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  • C V
    C V

    Does anyone else skip the first 2mins of every video? ☠️

  • ADAR

    learn to play the objective man...

  • Quentin Martin
    Quentin Martin


  • Mila Lolli
    Mila Lolli

    Loving your content, I am new to UZload and I play and stream COD, I'd gladly appreciate if any of you could check me out and give me a sub. ⭐️

  • Honza Balák
    Honza Balák

    Ah, nice, a giveaway - Not available in your region. Oh, come on!

  • Sharky

    Actually the rarest item is the alpha calling card

  • Marvel FANATIC
    Marvel FANATIC

    Rarest thing in cold War is finding someone not fucking camping on Nuke town😭

  • Syla xo
    Syla xo


  • Enes Kemal
    Enes Kemal

    Will they remove the SCAR from the game ??!

  • SpaceSlayer 200
    SpaceSlayer 200

    how are you editing this epic videos?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Oops, I already deleted cod idk why I’m still here

  • Colin hassan
    Colin hassan

    That’s what hardcore is like with any weapon bro really you should see some of the stuff I can do in hardcore it’s like am actually good at the game and trust me bro am not lol

  • Overland _4_life
    Overland _4_life

    Cold war is garbage

  • Nick McLeod
    Nick McLeod

    Been here since 200k subs!! Keep it up

  • Nick McLeod
    Nick McLeod

    Love the vids!!! Keep going!!!

  • TrollMonkey

    You and Exclusiveace should form a super-channel together! Can't believe I bought CW instead of MW. Everyone said it was at its end of life. I so want FFA in Nuketown.

  • Omar Solis
    Omar Solis

    Can’t beg for a nerf cuz of your hardcore experience

  • Omar Solis
    Omar Solis

    Dude you were in hardcore

  • KingLattice

    A tip for Warzone players. Supply runs are by far the fastest way to level up weapons

  • KingLattice

    I can't enter the giveaway 😭😭😭😭😭 Different continent

  • Glende

    I think it is a really cool move to combine the games. Then you have MW for Multiplayer expierence and Cold War for Zombie expierience and Warzone as a combined version to have fun. It is overall a really big package where you progress over 3 big games and that is really cool. For me as a most Zombie Player it would be nice to see the MW weapons in Cold War Zombie too, but i think thats a dream. But Im really excited about whats coming through the seasons.

  • Mtg Csual
    Mtg Csual

    Cold war sucks. Wish warzone stuck with modern warfare. Fortnite is better than cold war. Damn, COD should stop coming up with a new COD every year now since they got warzone make it like every 2-3 years.

  • Crxftyz

    I got the wingman pistol but not the op skin

  • George Tziartzianis
    George Tziartzianis

    Why i have DEV error 6036 in MW maps on xbox

  • CodeNameZesty

    Me and all my homies just want shoot house & shipment 24/7

    • 36epc

      Shoothouse 24/7 fuck shipment

  • Charles M
    Charles M

    Any updates on when they will fix xbox series x from crashing every game?

  • Monarch

    Have people gone back to MW already?

  • Zach Long
    Zach Long

    So no battle pass for MW season 7? 😔

  • Stormz On 3DS
    Stormz On 3DS

    No one Akimbo pistols: hold my M19

  • H D
    H D

    1:30 starts

  • Supreme The legend
    Supreme The legend

    I’m in zombies and the xp is the same .. nothing changed

  • TabooBus 2277294
    TabooBus 2277294

    Nah they can change hills to nuketown it would match well

  • G L O P
    G L O P

    im just waiting for the BROlimpia to return... 725 2.0.. its coming

  • Jon Abendroth
    Jon Abendroth

    Is there a way for you to enable the closed captions for your videos? Most videos on my UZload have auto generated captions, however i never have any luck while watching your vids

  • Vetisu _
    Vetisu _

    I just don’t understand this. MW is a whole different game and engine than Cold War. So idk how they’re going to implement the guns and characters into warzone. They’re going to be completely different. Is the modern warfare team just copying the weapons in Cold War and making them in warzone themself? Or is the warzone team literally changing and treyarch is going to be developing it now? That’s going to a disaster if that’s the case. Also like he mentioned the attachments, they’re completely different and do different things in Cold War than MW. It’s just confusing idk what they’re doing.

  • JMPMP15

    So I wanted to use bocw mp5 and a mw mp5 in the same class in warzone I can

  • Fardeen Shahriyar
    Fardeen Shahriyar

    the sputnik pet doesn't show up in lobby.They should fix it.

  • ImEZstreet Y33t
    ImEZstreet Y33t

    Chances of the Christmas game mode for MW coming back??? Really Wishing for it

  • Sandman Studio
    Sandman Studio

    So how do u get cold war weapons in warzone if u dont have cold war??? Can u?? I dont want cold war it looks stupid.

    • Sandman Studio
      Sandman Studio

      @WhosImmortal thanks mate👍I just don't like the look and feel of the game, that's all cheers 🤙

    • WhosImmortal

      you'll get access to all of them, but leveling is gonna be rough

  • Talisman21

    It won’t take longer to level up weapons in Warzone at all, the multiplier for WZ is insane. It’s laughable that everyone thinks they have to play Cold War to level up the guns fast.

  • Alex Murillo
    Alex Murillo

    I need help getting long shots on smgs

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    We need the MAC 10, every kid in the 80s wanted a mac 10, the poor kids got Tec 9.

  • Brandon Presley
    Brandon Presley

    What about the calling card for playing the alfa...i got it when i opened cold war

  • Duck-A-Tank

    This guy has 633k frickin subs and interacts with every single comment I’ve seen on far, like in all of his vids. Great video man keep em coming!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate it bro!

  • king. k
    king. k

    This guy cares for all his comments and answers

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    I would love to join the give-a-way. But I'm in Australia.

    • Taylor Hessel
      Taylor Hessel

      Same, just came back from riding my kangaroo to work whilst been attacked by an alligator and 3 snakes

  • Aaron Nadjorf Bodino
    Aaron Nadjorf Bodino

    is there a 50 gs

  • Redux G
    Redux G


    • WhosImmortal


  • Max Pupillo
    Max Pupillo

    11: oden 10: scar 9: famas 8: AK 47 7: CR 56 AMAX It’s super close and all these guns are great 6: M4A1 5: Grau 4: RAM 7 3: KILO 2: AN94 1:M13

    • Max Pupillo
      Max Pupillo

      Also sorry I forgot the fal

    • Max Pupillo
      Max Pupillo

      Also this is my opinion at the time I posted this comment

    • Max Pupillo
      Max Pupillo

      Btw number 7 and lower are all super good

  • Mystic Daddy Patty
    Mystic Daddy Patty

    For your fennec, you can loose your grip, control your recoil manually, and then run long barrel, and the Sabre suppressor for more range

  • Mystic Daddy Patty
    Mystic Daddy Patty

    For your 725, you can swap your sawed off barrel for no stock, so you can be better at a bit more range, while keeping some mobility

  • Mercy LK
    Mercy LK

    Do you think they will add split screen support for warzone 😭? Edit: Or even split screen for 10v10

  • Jaime

    Honestly would be down for that map choosing like back in pubg

  • Min432g

    Anyone know if you buy mw season 7 battle pass will you also get the cw season 1 battle pass without paying an extra 1 thousand cod points?

    • Min432g

      @WhosImmortal oh dang I thought there was. Thanks lol.

    • WhosImmortal

      there is no season 7 battle pass

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob

    What is gonna happen to the modern warfare guns and wraps? Will they be in the game alongside the Cold War wraps and camos?

  • Johan de vries
    Johan de vries

    No shoot the ship again... me so sad

  • Jay

    If u use flatjacket in hardcore when running rpg ur ass

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob

    What will happen to the modern warfare weapons?

  • Tae Javvuuu
    Tae Javvuuu

    I’m subscribed also noti gang 👏

    • WhosImmortal


  • Noah Garcia
    Noah Garcia

    Yo you should try some zombies... Is love to see you go for type Easter egg even though thts not ur play style


    Him has 632 k subs and 63k views all the 60 percent of ppl who didnt sub please sub

  • Илья Савин
    Илья Савин

    Hello. Can you or somebody tell me please name of your headset ?

    • Илья Савин
      Илья Савин

      WhosImmortal thank you.

    • WhosImmortal

      dt 990 pros :)

  • Aum Kaigaonkar
    Aum Kaigaonkar

    What would be the warzone update date?🤔

    • WhosImmortal

      december 10th

  • Keef Lord
    Keef Lord

    56 kills hardpoint nuketown leveled up gun from 41-42 34 rounds on zombies leveled up gun from 41-45 2500 kills.... I still think it needs tuned dirty bomb the only way to level up guns really..

  • mc.chicken man
    mc.chicken man

    You should definitely try out gunfighter and get those 8 attachments

  • mc.chicken man
    mc.chicken man

    But trust me just put on the 22% fire rate barrel you don’t need the other one

  • mc.chicken man
    mc.chicken man

    I didn’t feel the aug nerf at all that’s my main on search all day long

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado

    This game is starting to grow on me

  • Thad Cooper
    Thad Cooper

    Any word of them fixing the console shutting off on cold war or the cross hairs on the scopes that disappear that's so frustrating

  • xRez 69x
    xRez 69x

    Hey just make a video about all the guns in the game saying they are all broken so they can nerf the guns like they do when UZloadr’s make these videos.

    • WhosImmortal

      they dont nerf guns based on youtube videos lmao

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    Yeah it’s gonna be weird going back to modern warfare for the event just think about is playing after cold war Field of view

  • HypeBeastWhisperer

    Definitely nice to have plunder quads again.

  • HD Colic
    HD Colic

    Does anyone know how to split screen zombies on cold war? It wont let me. I'm on xbox

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen

    Will there be multiplayer at the end of season 6 in Warzone?