Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch Responds To SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING, Future Tuning REVEALED, & MORE!
Here's the current updates we have on Skill Based Matchmaking, Weapon Tuning, & more in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the latest info we have on SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING, Weapon Tuning, & More in Black Ops Cold War! This weekend we're able to experience the Black Ops Cold War Alpha, and because of that players have began to talk about the return of Skill Based Matchmaking and it's effect on gameplay already, causing some Treyarch Devs to actually talk about how it work. Alongside that we also got word on some upcoming Weapon Tuning, including a future Sniper Nerf, & more! Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, or COD BOCW, has a long way to go until launch, and it seems a lot is going to change in the coming weeks and months!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Lots to talk about already with Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer! We've got Devs talking about SBMM, weapon nerfs, & more! Thanks for tuning in!


      SBMM needs to both stay, and get either a nerf.. OR.. simply add, to the BR menu, alongside every "Solo, Duo, Trio, Quad" a "Random Solo, Random Duo, Random Trio, Random Quad" which means you or your team, are in a completely RANDOMLY filled lobby.. you never know how big or how small a mix of randomly good teams or solos will be. its just that. its totally random. that cant be that hard to do... nothing matters, you simply drop yourself or squad into the appropriate random lobby, and there ya go.. why not ??

    • Dameon Malone
      Dameon Malone

      I know this video is for Cold War but in warzone you should use the M91 I team wiped three teams with it

    • Soptik1290 [GAMER]
      Soptik1290 [GAMER]

      Alpha is nice, but I would really like the character not to be able to shoot during the stand to prone animations, smaller hud, this seems to be to big for pc monitor , and overkill like a perk not like a wild card.

    • Jay Customs
      Jay Customs

      I.M jawon I’ll give sbmm a chance one of the major devs did says there was going to be a major adjustment to it hopefully it’s a super weak version like aw or bo2 sbmm if it’s good I’ll support it if not burn it with mw it’ll open up my whole hard drive

    • I.M jawon
      I.M jawon

      Sbmm kills the game. Ninja dont work. Smg are weak. Alot of work to make me stay



  • Johnson McJohnson
    Johnson McJohnson

    SBMM is the socialism of video games. Its the way the whole world is going so ofc games are doing it too. If Stalin could see us now he’d have a big o’l grin on his fat face.

  • famaffe

    The SBMM is ridiculous, after it kicked in i can barely break 1KD

  • Dom

    Cod cold war just came out and the sbmm is so strong I legit can't play multiplayer I think I will just stay with cod MW and cod cold war zombies

  • Major Ball
    Major Ball

    I’m confused. Isn’t skill based matchmaking good?

    • Major Ball
      Major Ball

      @WhosImmortal oh ok thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      not for players who are in the top 1-3%, they get to play a less fun game while the lower tier players can chill more

  • BannedTripod

    I only had issues with the controls feeling clunky. If that’s fixed then I’m good to go.

  • F s g
    F s g

    It’s literally ruining cod

  • PGN Xfire
    PGN Xfire

    sbmm will ruin this game

  • Lawrence Thomasee
    Lawrence Thomasee

    In my opinion it’s really stupid that we can’t play hardcore in the beta I don’t like to shoot people in the face boing blank with a SHOTGUN and they don’t die

  • MetalHead218

    I love this game alot, the alpha was really fun but the sbmm ruined the beta, it's so bad that I'm just gonna cancel then. I'm tired of going against sweaty try hards every single game.

  • Gold Face The Scuba Diver
    Gold Face The Scuba Diver

    Me and you are both immortals 💪

  • pork chop
    pork chop

    People need to just stop comparing bocw to other games its a new game why would they make a game exactly the same as the last one it dont make since if you done like it go play the one you do like because i know damn well there not going to change a game for someone who doesn't like SBMM or if you don't like the movement speed like get used to it like every other game you've played and stop winning. Keep up the good work imm!

  • SniperFeeds97 _PR
    SniperFeeds97 _PR

    Sniping it require skills -_- no need to nerf them . stop been crying babies

  • Johnny Tryhard
    Johnny Tryhard

    I hope the 2v2 tourneys continue,amazing gameplay!! beats just watching your average warzone stream...

  • Jay Incognito
    Jay Incognito

    I have no problem with sbmm, because I've learned from MW to not blindly run around corners without ADS. It's simple for me, if I can't get any kills up close and personal, I WILL MAX OUT MY M16 damage and Headshot fools from 3 football fields away. Oh no, I'm not making the same mistakes I made in MW.😆🤣 I'll be killing these hackers and modders from a safe distance as soon as I confirm they are cheating in the kill cams. On a different note. I wonder how the community will feel if they do remove sbmm and come to the realization that sbmm isn't the reason you're being mowed down, it was because of so many people using mods/cheats. 🤣

  • EliteMehcanix

    That statement is not true at all, the devs specifically said MW2 and B02 back then was CONNECTION based, why would they have even made a ranked playlist in B02 is there alreeady was a system in pubs, makes no sense at all. ALSO SBMM was a huge talking point in MW the fact that martin said nothing completely about it all year is just sus as hell. Just seems like another year of being in denial and making the game purely for the casuals and MTX's

  • Alex Emmins
    Alex Emmins

    If they mess up sniping again I'm going to cry

  • Sebastian LaPlume
    Sebastian LaPlume

    Just glad I can see more than ten feet, the visual haze in mw really sucked. It was way to easy for people to prone out and you just couldn’t see them because there’s a weird low hanging fog covering everything. I was super happy to see that this game didn’t force me to have 10/20 vision so that campers were safe.

  • Chance

    If they nerf snipers bad , I won’t buy the game and I’ll just skip this one. The Sniping was the only thing that made me want the game . Gave me MW2 vibes and I loved it

  • Allan Mead
    Allan Mead

    its crap this should be a lot better they have had a year to do so

  • Zynos GD
    Zynos GD

    All I really want honestly, is to be able to use any weapon and have fun while doing so, not have to use the 2 or 3 OP guns , just like I could do in BO2. Of course some weapons were simply better, but you still could confidently use any weapon without having a 4:2 chance to get outgunned.

  • Zynos GD
    Zynos GD

    Treyarch: "We've heard the community about SBMM and WILL make changes..." The community: "finally, it was about time" Treyarch: "... and we will make it even stronger, to help newer players. Now, as soon as your K/D ratio is above 0.20 we will make sure to put you against players whose K/D is at least 5.6..."

    • Sdunned

      That's not how it works, they want everyone to have a 1.00 KD, they dont want ANYONE to go 30 and 5 EVER, they want you to get a kill or 2 and than die, thus why their kill streaks are the way they are.. and so every game I go 28 and 20, than 30 and 17, than 17 and 20, than 21 and 20.... and this to treyarch is considered "balance"

    • Major Ball
      Major Ball

      @Zynos GD got it i appreciate u

    • Zynos GD
      Zynos GD

      @Major Ball What’s bad is that, if you are playing somewhat sweaty, in general, then you can’t have a chill game afterwards cause all your lobbies will be sweaty af. What’s bad is that if you’re tired of getting medium games in terms of score, practicing to get better won’t do anything because the game will put you in lobbies where people are around equally as good as you. Back in te days, if you were an average player, you could decide to spend some time getting better, and then you would get better scores, and SBMM was a thing aswell back then, but it was way weaker than it is now. They need to tone it down a bit. Until then, you won’t see me playing a COD game, I’m done with the grinds and the sweat.

    • Major Ball
      Major Ball

      Explain to me. Isn’t SBMM good? Don’t you wanna play people your skill😂what’s bad about it

    • SomebadCandy 933
      SomebadCandy 933

      @masterdmcx I'm fine with playing someone better then me as long as I new noobs were actually being made to get better then sitting in their noob lobbies being fooled into thinking they were actually good

  • Licensed 2 Kill
    Licensed 2 Kill

    Take sbmm out game!!

  • Jac Tucker
    Jac Tucker

    Biggest downgrade ever they failed and will soon realise it, mw broke so many barriers and now we go back to the past “surprise” not obviously that was gonna happen it’s treyarch 😴😴😴😴

  • JD Worx
    JD Worx

    All these ‘pro’ gamers complaining about SBMM is funny.

    • WhosImmortal

      all these pro gamers who have to deal with worse connections because of it? Yes, they should be complaining lol

  • Jeremy W
    Jeremy W

    Everyone that’s whining about sbmm are the same people that say “get better” to anyone that complains about the lobbies full of no-lifers!!! It’s hilarious......”get good” fools lmfao!!! Keep it up immortal


    I also just randomly fell off the zip line on Armada, so that’s another something to pass on

  • Dxrkxned

    i see what u mean but when i was playing with the boys we dominated every lobby for hours but when they left and i played alone i got one good game and then lost most of with a negative kd

    • Dxrkxned

      @pork chop lol no i played like 2-3 maches with a 3+ kd then got shit on

    • Gaming General
      Gaming General

      I made a video to remove SBMM if interested. It's short too and a legit workaround :).

    • pork chop
      pork chop

      That means your the shit one out of your group kek

  • Scissor_713 Exe
    Scissor_713 Exe

    It’s probably bc ppl just got better

  • tactileracer 57
    tactileracer 57

    Am I the only one that thinks the health bars are anoying or stupid

  • Chory

    CONSOLE CROSSPLAY ONLY PLEASE 100 Fov with 144hz vs a Xbox on a tv is not fair

  • John

    Aim assist looks heavy af

  • TheMercsAssassin

    I thought I was crazy because I was LOVING and dominating the first 3 or less hours then was all pretty trash and sweaty when I came back later.

  • Kraxen

    earned a sub gg

    • Kraxen

      oh wait, im already subbed

  • Stonednapi

    As someone coming from a fighting game base, SBMM is needed. At least in those games for sure but I don’t see the value in the argue against it? People don’t want to get bodied? Like that’s a baby response in my eyes. I understand people hate losing but that’s life. It’s so funny when people call others “sweat lords” just because they are trying to win. Haha it’s hilarious. I didn’t mind the SBMM in MW but that’s me coming from a fighting game base. It’s good for the game. I don’t want to body everyone. I want a challenge.

    • WhosImmortal

      SBMM isn't good for a game when you dont have a rank to go for, there isn't a casual playlist and a ranked playlist, and skill takes priority over connection. 2 completely different worlds here my man

  • Zachary Ernst
    Zachary Ernst

    Complaining about SBMM is essentially just saying you want to stunt on people who are bad at the game and win with no effort.

    • WhosImmortal

      Not in the slightest. no SBMM doesn't mean it's only noobs vs pros bud.

  • Sir Tragic
    Sir Tragic

    Are you ever going to talk about the possibility of the betting mode like in black ops 1?

    • Sir Tragic
      Sir Tragic

      @WhosImmortal So sad, I truly think that's what made me such an op gamer, knowing all my credits were on the line! I miss that mode so much man!

    • WhosImmortal

      likely won't return

  • Schnutzzz86

    Sbmm. Says it cant be switched off ..yet admits its TUNABLE. Soooo tune the living shit out of it til its non existant???

  • Mist GoCrazy
    Mist GoCrazy

    If you support skill based matchmaking your a soft lil baby that doesn’t wanna get good at a game and ruin it for everyone else

  • Kipp Hankins
    Kipp Hankins

    Right where NW left off. Get put in every lobby that is getting shit stomped some one raged out of.

  • Kwl Gamer
    Kwl Gamer

    8:39 Whoslmmortal what was the loadout for the KRIG you were using?

  • John K
    John K

    They add sbmm im not getting it.

  • Lucid Nightmare
    Lucid Nightmare

    Players will find a way to screw up this game the same way they do every year. Play for 6 months then destroy.

  • Bruv Why
    Bruv Why

    They just need to tune sbmm down so I don't get put in matches with 250 ping and get killed by 0 ping sweats that shoot me around corners and then get a match with my proper ping at around 60 and I can shit on everyone just make it not prioritize skill over connection FFS.

  • 540 Inc.
    540 Inc.

    SBMM has existed in pretty much every Call of Duty... In some games it was stronger, others weaker.. I don't like SBMM, the sweatiness.. I like sniping not using over powered META

  • Cameron Thornburg
    Cameron Thornburg

    I was unable to double tap c4 until it landed

    • Cameron Thornburg
      Cameron Thornburg

      WhosImmortal I hope not lol

    • WhosImmortal

      Thats just how the c4 is this year

  • Elementsage

    People are really complaining about SBMM. It’s only fair to play against people that are as good as you versus trashing on people who are trying to get better. As you do better in your skill group you’ll be pitted against people with your skill.

  • Unoriginal Username
    Unoriginal Username

    I had people hard scoping me the entire time remove snipers from the alpha

  • J

    All I’m hearing is that everyone wants to dominate against bots/scrubs? But what about the average player?? We’re not you guys who play 8 hours a day.....I still don’t understand why SBMM is a big issue?? Some please explain!!

  • Le Potato
    Le Potato

    This game is a dissapointment to the whole cod franchise, all the hipe for a game with good graphics but shitty feeling

    • Zynos GD
      Zynos GD

      @Nicholas Powers yo same XD

    • Zynos GD
      Zynos GD

      Are you talking about Modern Warfare?

    • Nicholas Powers
      Nicholas Powers

      definitely not taking advice from someone who spells the word "hype" as "hipe".

  • deadtreebark

    These 6v6 maps would be alot more fun 10v10

    • WhosImmortal



    Gamers: I love competitive games! CoD: We added SBMM so you can play with others at your level. Gamers: Wait I have to play against other good players? This game is trash.


      @WhosImmortal That might be how you feel but most of the streams I watch complain about its all try hards and sweaties. They want it to be casual. I do agree with you on what should be prioritized.

    • WhosImmortal

      not why people are complaining about SBMM lol We want connections to be prioritized.

  • Lordalexanderillest 6
    Lordalexanderillest 6

    The alpha should’ve lasted till Monday morning smh

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah weird day to end it for sure

  • CrowdHunter

    They need to take away the damn sniper glint, its cheap.

  • kewlkid swag206
    kewlkid swag206

    Where’s the monolithic suppressor 🥺🥺🥺

  • Justin Petkevicius
    Justin Petkevicius

    Was expecting something a little better then this but I will wait till the beta deff not pre ordering this yet

  • Ben Sunny Isaac
    Ben Sunny Isaac

    Weren't you once known as WackyJacky?

    • WhosImmortal


  • Shuja J.
    Shuja J.

    Aside from the motion blur problem, the sensitivity also goes back to the default 4

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia

    It’s so annoying that snipers are getting nerfed we already don’t have aim assist and then the kid with the type 63 just shits on us with his 4x optic

  • EchoSixSix

    Only try hards don’t like SBMM. Everyone else who doesn’t get to play 12 hours a day likes it. If you’re sweat you play with sweats. If you want a game to play and “relax” play something else not a competitive shooter

  • Alex Simulis
    Alex Simulis

    I don’t like the driving

    • WhosImmortal

      nor do i

  • ChuteU2

    Thx for the motion blur tip

    • WhosImmortal

      I gotchu!

  • Snoop D go double g
    Snoop D go double g

    SBMM is bullshit bro. I’m just tryna get baked and have some fun playing cod smh

  • Crysticfy

    This game is honestly so bad mw is leagues above this game

    • Crysticfy

      @WhosImmortal well yeah that's true, guess I gotta give it time to get good :3

    • WhosImmortal

      MW is a 3 year polished game, this is an alpha ;)

  • Lucas Spag
    Lucas Spag

    Hmm I feel like it's not as hard as MW as you were saying you had lobbies where you dominated and lobbied that were sweaty. Thats not hard sbmm.

  • Kevin Hodgson
    Kevin Hodgson

    Gotta say, it's good to see the Treyarch devs actually addressing community concerns. After the past year of hearing barely anything from the devs with MW outside of a handful of major issues, this is really nice to see and hope they keep this going throughout the next year.

  • Teletubby Po
    Teletubby Po

    SBMM definitely was in older cods but just not noticeable. I remember on mw2 I play on Xbox and my kd is over 3 and I would still dominate lobbies. I was at my cousins one day on ps3 which has like a 0.5kd and played on his accounts and I swear I was dropping nukes like uavs

  • C Block
    C Block

    SBMM is not what has plagued Warzone. HACKERS are the plague. Not having SBMM is just people wanting to shit on less skilled players. How do you get better playing against less skilled players?

    • WhosImmortal

      Not having SBMM is people wanting connection to be prioritized. You do realize no SBMM are entirely random, right? People will still play plenty of sweats lmao

  • Adrian Bland
    Adrian Bland

    Played 2 maps didn't like it this is not for me I know its alpha cod every year makes it boring thats why I got mw the only game since mw3 so I wait till 3 years time for a new cod

  • Caden Ousley
    Caden Ousley

    Another a some vid from the king 👑

    • WhosImmortal

  • Camputate

    Entirely random lobbies = A problem Skill Based Matchmaking = A problem

  • andrew evolution
    andrew evolution

    Man, we are playing the Alpha, and SBMM already is a hot topic ! PP are already crying and asking to nerf Snipers ! But what about the plastic acardish physics of the game ? Seams like this COD will flop

  • Steve Wolgamot Jr.
    Steve Wolgamot Jr.

    Amazing how people bitch about SBMM are the same sweathards that dropshot and jumpshot around corners as well as sliding around the map like they're fucking Pete Rose. HAHA

    • Steve Wolgamot Jr.
      Steve Wolgamot Jr.

      @WhosImmortal I get that for sure bro but man there are sooo many variables in the SBMM. Maybe they should be transparent on what they are using? You seem to talk about what was found in the code updates (see i watch you ALOT :p ) is the SBMM viewable in the code?

    • WhosImmortal

      @Steve Wolgamot Jr. When Skill is prioritized over connection for matchmaking, connection suffers lol

    • Steve Wolgamot Jr.
      Steve Wolgamot Jr.

      WhosImmortal your comment makes no sense. Show me where connectivity is being used in the algorithm for SBMM.

    • WhosImmortal

      so because people are better, their connection should suffer?

  • Bigboss V
    Bigboss V

    I enjoyed the alpha until dickhead sweats abuse snipers it became unplayable after that it's like mw everyone is gonna use op one hit guns cuz they are not good with anything else

  • Alexis Aprilia Sxv 550
    Alexis Aprilia Sxv 550


  • Brad Blackmore
    Brad Blackmore

    They need to buff the hell out of shotguns.

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen

    Treyarch: patches stuff in the alpha Iw: Takes a month to patch something

  • Sean Mullen
    Sean Mullen

    You streamers need to stop bitching modern warfare was the best cod since black ops 2. Sbmm helps the game big time and helps the game be relevant

  • Sean Mullen
    Sean Mullen

    Black ops sucks hopefully zombies is decent and they don’t ruin Warzone or ill have to find a new game to play

  • ben yeomans
    ben yeomans

    I love! It!!!!

  • Dominic McGleish
    Dominic McGleish

    My main issue atm with some weapons is the time to kill tbh

  • Nice2347

    Cold War is awful guys. I’m sorry, but it’s a rushed mess.

    • Jam - othy
      Jam - othy

      I’m waiting to see how it is on pc this weekend to have my final verdict

    • Mist GoCrazy
      Mist GoCrazy

      It’s fucking great and you forget ITS AN ALPHA stop bitching they have another couple months to work out the kinks still in the game

  • Retro Fog
    Retro Fog

    Where’s Nuketown at though 👀

  • R.I.J.Brighton

    Ps4 gamers: cold war While pc n xbox gamers .............🙄

  • Luis Felipe Belasco Silva
    Luis Felipe Belasco Silva

    When the game is about to start, if you try aiming with a sniper(thats what I tested) it gets very weird and seems itll crash.

  • cholky milk Mirage
    cholky milk Mirage

    SOME GAMES FELT REALY EASY SOME GAMES FELT REALLY SWEATY Its because it isnt JUST skill based matchmaking but its ALSO EOMM. Engagement based matchmaking. They want to toss you wins then make you lose some to keep you playing to chase after the high.

  • Dániel Baráth
    Dániel Baráth

    So they basically telling us to fck off. Thx for saving me 60 bucks, i can get Cyberpunk instead.

  • Soptik1290 [GAMER]
    Soptik1290 [GAMER]

    Alpha is nice, but I would really like the character not to be able to shoot during the stand to prone animations, smaller hud, this seems to be to big for pc monitor , and overkill like a perk not like wild card.

  • VirusKiller1

    We need fov on ps4 / ps5

  • Souq Madiq
    Souq Madiq

    thanking recent subs is much more engaging than asking for subs

  • Crippled Sultana
    Crippled Sultana

    This games actual dogshit

  • Khajak Kodjian
    Khajak Kodjian

    The weapons do not feel REAL. In MW weapons used to smoke when you shoot. The shotguns had a powerful feel to them. They sounded REAL. in CW the feels is not there. It feels cartoonish. the operators feel different. I'm not impressed so far.

  • Nikhil Patolia
    Nikhil Patolia

    The graphics and movement in this game are terrible

  • O24

    Has anyone else experienced where your teammates name tags are not there and everyone is spraying eachother cause they dont know whos who lol

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah it's weird lol

  • TheUvenus

    If they just added dedicated servers, server list and proper mod tools for pc x)

  • Steve

    So this will be another game ruined by SBMM awesome good to know so I don't have to waste my money.

  • xL3gendx

    MW was the first game that I quit because it was no fun anymore. And it was ONLY because of skill based matchmaking. What i think of skill based matchmaking is that its not Skill for 95% of the Players, what I mean with that is that 5% of the players are ACTUALLY good and the other 95% are campers

  • Stunna Go ham
    Stunna Go ham

    Does sbmm even matter with a dog shit cod game?? Boy was I fooled into thinking this game had anything to do with black ops. Already paid 100$ for this shit pile and the only thing I’m looking forward to is playing zombies. Ridiculous cash grab just like advanced warfare. 🤢🤮

  • mT

    Yeah sbmm was insane in cold war, highest kd on my team was 1.53, their top 3 best were 2.1 3.5 4.9 We had no chance