 with a stubby AR wrecks I call it my holly graile

    • J

      No scopes on either as well and I can always pick people off from medium ranging hearing them yell no when they do get killed

  • J Boz
    J Boz

    The regular xrk longshot give you a more precise tracking and is easy to squad wipe whole teams before reloading. I think the hit reg isn't completely right with the adverse barrel

  • K Z
    K Z

    I can't get bruen mk9! The challenge is so hard! Does it work even If i kill them while in the smoke but downed?

  • Hype Super
    Hype Super

    My list of best lmgs pkm,m91, and Finn lmg


    I love rocking the FiNN LMG with the P90 or MP5. Also, I honestly do not get as good of a feel to this weapon compared to the the bruen, or M91, but still I'm happy were getting more LMGs cause they are so unique in my opinion.

  • killacure

    It’s PKM MP5 Turns bad players into beasts

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez

    Long distance Finn is godly Monolithic, Longshot regular, Ranger, Tac Laser, VLK X3. Shoot it in bursts and you have a very powerful long distance hybrid AR/LMG And if you mount it. ITS A WRAP

  • mttnlsnmllr

    Why didn’t you compare the holger to them too? 😭 I swear it’s so underrated essentially like the kilo of lmgs

    • mttnlsnmllr

      Denis Stoica I’m just talking about the feel of it in game lol

    • Denis Stoica
      Denis Stoica

      Holger is a big Amax actually

  • Will Wells
    Will Wells

    idk what it is about the Finn but I feel its open bolt delay a lot more than the pkm. totally mental bc its probably the same on both

  • Henry Vargas
    Henry Vargas

    PKM still slaps people around , Bruen, then Finn. The Finn is nice and I have it paired with the SKS.

    • OnlyAero

      Great weapon just slow ads only good for medium - long, fin can be close and mid if you have the right setup

  • jayftw

    Ima make a fin and ax-50 class

  • xxICON 890xx
    xxICON 890xx

    Because of the bruen’s recoil I prefer playing commando instead of the laser

  • Trey Foutch
    Trey Foutch

    Bruen is my go to lmg

  • Maleek Fletcher
    Maleek Fletcher

    The citadel stock is better to use on the finn than the angled

  • Requis

    nerf the mp5

  • Chris Wheeler
    Chris Wheeler

    I’ve actually been using the MG34 and oh my I’m in love

    • Gaming Bro's
      Gaming Bro's

      up you go, this thing is a beast :D

    • Claud Von
      Claud Von

      Criminally slept on

    • Sany White
      Sany White

      What set up you using??

  • Dxrkxned

    i used use the bruen in warzone the day it was released

  • Hidden Pants
    Hidden Pants

    I don't really play warzone, but in ground war and other multiplayer gamemodes I use the PKM with 200 round belt, bipod (for longer range fights), heavy or extended barrel, FMJ, and either an optic like the sniper scope or VLK x3 or the stippled grip tape. Once that runs out of ammo, rather than reloading, I switch to my bruen which also has a 200 round belt. I can fire 400 times before I have to reload with this setup. I do prefer the PKM to the bruen though

  • Haylo Ren
    Haylo Ren

    Would runnning Finn and Pkm be smart? It would be short to mid and mid to long ranges or should I just run a sniper with a finn

  • Austin B
    Austin B

    having a hard time picking between pkm or finn

  • Johnny Danger
    Johnny Danger

    where is......SOAP!

  • Felipe Miranda
    Felipe Miranda

    The PKM is the best!

  • Locc'd Out Fuu
    Locc'd Out Fuu

    Fyi : the Finn lmg with the adverse barrel has the same rate of fire as the vector/fennec which by the way is the fastest fire rate smg in the game

  • Tyrhan Lloyd
    Tyrhan Lloyd

    Great weapon but still doesn’t top the bruen.. it rips mid range but out long range it evaporators doesn’t compare to the bruen

  • Dale McStravick
    Dale McStravick

    A ranking of all the LMGs would be cool

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    Ranking up the Finn is like wielding some strange bullet spitting pokemon, lol. It evolves and changes so much as attachments are unlocked. This is a good thing, however, as you get to test, in real time, all the play styles of the Finn and decide which you like best. I love the damned thing.... but then, it's a new LMG, I'm gonna love it anyway. Don't know that it's gonna overthrow my M91, but we'll see.

  • Doug Fowler
    Doug Fowler

    The holger 26 outruns all three of these hands down most underrated gun in the game

  • Amar Sarai
    Amar Sarai

    Well bruen and Finn are same but just the nerf on bruen so Finn can challenge bruen so I use anyone of those .

  • Johansen Palmiter
    Johansen Palmiter

    Hey Whoslmmortal what’s better m4 or Pkm because I have the same load out that you have for both of you weapons thanks for those btw 👍

  • Ninjaraider 12
    Ninjaraider 12

    Hey you forgot about the m91 it's pretty good if you have the dusk blueprint

  • Leo Vasquez
    Leo Vasquez

    The pkm is the best for me bc i love to just snipe people and they dont know where i am

  • Pedro Aguiar
    Pedro Aguiar


  • Bryan Miloshoff
    Bryan Miloshoff

    Longshot advantage turns the FiNN into a long range machine.

  • Brian Coleman
    Brian Coleman


  • chops 3006
    chops 3006

    The best thing about the PKM is that it will never get nerfed. The 8 second reload keeps it balanced. But it hits like a truck and and is the best gun in the game by a good margin

  • therealslimgamey1

    Yer the standard longshot barrel is nice on the finn. I personally save the adverse barrels for chainsaw attachment.

  • Jose Julian Rosales
    Jose Julian Rosales

    Can you do one for Multiplayer Loadouts

  • JoseTRN /TRN
    JoseTRN /TRN

    Best cut I’ve seen so far 👍🏽

    • JoseTRN /TRN
      JoseTRN /TRN


  • MiniMirage

    I pErsOnAlLy ThInK ThE HoLgEr Is ThE bEst

  • Arjun Sohi
    Arjun Sohi

    Yup nothing beats my baby PKM.

  • Jackson Schroyer
    Jackson Schroyer

    Been using an AR or LMG paired with 25 round origin 12, it's absolutely unstoppable


    Nobody use Holger?


    I just grinded and got my platinum finn but i still like my pkm.

    • Sany White
      Sany White

      What setup you using for finn in multiplayer

  • ricky gonzaga
    ricky gonzaga

    ppl are overlooking the holger! got a solo dub w it. mono supp, tac laser, commando 4grip, SOH, vlk optic. fast as hell and accurate and precise as hell

  • CarcassSpectre

    Fun fact: the bruen aka the M249 Saw is used by the winter soldier in captain America civil war avengers infinity war and endgame

  • sparrow

    They unshitified the range on bruan

  • Hariz

    On behalf of everyone, thank you for your endless dedication to your viewers. Thank you.

    • WhosImmortal

  • MONA

    Nah the finn is definitely overhyped. The only thing It has going for it is the fire rate and recoil. The damage is 💩 and the time to kill is 💩 I personally prefer the pkm over the finn and the bruen over the pkm. The finn is just really cool because of the chainsaw attachment

  • Fade cod mobile
    Fade cod mobile

    I have a better load out and range loadout for the Finn Monolithic suppressor Commando forgrip Long shot barrel non adverse Vlk optic 3.0 And sleight of hand. I love this setup and my mp5 is secondary.

    • Fade cod mobile
      Fade cod mobile

      Omg he hearted my comment lowkey never happens with any UZloadr

  • spotted

    The pkm is a absolute laser from mid range

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